the pretender [exilers]

  • TAGS - There was nothing that quite sent the medic into a nerve induced frenzy like a lack of supplies. In had been almost a week since they had run out of bandages, and in that time he had run himself ragged trying to use handkerchiefs, blankets, and various other fabrics in their place. Not only was this unsanitary, as he often didn’t have time to sterilize these substitutes before using them, but what was he supposed to cover himself up with when winter arrived? Paper towels and toilet paper? Ugh, just the very thought of lying under a pile of one ply made him shiver. This being said, it wasn’t long before he came to a decision. Unless Roy and his medically inclined clan-mates wished to continue working under such undesirable circumstances, they needed to procure some supplies- and quick. His first thought was to stop by the trade center, but upon hearing that the place was nearly deserted, and contained only one or two active vendors, he decided against it. Going over there would most likely be a waste of time, and he didn’t want to risk the possibility of their trip being for nothing. So he resorted to plan B, which was heading over to the Cartel. Although their alliance had been dropped some time ago, Roy figured that by disguising his scent, he could avoid a confrontation. Alas, Cory found out about his plans and had volunteered to go with him. Or rather, he had insisted upon going. And he couldn’t exactly refuse the commander’s offer, since he had a higher rank.

    So here they were, approaching the Cartel’s borderline and dragging a small wagon of tradable goods behind them. Roy had insisted that they roll in a patch of onion grass, as to drown out the smell of blood and dust clinging to their bodies, although he had a feeling that someone would recognize them anyway. He only knew one person here- Breakout, but although they had parted on non-hostile terms, he doubted that the other male would keep his home clan a secret. So he could only keep his toes crossed and hope that everything went alright. Turning his head to glance back at Cory, a nervous smile appeared on the Exiler’s maw. “Should we announce that we’re here, or wait for someone to greet us? I'm uh, rusty when it comes to this sort of thing.”

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  • ☯ ☯ ☯ "You really think Breakout won't be able to see a giant wyvern?"

    As the dragon flies near, his head drifts towards Roy, feeling anxiety pound in his chest. He has an obsidian shaded satchel, filled to the brim with jewelry and alcohol of many varieties. They needed something, anything to aid in healing the wounds of their clanmates. He was willing to offer a lot just to keep everybody alive, even if it meant trudging to the Cartel in his sleep deprived state. With his eyes shimmering in pale sun, he awaited somebody to appear.


  • alas, it wasn't breakout who arrived first. it was the small cinnamon and chocolate furred cugine with eyes of seafoam that seemed to shimmer with a twinkle of fear as he stepped up to face the pair. his paws felt cold and his heart seemed to be pounding erratically as he stared at them, a faux look of confidence to his trembling features. "what do you need?" he spoke softly and as politely as his horrified voice would allow, words just above a whisper and most certainly giving away how scared he was. he never would've been this scared had breakout been here, the hellhound was someone markus admired greatly. breakout was his idol and the closest thing he had to family, of course more in the elder brother fashion rather than fatherly. but he'd have to leave the nest someday, or so to speak. he needed to learn how to handle things like this himself. he just hoped it didn't go down in catastrophic flames.

  • TAGS — A wildcat and a wyvern. They made an odd pair, especially since they smelled strongly of onions for no apparent reason. Markus seemed overwhelmed, so Farah sidled up alongside him for emotional support. She shifted from an ordinary feline to a draconic body of her own with insect wings and sea-shimmer scales, not quite as large as the wyvern but close. This way both sides of the field were equal.

    "Hey Markus," Farah said to the Cugine, resisting the urge to bop him on the head with her tail. She knew he was technically her superior, but he was so damn adorable. Eyeing the satchel and the wagon, she continued, "And hello, boys. Here on business?" She hoped the Militia or Narcotics divisions got their chance to shine. That baggage smelled like money.


    noticing strangers had been approaching the peninsula, hebe trotted forward following cugine markus before her. white eyes locked and studied the pair before deciding they were defenitley not cartelians. moments like this remined the elemental she truly had such little knowledge of agrelos, but at least she could rule out them being established allies as those scents were familiar after all the halloween parties. a ragged black tail snaked as she stood, claws prodding into earth below as her mind poked about for clues regarding the two. suddenly, a tight sneer crept upon the hellbeasts girlish face 'farah do you think they smell like onions?' she accused through her giggles. that was a little suspicious of them. a dance of flame and shadow cracked and weaved in the girls cloak of fur while the gears in her head began to clink and clank 'where are you from?' the thought simmered for a moment before her attention was snatched again by the wagon-thing they dragged with them. 'gifts?' she inquired again. she turned to farah and markus, now gleeful at the thought of a confrontation to engage in have this all go south 'what will breakout think?'


