Put Me in, Coach! | Joining Clan Cats

  • Ivory colored claws raked across stone as Pumpkinfire lifted his head and parted his jaws to drink in the crisp scents of the night. He and Lightstorm, followed by Candypaw, had traveled for days, aimlessly picking their way to the mountains. The three cats knew that there would be salvation for them there, but there was no way for them to know where the Tribe cats kept their camp. It felt as if it were moons ago since the tribe cat's culture fest, and it was harder to navigate the unfamiliar territory with the sun dipping below the trees.

    Pumpkinfire paused to take a breath, glancing back at Lightstorm with with appreciation warming his chest. Pumpkinfire now knew that the white warrior left his home in Shadowclan to accompany him on his journey, and Pumpkinfire would forever be indebted to his friend. ”We can't stop now, we're so close!” He mewed, trying to sound optimistic. Pumpkinfire's pads were sore and cracked from all of the walking, and his exhaustion caused him to shrink back at the cry of a large bird circling overhead. Normally, Pumpkinfire would be more than happy to defend their caravan, but now, one swipe from a hawk's tallons would send Pumpkinfire flying. "Keep your eyes open for shelter, just in case we have to wait it out 'till morning." The tabby tom added, becoming more and more wry of the bird as it circled on. Pumpkinfire hoped a tribe cat would find them sooner rather than later, but at the same time, Pumpkinfire wasn't sure what he'd say once they were found.



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  • It wasn't uncommon for non-Tribe cats to find their way onto the mountainous region. His paws were hardened from having traversed the challenging landscape since he was born, and the ache that resonated in his broken heart masked common fears. It was dangerous to wander alone at night. Mother had always warned him and scolded him if he came home too late, fearing that he would come across a predator who could easily crush the thin body of her beloved son. Veil only had one life, and his job was not only to treasure it well, but to make sure that the rest of the Tribe does as well. The cries of a hawk warned him overhead, and he looked up at it, squinting, analyzing, wondering if it would come closer... and if it did, he could swing his body into a swift motion that brought both beings back to earth... If it would come closer.

    A faint voice quickly pulled him away from his dream-like trance. Veil straightened his posture and fluffed what short fur he had, all senses pointing intently at the direction of the source of sound. "Who's there?" He demanded, summoning the pride that his ancestors had commanded him to uphold.

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  • QFSVbbe.gif Frog was use to clan cats by this point. From attending a couple of gatherings, the culture fest, and the few visits they got. The young she-cat liked the clan cats and their strange ways. She thought they could make powerful allies and be good from the tribe. But she had a feeling that Veil, their stoneteller, thought things in a different way. She guessed that was just life.

    The to-be made her way to stand by her stoneteller. Looking at the pair of felines before them. Frog waited for them to answer, excited to know why they were here. Maybe they brought some kind of news about the clans below the mountains. "" .

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    tribe of rushing water cave guard to-be 12 moons girl npc x npc

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  • The journey was difficult, no doubt about it. He assisted Candy most of the way, which he hoped Pumpkin took no offense to. It wasn't like he forgotten his true partner in all of this. Candy just needed a little help, especially when they couldn't hear the terrain crumbling beneath her paws. He had no doubt that she was capable, but the pang of worry never left him. What if he turned around and she had fallen to her demise? He wouldn't be able to handle that. He wasn't sure why, but there was something nagging at him. Tugging the depths of his mind at the thought.

    Anyhow, he couldn't deny his own paws were aching. He didn't live in this type of terrain and Shadowclan was nothing like the mountains. What he wouldn't give for some mud beneath his paws and the nice soothing sensation it would bring. Sadly, the group would have to worry about the hawk circling around them. One swipe and it was the end, no doubt about it. Despite Pumpkin's words, he was beyond exhausted. All he could manage was a hum to indicate that he understood the message. As for Candy? Well... He wasn't sure if she got that.

    Then came a new voice. It belonged to no one in the group, so he knew it was none other than a tribe cat. Was he nervous? Yes, undoubtedly so. They weren't protected by Shadowclan anymore, which meant they were powerless. They had to be careful with what they did or said. The first question was easy enough to answer, and he decided to speak up. "H-hello. We mean no harm. I'm Lightstorm, the other tom is Pumpkinfire, and the molly with us is Candypaw. The three of us come to the mountains in hopes of joining, if you would allow us clan cats to."