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    ++ anyone else interested, can i get u guys to fill out this form :^) , this is just to help pick the best candidate !!

    also alex has posted an ic check if you want to participate in that!! <33

    Saint Bernard| O, MCA IC Interest Check


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  • Name: Fogkit (would be Fogpaw)

    Does your character wanted to be mca? Why or why not?: Fogkit believes he's is too soft to be a warrior. He cringes and panics at the very thought of death, though he is fine with blood and seeing wounded beings so long as he doesn't have to witness the actual injuring process. So, he's decided that being a medicine cat would be the best route for him.

    What would make them a good medic? A bad one?: Fogkit has the ability to be very level headed (as much as possible for a kit) and is very caring, attentive and loyal. He's a little faint of heart, so there'd be that to battle with though.

    Do they have IC experience in medicine?: No. He's just a kit and hasn't had very many interactions around the clan due to being shy.

    Player activity level: 9/10 or so

    Other information (plots, etc.): N/A

  • Name: salamanderpaw

    Does your character want to be mca? Why or why not?: part of him does and other parts of him are perfect fine with the idea of becoming a warrior. his interest in medicine at all mainly stems from him having to watch his siblings be hurt and not being able to do anything about it before they were found by twolegs and have been missing ever since.

    What would make them a good medic? A bad one?: his general compassion and concern for the wellbeing of others would make him a good one, but on the other paw, he can be violent and very rude and even not treat those he sees as threats or anyone who may or may not have been rude to him or someone else. not always, but a lot of the time that can be an issue if not worked around.

    Do they have IC experience in medicine?: other than watching the other medicine cats, no current hands on experience

    Player activity level: for him? I try to get at least one or two posts weekly, unless I'm too busy but as things manage to slow down, school wise, I can get more posts.

    Other information (plots, etc.): no current ones as of right this moment.


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  • Name: Pipitpaw

    Does your character want to be mca? Why or why not?: Pip would want to be an mca, not only because their sister is a full-fledged medicine cat, but also because they have a strong passion to help and are willing to do all it takes to save someone. They want to be remembered as someone RiverClan could rely on, no matter the situation at hand.

    What would make them a good medic? A bad one?: Pipitpaw would be a good medic because of their hope and determination. They would never give up on a patient, even if the injury or disease was deemed fatal. However, their determination would lead to them having a harder time accepting death, and would ultimately take a harsh mental toll on top of what they already struggle with.

    Do they have IC experience in medicine?: (backwritten) They usually assist the medicine cats through sorting herbs and learning basic functions in times of war since it is physically difficult and dangerous for them to fight.

    Player activity level: Currently at an all time low :( I'm on almost every day, but I rarely have time to sit down and make a proper post

    Other information (plots, etc.): They have a plot with Minnowripple where she becomes like a mentor/mother figure to them. They also have

  • Name: Ravenpaw

    Does your character want to be mca? Why or why not?: Raven is beginning to take notice of the sadness in everyone and is getting rather down from all the losses. She has the desire to reduce those numbers, but doesn't really know how. She's not fully aware that being a MCA is an option for her but if given the choice she'd opt for it.

    What would make them a good medic? A bad one?: She'd ultimately make a good medicine cat, going out of her way to help her clan-mates is something she wants to do and when she has the desire she'll go for it.

    Do they have IC experience in medicine?: Raven doesn't have any experience as of the moment.

    Player activity level: 6/7 out of 10

    Other information (plots, etc.): None as of the moment.


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