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  • ☯ ☯ ☯ Geez, these people were quick.

    He listened to the mass of speech that targeted the two of them, feeling nervousness creep up his chest. He smiled sheepishly, glancing over to Markus first. The male could tell fear was thick in this one, but made sure to not make any moves to make them feel embarrassed. His head drifts to Roy, whom he assumes is feeling overwhelmed by this encounter already. "Hello, we've come to see if it was possible for us to trade for some medical supplies?" the Commander inquires gently, voice soft and head glancing at the crowd, ever-growing.

    Then, he shifts to look at Farah. They're different from what he expected to see here, but he held no complaints. After all, he was certain that they weren't expecting to see a rather towering wyvern trotting amongst their land. The serpentine appearance Farah decides to take catches his eye, intriguing him. A smile complacently floats on his maw as he takes it in, definitely not feeling shy. Then, he huffs as he inhales a bit. "Oh! I'm sorry, I forgot about names. I'm Corrupttimelines, Commander of Warfare and Ex-Mender. This is Roy, our current Surgeon," he answers gingerly, trying to keep the interaction as friendly as possible.

    Then, he's told they smell like onions. Confusion flutters on the dragon's face as he furrows imaginary brows and leans down to lightly sniff not only himself, but Roy. Rolling around in that onion grass worked? He thought it wouldn't have done much, if anything, compared to how strong the scent was that lingered around them. He avoids the inquiry of their homeland, not wanting to offer information until Breakout appeared. "Ah, if Breakout wouldn't mind speaking with us, it would be ideal."


  • The Exiles. It used to be a place he'd lived in, a place he had served up until he'd gotten irritated with their needlessly violent ways and the fact that one of their former leaders had betrayed his trust. He didn't like them, not at all, but it probably wasn't for the reasons many others disliked them.

    The man had jumped into his catsune body since he figured he could do with working the body a bit and had went off on a walk when he came upon the scene. A wyvern and an feline of sorts greets them, wanting to trade with them for supplies. "If you're just here to trade, you wouldn't need to talk to my boyfriend about that. He's a busy man, you know?" Comes Alcibiades' hum as he arrives. Luckily for the two standing before them, he couldn't smell the stench of the canyon on them - otherwise, this would have turned out very differently since he and Breakout both just about despised the Exiles for their own personal reasons.

    "I'm a Nurse here, I can probably trade you for whatever it is you want, hun." The pale and golden marked catsune offers a pretty smile in Cory's and Roy's direction, his lips curling upwards ever so slightly.

  • ☯ ☯ ☯ Oh shit.

    Cory had been around when Alcibiades had been an Exiler, yet he had definitely been the peaceful one of the bunch. Even now, as a Commander of Warfare, he was still rather nonviolent. He preferred to steer away from arguing and fighting, always had and will. Even as he approached, the male maintained his peaceful demeanor and smile. As they speak, his heart flutters and his brain whirrs, barely registering their words for a moment. The wyvern is gleeful to see them, though he cannot blow their cover, and thus avoids mentioning it.

    "I figured he would be busy, but I'm glad to see someone who can help us. We could really use bandages, but I'm sure Roy knows what else is needed," he offers, glancing over to his clanmate calmly.


  • TAGS - Roy was certain that he had said it before, but he'll say it again- he disliked large crowds. They made him feel uneasy, which was an interesting statement coming from someone who was in charge of the Exiles' medicinal syndicate. Though to be fair, his position was a nerve-wracking one. But he was getting off track. In his opinion, a crowd consisted of any number over three, and this was teetering at the edge. As people began to approach them and ask questions, Roy would mentally take a step back, reminding himself that there isn't any reason to panic. At least, not yet. Forcing his shoulders to relax, he would allow a non-threatening smile to appear on his features before greeting them, though this probably wasn't necessary. He wasn't exactly the biggest cat in the jungle, you know. "Like Cory said, my name's Roy. It's nice to meet you all, though you'll have to forgive me if I'm a bit out of breath. It's not often that I get this much exercise." He shot a glance in his companion's direction, the words 'I told you so' hidden beneath his normal friendliness. Ha, he knew that the onions would work! He knew it! The smell had kind of backfired on them, since everyone was now drawing attention to it, but oh well- you couldn't win them all. As Alcibiades padded over and told them that he was capable of handling the trade, Roy would open his mouth into a silent 'o' of acknowledgement before scratching at his chest. "Well, I guess I should start out with what we need." He said, his tone making it sound like a question. Pulling a list from his wagon, he softly cleared his throat. Cory had already named the main item, bandages, so he would just add onto that. "Um, let's see. About fifteen medium sized rolls of bandages, a half-pound of cobwebs, at least twenty cotton swabs, doesn't matter what size, and whatever herbs you can spare. Preferably marigold, burdock, celandine, and poppy seeds. Oh, and if you have a scalpel or pocket knife, that would also be great." He read off each entry on the list, sneaking another glance at Cory to see whether he had anything else to add now that he was done. "In exchange, we have a uh, wide variety of items. You'll have to ask Cory for his specifics, but I have scarfs, quilts, books- mostly on medical topics, tools, and decorative knick-knacks."

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    this was getting on the girls nerves. being ignored made the thug grit her teeth and grip her claws into the soil tighter. her mouth filled with fire, flames cracked between burnt teeth and smoked billowed softy from her black buttoned nose. 'i asked where you came from.' the small, wolf hybrid stood stronger and fixed her posture. 'if you are just loners, just say it. you look silly saying nothing.' black shoulders rolled in shrug. oh well, if they were enemies atleast they were in a bad enough situation to come up with a scheme like this while the cartel was thriving. with that inner beef settled, the girl relaxed and poked her still fuming nose into her dainty, kitty-cat embroidered herb (and other wares) bag, an essential for anyone in her divisons. 'i am hebe. throw hebe a quilt and something cute for my burdock, marigold and poppy seeds?' shit she was missing one 'hebe has no celadine.. but i have dock and horsetail on me aswell weary travellers?' hopefully the others could also assist in completing the trade, but atleast the budding nurse had got her offer in.


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  • Out of nowhere azure blue flames would appear spreading itself across the ground until it reached the exilers trading 'boat' and was attempting to reach all of the supplies and set them on fire." There is going to be no fucking business happening here today." A deep snarl was coming from the bushes and in the next second the hellhound would step outside his azure blue orbs glaring at the two exilers as he stept forward to get himself in front of his cartelians. " This two lying piece of shits are exilers." he would inform his thugs having no ill-feelings towards them for having almost sold something to this swine's. They had masked thier scents so they couldn't possible have known. Breakout to wouldn't have known a damn thing if it wasn't because he recognized Roy. If Cory had been the only one here today this affair might have worked perfectly for them which pissed him of even more. People how had the guts to lie and deceive people where the absolute worst. Hiding themself so they could trick and lie to people right up in thier faces. Fucking bastards.

    " Let me make this fucking clear to you spineless lying cowards. The cartel is never ever going to sell anything of our products to people like the exiles how enjoys to kill and torture children or pregnant mothers for fun. Sick piece of shits like that should burn in hell. So get the fuck away from my border and go back home to your swine to leader and the next time i spot any of your people here how have no guts then daring to fucking lie to my cartelians face's to sell stuff to you i'm going to burn, every single one of you the ground. " he said and then spat right in front of thier paws to express his disgust for them before letting his flames come up from his paws to show them he was not kidding around. " Now get lost!."

