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  • Ivorybones was dangerous, though not many would assume that from a first glance. The guy carried a certain amount of confidence and no doubt had a level head upon those broad shoulders of his, looked genuinely nice and spoke politely a majority of the time, but dangerous potential lurked just under the skin he puppeted. He was a force to be reckoned with, and when one made an enemy of him, he did whatever he could within his power to make sure the other party sorely regretted their decision.

    The Exiles had been a place of residence once upon a time. He even wore their brand upon his shoulder, a sign of "loyalty" to their chaotic cause. It meant nothing to him. Whatever sense of camaraderie he had formed with his former roguesmates were ultimately shallow, used for his own benefit, but for what reason did he leave? It was one he doesn't feel the need to disclose to others. It was none of their business what went on in his private life, but it wasn't anything personal. Of course, he felt like the Exiles might take it differently. They were a family ( a twisted, murderous family ) and it was a family where he didn't fit in, no matter how much he killed and captured and tortured in their name. He had never been one of them and never will be despite that brand he wore upon his shoulder. His loyalty had been a lie, simply enough.

    Even as he stepped over the border, he cares not for the memories he had here. He was originally spurred on to join here when he had heard his brother had been here, only to be abandoned. Henri had came, but he didn't stay, and Alastair had came and went as well. He had lost his reason to stay around in the Exiles the moment the other Leonidas' had up and disappeared. It just took him a while to tie up loose ends. He wasn't here to finalize that, however. No, the Exiles had made a mistake and the maltese tiger was more than determined to make it right. Wind Haven would certainly look down upon this, and Cassiopeia was probably more than willing to throw him out of the clan if she found out he went to "cause trouble," but as far as he was concerned, this was totally warranted. The peace-loving Haveners could shove it.

    "Oi," He calls into the canyon, sweltering heat beating upon his silvery-blue fur, "I'm returning after an hiatus. Anyone around?" He would bait someone into approaching him before lashing out - after all, he wore their brand, did he not? He made an effort to hide the mountain's scent by just rolling about in a little more clove than usual ( the spice was the only reason he wasn't charging in at this very moment, lucky them ).




  • "Im causing trouble?"

    "Well, what did you expect from someone like me?" — Nubia

    Nubia had been patroling the border when she had spotted Ivorybones, her silver eyes narrowing before she approached the stranger, with a curious look, her tail twitching. What had caught her attention was his words-return from his hiatus? How odd she had never seen them around but of course she was a newcomer and already had gotten herself branded to prove she was a member of the exiles. So it was reasonable that she had never seen the tiger around before. "Who might you be?" Nubia questioned him with a cautionary tone she didn't trust them though they wore the brand on their shoulder why would they left in the first place?

    "Why hello dear sister"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

    What do you expect?

    ——— ⋆ From a troublemaker like me

    Nubia Abbadi/storage/Exiler

  • Eventually, someone did approach him - an odd looking dog with three heads. Fortunately for him, he had never seen the girl around and thus, he was rather sure he was a stranger to her. It was perfect. He isn't sure how things might have turned out if someone he'd previously known had come across him ( probably the same way, who was he kidding? ). The tiger pauses briefly as Nubia approached him, his chilly sapphire blue eyes hiding little of whatever hatred flared up in him as he laid eyes on the woman. He wonders, had she been the one to take Annalysia away from Wind Haven? Had she been there when she'd been brought home and tortured in front of others for fun?

    An easy smile slips onto his face, that handsome sort of smile he had been more or less known for around the canyon-dwelling clan, blue eyes glittering with faux contentedness. "Ah, I'm Ivorybones Leonidas, but most call me Ivory. I was the Commander of Strategy about two months ago before I had to take a leave for personal reasons." Personal reasons. It was clear he didn't intend on sharing despite that polite tone of his. His ending words seemed a little forceful as if it weren't up to debate to talk further of it. Nubia would have to be satisfied with just those curt words. "Who're you, then? You're definitely new." He prompted with a tilt of his head. Seeing as Nubia hadn't attacked him for just trespassing yet, he figured he was alright to resume walking, though he did so at a leisurely place. The both of them would still have a ways to go if they were going to go to camp, but, unfortunately for Nubia, he wouldn't be allowing either of them to reach the prison that day.

    His tactic of lulling someone into a false sense of security was something he was a master at. It was rather easy, too easy to him, but manipulation had always been his strongest trait. He watches her attentively, his tail flicking slightly.