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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!


    — named for the constellation 'carina'

    Bisexual panromantic | Monogamous

    5 months | Ages realistically | Born August 28th 2019

    Child of the Sanguine Ruins | No current titles | Born in the Blackheart Rogues



    Siblings are Tennou, Midnightkit, Lyra, Imperialkit, Hoshi, Cerulean, and Callisto

    Half-siblings are Showpaw, Sangria, Arya, Carmenere, Cosmospaw, Foxpaw, Chamomilepaw, Milkywaypaw, Venuspaw, Driftingpaw, Neptunianpaw, and Rampaw

    Single | ½ of _____________ | 0 crushes | 0 'maybe' crushes

    Platonic relationships are very easy to form with Rina, as she is very outgoing and kind, and always looking to make new friends. Romantic relationships can also be easy to form with her, though it will likely take a good bit of development before she truly lets herself fall for someone.


    Due to her namesake coming from the stars, Rina has a very intense interest in space and the universe. She can often be found stargazing and learning about constellations.

    Early in her childhood Carina suffers from anxiety, and has sudden, random anxiety attacks whenever she gets stressed out or upset. She is learning to cope by chanting the names of stars and constellations to calm herself down.



    — Carina is born in a domestic feline body with coloring largely similar to that of her mother, Saturnstar. Her pelt is mostly an off-white, alabaster hue, stained with a few small patches of dark orange tabby. Her tail and ears are also covered in dark orange tabby. Her fur is medium in length, not exactly thick and fluffy but not short either. It is silky to the touch and always pristine, never dirty or a hair out of place. Her eyes a deep bluish-purple, littered with white flecks that resemble the stars in the night sky. From her other parent, Ver, she inherited several mutations. Curling out of her skull and back around her ears are two sleek ebony horns, similar to those found on rams. Sprouting from behind her shoulder blades are a pair of soft, pure white angelic wings.


    "It's easy to get to know an open creature like Carina, but above else know that she's stable and gracious. Of course she's also respectful, charming and confident, but those are often overshadowed by tendencies of being opportunistic as well. Her stable nature though, this is what she's most cherished for. People often count on this and her patience when they're feeling down."

    Rina is a very kind, fun-loving soul, whose first and foremost ambition is to make sure everyone around her is as happy and successful as they can be. She would do anything for those she cares about, and tends to be highly protective of her family and friends, in her own calm way. She's highly intelligent and actually very wise, even at a young age. She is confident, but not enough to believe she is wholly perfect. She will be fiercely loyal to both her clan and her loved ones, though she has strong morals of her own, which will occasionally clash with what is considered to be "the greater good".

    Carina is generally sweet and understanding, often trying to play the peacekeeper, though she can have a bit of a temper at times and is willing to resort to fighting if she believes it to be necessary. She can also be fairly stubborn and headstrong; once she sets her mind on something, it is almost impossible to stop her. When it comes to arguments or disagreements, if she believes she is right, she will never back down, and once she makes a decision it is unlikely she will change it. That is not to say that she is too ignorant to admit when she is wrong; if it is made clear to her that she made the wrong choice, she will do whatever is in her power to rectify the situation.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: kind, loving, charming, loyal, wise

    NEUTRAL TRAITS: protective, regal, intelligent, patient, calm

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: stubborn, headstrong, naive, ambitious, anxious


    Attack in bold underlined or mention CARINA M.A.

    Physically easy | Mentally medium | Overall medium easy

    Shapeshifting, telepathy, light elemental, possibly a character bond

    Almost never starts fights | Won't run away | Will defend herself

    Powerplay of peaceful actions is allowed, ask for anything else


    Sometime in the future, likely when she's fully grown, she will gain a new domestic feline body that has a unique blue and purplish pelt that mimics the night sky. When the sun goes down, it actually glitters with a starry pattern. reference

    Rina will likely witness or experience something extremely traumatic early in her childhood, and event so terrible that it brings about her very first, and arguably her worst, anxiety attack. From that moment on she will suffer from chronic anxiety, dealing with frequent flashbacks and smaller anxiety attacks whenever her emotions turn too negative. Learning how to cope with this mental illness will be a large part of her development, teaching her to grow more confident and secure in herself until eventually she will outgrow the anxiety altogether.

    At first Carina really hates the idea of being trained as a mercenary, and refuses to take innocent lives for anyone. Eventually she will grow into the role, though she will still resent having to kill anyone and will act instead more as a spy than an assassin whenever possible.