  • TAGS — "I'm Farah. Nice to meet y'all," she said affably, stepping back to let Consigliere Alicibiades do his thing. It was a shame that the visitors were here for the Medic Division, one of the two divisions she wasn't a part of. They did have one Militia-related request, though. Farah was about to retrieve a selection of pocket knives, maybe offer to forge them a proper scalpel since she didn't think they had one in their arsenal, when blue flames burst out of nowhere.

    Farah had to admit: the Godfather was scary when pissed. She was confused as to what he was pissed about, though, unfamiliar as she was with clan politics. Child murderers and mother torturers were undoubtedly unforgivable, but Roy and Corrupttimelines didn't seem so bad. Maybe looks really were deceiving, or maybe there was more to the story.

    Slipping farther back from the confrontation, Farah found herself beside Hebe. "Guess you know where they're from now," Farah whispered to her. "It's kind of a shame to burn all those goodies, huh?" She wouldn't mind, er, relieving the visitors of their burden, but maybe Breakout wouldn't be too happy with that.

  • The burst of flames had initially surprised him as it reached forward like how one would snatch up something greedily, the fingers of flame eager to set fire upon the two Exilers' supplies and, for a moment, he was ready to tear into the person who'd done it, when he recognized Breakout's voice booming over theirs. The catsune took a step back, naturally, wanting to not get burned and to also make way for the hellhound.

    Rose colored eyes flicker towards Breakout, a smidgen of confusion crossing his pretty expression rather briefly before it cleared up in less than half of a second when the truth had been revealed. Exilers. These two gentlemanly people were Exilers. The catsune narrowed his eyes immediately, turning to glare at the others, expression melding into one of betrayal and hatred oh so quickly. The elegant beauty, although pretty to look at, looked downright dangerous to look upon with that severe glare of his.

    "How dare you." Alcibiades would mutter scornfully, his lips curling back ever so slightly to reveal pearly white fangs. How dare they lie to them? They knew they weren't associates, and went so far as to mask their scents like cowards? They were the Exiles, and he expected that if they wanted their supplies so badly, they would send a raid their way. That was how they worked, right? "If you wanted to remain trading partners, maybe your leader shouldn't have broke it off with us." The assassin would swallow thickly, their nine tails lashing behind them. "You heard Breakout. Leave."


    as the godfather had exposed once confident exilers with such vigour hebe could absolutely help not but have herself a witchy, screeching laugh at their expense. admittedly the cartelian herself felt like the fool, but even her veteran superiors had been deceived by the old- though dangerously reliable trick. 'thats dorky as fuck!!' she teased, smiling between her disgruntled peers, mockingly sniffing the scheming pair. 'piss, blood and onions!!' flames begun to crack and spark between the elemental's toes from the joy of the scene finally got exciting. ratty paws skipped and danced to avoid the godfathers azure flame, before her own magnificent green fire collided and mixed with the godfathers, gunning for the wagon and subsquently the unwelcome visitors . never she used her power this way, and it brought a rare look of suprise to the blunt thug's face. her elemental was very passive and this massive exertion of energy brought an unfamiliar fog to the weakening girls head, like she had been held underwater by someone who did not like her very much at all. good thing this was looking to be not much of a fight.



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  • ☯ ☯ ☯ Shit.

    Cory had recalled Breakout being on friendly terms with himself, and they had never directly lied to anybody. As he watched flames protrude from the ground, his first instinct was to ram the wagon full of goods out of the way entirely, spewing water underneath it to protect what was inside. "Breakout, I don't come here maliciously or to lie. I want to speak with you, one way or another," he retaliates, shifting and protecting Roy from the flames, taking the blunt end of it as fire is spewed to and fro, erupting the ground around him intensely. The feathered dragon lets out a screech of pain, feeling the heat slam into his body, scorching some of his feathers heavily. His body aches, soaring with a newfound pain.

    "We will leave if that's what you wish. But just to let you know, neither of us nor the people whom currently reside in the Exiles would ever harm a child nor a pregnant mother, our morale standards have changed, sir. I do hope you have a good day," he says, bitterness plaguing the words as they slip off his tongue. With this, the wyvern would swoop the wagon up, and then try and get Roy onto his back, just before flying back to the Exiles.