plot with me ! [ i’m desperate ]

  • i’m on mobile currently so this must look really awful and not aesthetically pleasing but hey hi hello there c’: the name is foxy and i’ve been craving to write again but have been unaware of how i should go about it all. i used to be on ff yEARS ago and a lot has changed since i’ve been gone albeit that’s okay! i am here for you lovely people and i hope you’ll give me a shot c’:

    my writing is super rusty rn yet i have a ton of muse to write about cats! literally any warriors thing or strays or domesticated kitties idc just suggest something! i love forbidden romances i am a super cliché sucker oops

    all i ask for in a partner is you’re willing to write at least 300 words per reply if not more. i’m cool with males and females or having one of each or not. again, not too picky lmao i’m v v v chill and i consider myself quite noice??? pleasant??? charismatic???

    just wanted to make this short and to the point. please give my lonely butt a chance because i will not disappoint <3 message me or reply to the thread. i look forward to meeting you!!

  • dude i am so interested

    i haven't roleplayed warriors itself in literally 5+ years, so i'll be rusty as heck on some of the trivia, but i think it could be super fun to make some characters and see where it goes !!

    i cannot seem to o p e r a t e

    and you, my love, are gone

  • honestly same lmao i haven’t properly roleplayed warriors in like two years but even when i was actively roleplaying i still would pop my head into a kitty roleplay and refresh my knowledge c’x

    also thank you for replying and saving my life bless you dear. do you have any specific cravings for any pairings? if not we could always come up with a clan dynamic or rival clans and have a few cats in each one. or create a clan and choose a few pairings within it. or, again, we could do rogues or kittypets. whatever you find most interesting i am very willing to work with!! i’m pretty good with plot development and throwing out ideas c’:

  • i think we should start out with a few sorta main characters each and build our way out from there.

    aaaah, like i said, i haven't roleplayed or read warriors in a bit, so it may take me a little bit of fiddling to really get in the groove of things! i hope my awkwardness at first isn't any problem!


    i think we could start out with a gathering of a couple of clans. we can do the originals or our own, made up ones -- i'll leave that up to you bc i don't mind either way! but i think this could be a good way for us to introduce a few of our characters from different clans bc i know you said you're hella interested in forbidden romances !

    i cannot seem to o p e r a t e

    and you, my love, are gone

  • no worries about any awkwardness, hun! it’s not too big of a deal lmao

    i’ll shoot you a pm tonight with some more details and ideas but i’m in a hurry rn and just wanted to reply real quick c’: