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  • It has been some time since we last stopped.

    Mortimer Swain flew ahead of his companion, Marjorie, frosty blue eyes scanning the luscious greens below them. The goose couple had split from a flock in hopes of finding a better home than the usual that their other companions had always gone to, and it seems their search was coming to an end. Below them lay an extensive territory with thick green foliage, the sound of other birds hitting his ears.

    Well, it seemed much better than their old home of a boring, wide field full of absolutely nothing. Sure, they had plenty of friends to talk to and annoy the other creatures with, but he was fully content with being by his Marjorie's side.

    "Let's land down there and find something to eat." He honked back to the ivory female, craning his neck to signal towards the large, still waters of the Swan's Lagoon. He'd bet his tail feathers that there was plenty of healthy grasses and aquatic plants to eat there, and a brief swim would help clean their feathers some more. His own being mainly a dusty, pale brown with a splash of white down his underside, and a dark patch on his chest that looked similar to a bowtie– not that he really knew what one of those was.

    If she gave her approval, the male would curve his wings toward his body and start to descend with a reckless divebomb, though soon to extend his wingspan and come to a somewhat aggressive skid over the water before properly letting his body float against the surface. Large wings tucked against his side moments later, letting his momentum carry him to the shore but then kicking back towards the center. Likely his beautiful friend would make a more graceful landing, and he would be eager to see how she pulled it off this time.


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  • She had been quick to agree to Swain's proposal that they split off from their flock, as she was a restless soul and easily tired by the repetitiveness of their orthodox life. It was boring, monotonous, unfitting for a girl of such a spontaneous, impulsive nature as herself. Besides, she had always been rather fond of Mortimer and wouldn't pass up an opportunity to adventure the world at the side of such a handsome gander. It was sickeningly sweet, practically cliche, how she would bat pink eyes at him whenever he looked over, adoring the attention she'd receive.

    Long neck tilting towards him at the suggestion, she casts a glance downwards and immediately assents. It looks like a nice enough place to stop. Marjorie begins her descent after her companion, albeit in a less extreme manner. It takes her a couple extra seconds to land and she pulls back at the last moment, allowing herself to almost float down to the water beside him without the crude skidding which she found amusing to watch but thought improper of a girl of her elegance. Rosy eyes peer at Mortimer over a soft pink bill which is slightly parted in what might resemble a smile if one is familiar in the expressions of geese. "This seems like an intriguing place, Swain. Not that I have much to compare it with." She gives a slight shrug of her ivory wings, turning her gaze away from the gander to take in their surroundings.

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  • Home was a very adaptive concept for the pink canine considering all she had been through. Her family used to travel around and skirt the borders of the big groups, interacting mostly with loners and kind strangers. When you're on the move home is a people more than a place, and her two parents and sister had been all the home she needed. After the mysterious events that left them separated - the thought still sends a pang of pain through her temple and sets a heavy ache in her heart - the Flights became her home. The creatures were all so very nice to her and didn't mind the flowers that grow when her worries do. It's sweet for them to ignore the signals of death, too, and Sleepingpaw can only hope to repay the favour at some point in her stay.

    In fact, her paws had been riffling through the slit at the edge of the lagoon in search of some shiny rocks to give as gifts when two geese came from the sky. Their landing disrupts the otherwise calm waters, waves lapping up her legs and muddying her light coat. "O-oh!" Sleepy exclaims, big eyes blinking in shock - they're talking, too! She didn't know birds could talk. Well, it's rude to stare. "Um, hello? You're not includers1, are you?" She asks with a voice unable to hold itself still under the weight of the concern it bares. "I-I'm Sleepingpaw, and I live here. Can I, uh, help you with anything?"




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    "Magical geese!" shouts a breathless cry of wonder and exitement. Before long, Belladonna is exploding into the scene - literally! Throwing a smokebomb into the clearing, she appears once the small puff of mint green disperesen - panting and out of breath and very obvious not having teleported like she hoped they'd assume. But the energetic molly was quick to recover, and she'd eagerly shove her face into those of the two avians. "Wow! I've only ever seen crows talking - are you familiars? Can you be my familiars? I'm a witch see -" she points to the cluttered hat resting with surprising balance on her colorful head, "I promise I'd take good care of you! Oh please oh please?"




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  • Kayla was only staying here for a short time, but she still didn't spend much time in camp. She'd watched for awhile, until the one who she was supposed to be sticking with (though she'd avoided belladonna like the literal plague) appeared. For once happy to see Belladonna, the caracat slunk out of the shadows and came to stand next to the energetic witch. "Hello. My name is Kayla." She meows gently, looking to Belladonna with a look that basically asks 'what the literal hell is wrong with you?' before putting on a smile and nudging Belladonna gently. "Hey, cool it, we don't wanna scare anyone away, now do we?" She jokes lightly. "Besides, I know a ton of familiars. Just take Feather here for instance." She gestures to the dove perched on her back, nestled into her scruff like it's a nest.

  • Like everyone before her, Adrestia would arrive eyeing the geese questionably. They wanted to join them? What good would a goose bring to the clan? Snorting, Adrestia would push her way to the front of the crowd as she’d look over the strangers. "Your name and business with Volary Flights please." She wouldn’t be bothered to act kindly towards the strangers that she may or may not see around more often. They couldn’t allow just anyone to waltz in whenever they felt like it, there had to be a system of some sort.

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  • Her attention is drawn from Mortimer at the sound of footsteps and voices. Pink eyes glance towards the strangers as she glides easily across the water towards them. She is quiet for a moment as she takes in their features, noting with distaste the fangs and claws of each one. Where were all the birds? Naturally, the girl was tense as she looks from one predator's face to the other. There sure were a lot of them. Not that it mattered, she tells herself halfheartedly, Mortimer would protect her. "Hello, Sleepingpaw - lovely name by the way - I am.." She hesitates only briefly, though it's not very obvious to anyone who isn't particularly perceptive. "Marjorie." She decides finally to give up her real name, deciding that - though she doesn't trust these strange creatures - she shouldn't start her life in what could become her new home off with lies. "Would you mind telling me where 'here' is, darling?" Her voice is sugary sweet, head tilting slightly to allow her beak to give the impression of a smile.

    Her attention on Sleepingpaw doesn't last very long as the next stranger makes quite a scene. Marjorie blinks with surprised intrigue as the smoke clears and an extravagant looking tiger appears on the scene. "Oh! Hello-" Her introduction is cut off by the rapid speech of the other and Maj gives a quiet giggle. She decides she likes this peculiar feline. "I'm not entirely sure what a familiar is, love, but I don't believe either of us are one. We come from a relatively normal gaggle." She shrugs, following Belladona's gesture to her hat and taking a moment to examine it. "A witch? I've never heard of that either, but if it means you get to wear such a darling hat I might be interested." The idea of just stealing it from the girl briefly enters Marjorie's thoughts but she shakes it off. It's pretty, but not something that the goose could pull off, both due to the style of it and the mere fact that it's far too big for her head.

    Two more speak up next and Marjorie pulls her gaze from the eccentric 'witch' to look at the others. "I'm Marjorie. It's a pleasure to meet you." She speaks first to Kayla who has introduced herself then immediately set about trying to calm the excitable feline beside her. Turning at last to the final stranger, Maj is taken aback by the curtness of the demand. Lifting her head, she decided to ignore the blatant disregard for the pleasantries which Marjori viewed as customary politeness. "My name is Marjorie, and I was unaware that we were required to have a business with you just to float on a lake as geese are prone to do." She doesn't know what Volary Flights is and the thought of not knowing something that evidently seems to be common knowledge irritates her to some extent. It's a mental struggle as she tries to decide whether or not to voice her questions or just act as if she knows exactly what's going on. Finally, she admits her confusion, "On the subject, what actually is Volary Flights? Is this your flock?" She takes a moment to look away from Adrestia to the rest of them, and thinks that this is probably the strangest flock she's ever seen.


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    Kayla giggles at Marjorie's question. "Why, Volary Flights is here!" She chirps happily. "I guess it is sort of like our flock. But, I'm only a visitor for now, I may join though." She smiles and watches as the dove on her back finally wakes up and flies over to Marjorie, examining the goose, then looking to Mortimer. Kayla calls Feather back and the dove lands on her head again with a small chirp. Kayla laughs. "Feather says hello." She translates gently.