fortune and glory [gxb or bxb]

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    muse a is an archaeologist and treasure hunter. he works for both himself and sometimes for museums and other private companies, including the government. exploring and adventuring is in his blood. his father was a treasure hunter while his grandfather was a historian and his grandmother an archaeologist. almost everyone in his family had a job that had to do with history or artifacts. ranging from digging up dinosaur bones to recovering items from old ship wrecks. muse b is a journalist. they're working hard to climb further up on the ladder and dream of having their own independent show all about showing off the world and reporting about different countries. almost everyday they dream about being able to travel and teach others but for now, they're stuck writing and talking about boring subjects they know nobody wants to listen to or read about. however, muse b gets their big break when they are offered a job they could only dream of. they are offered to follow along with muse a to collect information on their finds for a new show that is to be produced. of course, muse b gladly accepts and doesn't hesitate to travel across the ocean to meet up with their new partner. muse b thinks nothing of the job. all they know is that their partner is an archaeologist and that they'll get to travel here and there. they'll get to see new sights, meet new people, learn new things, and more importantly, they'll be able to kick back and relax. after all, their new partner is going to be doing nothing but dig up ancient vases, right?


    shayne griffin 'ireland' lynch

    shayne had just finished talking with the main manager of the camp about the move that he was going to make tomorrow. he would be driving from egypt to india and as if that wasn't enough for him, he would end up having to bring along some extra cargo and that extra cargo was to be a journalist. why he had accepted to be followed around on his adventures, he did not know... but then again, he couldn't really say no. the person who had chosen him to be partnered with the journalist had more so forced it on him instead of letting him have a say in it. shayne wasn't exactly too keen on having this person tag along, especially with the type of danger he almost always found himself in. however, it was too late to go back now. the journalist was supposed to be arriving soon. he had heard news of their plane recently arriving and while he was trying to get himself ready for his travels to india, he was also trying to get himself ready to deal with the burden of this new partner. right now, he was on the hunt for an ancient relic that is said to be connected with the lost city of atlantis. however, it wasn't like he could just go straight to greece and try to find the relic from there. there were clues spread throughout the world that led to it and at the moment, he was at least almost halfway through getting through all these clues of where it could be located. as much as he wished the clues could have just been spread throughout greece and not throughout the whole planet, there was nothing he could do about it. all he could do was follow them and hope for the best.

    however, shayne wasn't the only one after this relic. a rival treasure hunter is also looking for it. a treasure hunter who would do anything to get his hands on the relic. this treasure hunter had his own private army, mercenaries, and a countless amount of weapons. so far, shayne had only one run in with the treasure hunter's mercenaries and thankfully, the run in was fairly quick but still quite tense. all that shayne really hoped for was to get to the relic before the treasure hunter and to not have anymore encounters with his thugs, especially when he was going to have an innocent journalist trailing alongside him. as much as he could hope for no encounters, there was no way he could guarantee that his journey would be without bloodshed.

    shayne gave a heavy sigh at the thought as he made his way to his tent. however, the sound of a vehicle pulling up to the camp caught his attention. soon after the car had parked, a person exited and came up to him, "the journalist has arrived, dr. lynch. they're very eager to meet you." shayne sighed once again and gave a simple nod to the messenger who quickly returned to the vehicle to help with the journalist's luggage. the archaeologist stood in his spot for a while, thinking of what to say and what to do. after about a minute, he finally made his way over to the tan jeep. he could see the driver and the person who had told him about the journalist hurriedly trying to take luggage out of the vehicle and to a nearby tent. his eyes then wandered around the vehicle until he spotted what definitely looked like the journalist. they looked quite excited and as they stood next to the vehicle, they were frantically looking around for the archaeologist. seeing this, shayne made his way up to them and gave a friendly smile.

    "i'm guessing you're the journalist who's going to be tagging along with me? i'm dr. lynch, but to hell with formal names. friends call me ireland, or irish. real name's, shayne, however." after giving his name, shayne stuck out his hand for a handshake. despite the smile he currently had on his face, he wasn't exactly insanely enthusiastic about this new addition. the man had enough things to worry about and an innocent human life was definitely one thing he didn't really want to have to worry about. just more weight to put onto his burdens, really. "sorry if the camp looks a bit of a mess, i've got some people packing up to head to india right now. one hell of a time for you to be arriving because i'll be making a drive all the way there." shayne then motioned towards those who were already packing things up, "as for the people already getting ready to leave, they'll be arriving in india in advance to get things set up before i get there. however, they'll be flying. i really hope you don't mind long drives because i plan to drive there as i've got some extra business to attend to on the way there."

