• - hollystep (for black fur, agility, easy-going ness)

    - 14 moons

    - optimistic, light-hearted, flirty, proud, more often than not self-centered

    * cusses frequently

    * can be a pussy

    * can be funny

    * feels a tad out of place

    * severe internalized superiority complex

    * constantly holding her tongue

    * nice enough but not especially kind

    * INTENSE abandonment and trust issues

    - female

    * they/their or she/her

    * pansexual with heavy male preference

    - sleek black fur, lanky, rich copper eyes, noticeably long whiskers

    * stature and fur ref

    * eye color ref

    * whisker ref

    * strong, tight muscles

    * does better on defense but can go on offense if she has to

    - riverclan prolly so i have an excuse for her sleekness

    * mediocre at catching fish, does better with more excitable prey like rabbits and mice

    * will probably end up in windclan one day

    - dropped off by her rogue mom cuz she didn't want any more kits

    * remembers her face and kinda forgives her cuz kits can be so stressful and she thinks her mom is shitty anyway

    * pretends to be cool about it but inside is brimming with pure, untended rage

    * talks about it jokingly and likes to profit off of its pitifulness

    * feels responsible for being left to die (???? why she do dat)


    hub / riverclan

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  • — dayfang!

    - prefixes: bitter (born on cold morning, light grey/pale fur, cold and calculating), birch (white and light grey fur), bourn (light grey pelt), day (light-colored pelt), rain (quiet, light grey pelt or pelt patterns), shallow (light-colored pelt, light grey patches)

    - suffixes: fang (loyal personality)

    — DIE-HARD thunderclanner

    — male

    — appearance

    - white w light grey patches (on the back of most recent apush quiz); medium length fur, tufted ears, prefers to keep his fur tidy; lots of inner ear fur

    - average-sized, on the stronger side, smallish paws, slightly big ears

    - x-shaped scar on her muzzle between her eyes

    - one pale blue eye, one pale green one; pink flesh

    - a handsome guy

    — personality

    - painfully loyal

    - a bit feminine

    - incredibly sweet and kind

    - slightly introverted

    - wip