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    chiara sighed and took a deep breath as she exited the massive airplane, breathing in the warm and dry air of cairo. the ride had been a long one, around ten hours, but she had made sure to keep busy as the airbus A380-800 soared through the air and over the atlantic ocean. with her oversized and tan colored duffle bag in one hand, the girl's light green eyes scanned her loud and busy surroundings, eventually landing on a tall middle eastern looking man holding a sign with CHIARA DAVENPORT written in large red letters. chiara flashed a smile at the man and made her way towards him as she was politely led to a sand colored jeep.

    the scenery quickly changed as the pair made their way out of the bustling city of cairo, egypt and into the dry and barren landscape the of dessert. the girl stared out the rolled down window of the suv, her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail but still blowing in the wind behind her. she didn't really know what to expect of this trip and also didn't know what exactly she was going to do except write and article about this archeologist. but this job had immediately intrigued her and she had the first plane to egypt book within weeks. she wasn't leaving much behind in new york city, she worked a frankly boring office job from 9 to 5, took the metro every morning and night, five times a week. it was nothing like what she imagined being a journalist and reporter would be, but her mother had told her to be patient and seize every opportunity, so here she was. chiara had never left the state of new york much less the united states or even the continent but she was craving adventure, and hopefully this would fill her up.

    after almost and hour of driving through unmarked roads the now sand and dirt covered car pulled into a small camp, several white tents pitched in a circle. chiara's aventurine green eyes lit up, the dark and bronzy metalic flecks in her piercing orbs reflecting in the hot sun. the girl pushed open the heavy door, slowly climbing out of the vehicle that towered next to her small figure (she is 5'3' btw). she leaned against the warm metallic frame and looked around, taking in her new life for who knows how long.

    chiara had almost zoned out before a new voice pierced the silence. she turned around, the expression of surprise on her pale and freckled face quickly morphing into a warm smile, showing off her pearly whites.

    "i guess i am, my name is chiara by the way" the girl said extending out her dainty hand to shake irish's before letting out a little chuckle.

    "driving shouldn't be a problem. heck i just spent 10 hours in a plane. and what kind of business would that be mr. irish" chiara replied, a little hint of flintiness in her tone.

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    shayne griffin 'ireland' lynch

    the archaeologist absentmindedly nodded his head in acknowledgement to her reply. then, as she asked about what type of business he was to be attending to while on the drive, shayne simply shrugged, "just some associates i have to speak to, is all." shayne seemed to hesitate a bit as he spoke of 'associates'. his gaze then wandered off towards those who were already getting ready to leave and he quickly changed the subject, "you sure driving won't be much a problem because this drive is sure to take days. just warning you in advance." the man gave a friendly smile at the end of his statement but it was also clear that there was something bothering him. shayne just couldn't shake the idea of the rival treasure hunter who would do anything to get to the same thing he was getting at. he knew the hunter and he was prone to striking at moments you'd never expect. as he thought over the dangers of having a journalist with him, the man would glance at the shorter female a few times, going over all the possible situations he might bring her into. however, he would quickly snap himself out of his own thoughts and gestured over towards where his tent was on the other side of the camp.

    "walk with me real quick to my tent, i need to get some things." shayne began making his way towards the small tent he had pitched on the edge of the site. he would glance back at, chiara once in a while to make sure she was following. he paused real quick as the two finally made it to his tent. before going in, he continued to speak, "you'll be riding shotgun with me and we'll be driving up to afghanistan where a pilot will pick us up and fly us the rest of the way, by the way. it will probably be more than a few days by car, depending on if run into any problems on the way or not. you'll get a ton of opportunities for note-taking and perhaps even pictures and video if you've got a camera on you."

    as he finished telling her about the plans he had, he quickly held up his index finger in a gesture to say 'one moment' before entering his tent. he was quickly in and out and when he exited he now had on an old and worn black leather cowboy hat and a holstered pistol. before he turned to speak to chiara once more, he reached over towards a hook on the outside of his tent to retrieve a bullwhip, which he carefully put onto his belt. after readying himself, shayne turned back towards, chiara, "of course, just because we're making a big move tomorrow doesn't mean we can't have some time to explore." as he finished his sentence, he strode by the journalist while patting her shoulder before looking over the camp once again. "since i'm assuming it's you're first time here, we can go get a look around the city, if you'd like."

    the archaeologist spoke with his back to his companion as he watched over the camp. of course, he had always meant to explore the city before he was partnered up with the journalist but timing was always one hell of a thing. however, all he hoped for was that their little sight seeing tour would go off without a hitch. he was aware that the rival treasure hunter was close behind but he wasn't sure just how close. shayne took a quick glance back at, chiara, as he thought over the fact that the two of them could be caught in some trouble. he was sure his partner thought that his job was simple. all he did was sit around and dig up dead people's stuff, right? well, that was half right. only half right...

    after being caught up in his own thoughts, shayne finally jerked back to life and finally turned to face the journalist. "i'm sure you've got some money on you? 'cause i heard the marketplace is a nice place to visit." shayne put on a friendly smile again. however, this one was a bit more forced as he tried to swallow his nervousness over the rival treasure hunter.

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