To The Stars [CLOSED, RP, Semi-lit]

Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • The year is 4279; and you’ve just received a notification from the bounty board, it seems that Raven Baertsch has gone missing and their family has posted a $$600,000 reward to give to anyone willing to bring her back to her family. The family wishes to hold a conference at their estate to address the matter and give any available information to those interested in embarking on this journey. Your story begins at the conference where you see many familiar faces, whether or not you like them, the stakes are high. Are you willing to go the extra mile and team up? Happy Hunting

    Welcome to the rp!!! To start, I’d like everybody to create a character sheet and get to know each other.


    1. Kane|28|Reinnoclovek|Male|Pilot|

    2. Robyn|23|Kutyavilaga|Female|Diplomat|

    3. Chloe|22|Kutyavilaga|Female|Engineer|

    4. Kian|26|Serphonese|Male|Gunslinger|

    5. Eden|23|Paradisian|Female|Medic|

    6. Cameron|23|Mixed|Feminine|Wanderer|


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    Kingdom of Spades Medieval Fantasy Fantasy Open 12

    Take You Back ▾ Classic Western ▾ Western ▾ Open 5

    Bone Crushers ▾ Prehistoric Wolves ▾ Survival ▾ Open

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  • Track! (I might genderbend Cameron if you want me to!)

  • “Everything is going to be fine, they’ll find her you don’t need to worry.”

    Penelope straightened her husband’s medals and looked up at him smiling, she could see the stress on his face. To any passerby it would look like nothing, just the brittle face of an aged soldier, but she had been married to the man for 26 years and knew that look well.

    “I am not worried about her...” Alekzander huffed and stepped away from his wife. He looked at himself in the mirror, “I just don’t understand why she wou- How this could-” He paused and walked over to the door, not wanting to linger on the thought that his only daughter could be caged away somewhere; injured, scared and unable to help herself. He clenched his fists tightly pushing the thoughts away. This is no time to be worrying, people need answers, a leader, I have to be focused.He stood there silent for a long time until penelope walked over to him and gently grabbed his hands in hers and pulled his attention to her.

    “I’m worried too, but you have to have faith that she is ok. I know you think that she’s been whisked away by some ruffian, or kidnapped by a mere enemy of the state; but you know as well as I do that she’s always wanted to leave. I really do think she just ran away.” She pulled Alek closer to herself and lifted a hand to gingerly stroke his cheek; Alek relaxed a bit feeling his wife’s tender touch and leaned on the weight.

    “But I don’t understand why she would want to leave.” He closed his eyes. “Were we not good parents?” The tenseness in Alek’s body softening as he started to let the worry show.

    “No, my love. Sadly, I think she takes after me. I am the only girl that caught your attention after all.” Penelope brought her husband in for a hug and they stood there in their bedroom, just embracing each other...

    Kane opens the door to the Conference room; looking around, he could tell that he was one of the last hunters to arrive to the conference. The room was full of bounty hunters from all over the solar system, most of them he knew, but a few were faces he had never seen before. Examining the room itself, Kane could tell that it was either a dining hall or a ballroom that the family had fashioned to be a conference room for this event. He figured this was the best place to hold it, since this was the second largest room in the house, including the foyer. The walls in the room didn’t have much on them aside from a few mirrors and spaces where paintings had been that he guessed were removed to prevent anyone from stealing them. He could understand why though, he wouldn’t trust many of the people here with his own ship. Let alone, his own livelihood. Examining the hunters in the room, his eyes land on Robyn sitting in one of the front rows, she must have gotten there way earlier than him. A smirk forms on his face, and he saunters over to her, the poor dog with her back to him wouldn’t expect him to come up from behind. He moves into the row behind her and places his hands on her shoulders. “I thought you were gonna wait for me at the door?”

  • "No need to be nervous... they're just here for the meeting. Just the meeting. Ooonly the meeting."

    She sat hunched in the foremost row of seats, her hands in her lap and fingers curled around a small, colorful cube; a puzzle of sorts. She seemed... nervous – although her digits busied themselves with twisting and turning the puzzle her gaze was elsewhere, flickering over each and every face from behind the dark curtain of her plumage. She paused her fiddling momentarily to reach a single hand up to her head, and with a harsh pluck she snatched a single obsidian feather from her scalp, twirled it between her fingers, then placed it upon her lap before she resumed both her absentminded actions and wary staring. She had gotten here early and thus was able to examine each and every individual that entered the room – with each new face her nervousness grew.

    "I haven't done anything wrong... why am I so nervous?" She silently chastised herself for being so skittish, but her thoughts seemed to have no effect, for she still continued to nervously fiddle with the trinket in her hands. "They're just bounty hunters. They collect bounties. Nothing to be scared of," a soft sigh escaped her lips this time, tailed by a quiet chitter of sorts, and she seemed to decompress a little. "So what if I'm not one of them? Someone needs help, and I can help... probably," as her initial thought crossed her mind she seemed to straighten up a little, gaining some confidence, but once doubt struck she slouched back over, almost... defeated. "Who am I kidding... I'm just a medic! Not some... fancy gun-slinging hunter..." a small frown curved her lips downward as they parted in another sigh, and after a moment she ceased fiddling with her puzzle and pocketed it, her hands now rested in her lap. She took the next moment to stare at one of her palms, which she turned upward to gaze at.

    "When was the last time I fired a gun? Have I ever fired a gun? I think they're all too big for me..."

    Her frown deepened, and she closed her hand into a fist. The other slowly trailed up to her plumage once more, and with yet another harsh jerk she plucked another feather, but winced this time. "Ouch..." she hissed softly, gingerly rubbing her scalp as she placed the freshly picked feather next to the other, and her fingertips gently brushed the barbs. Her short, scaled legs kicked freely into the air, never once skimming the ground; how she managed to hop onto the chair was a mystery.

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  • Kian glided into the room on his smooth, chubby tail, his head high to survey his fellow hunters. "Hey, all!" His merry tone brought a brief flash of warmth to the cold and somber air. "We're working together on the Raven case, right?" To make it clear how lighthearted he was about the situation, he didn't even bother to wear formal attire, instead donning a scarlet hoodie and gray sweatpants. One leg contained his tail, the other hung limp like a shed skin. He'd tied off the end of the empty leg so it could carry his beloved pistol, Little John. It was kind of like a gigantic pocket.

    "So, when are we going to go bring the raven back to her flock?" The serpent boy asked, choosing a cozy support beam to climb onto. "I know I'm not early. I've never been early for anything in my whole life." He sighed, gazing at his tail. "Oh, wait, are we meant to sit down there?" With a reluctant tone, he slipped off the beam with his tail coiling below him like a spring, landing smoothly on a seat somewhere in the middle.

  • Cameron wore something many would consider rather formal, also not rather feminine but that's another thing. She wore a vest over a crimson button-up shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail centered on the back of her head. This is about where the formal ends; Below the vest, she's wearing boot-cut jeans and black combat boots. Honestly it looks like she's trying to be prepared for anything.

    She wasn't a bounty hunter per se, she just wanted her name across the galaxy. Rescuing a princess was a surefire way to do that. (Her name might be at the very bottom of a group list, but she had to start somewhere.) She watched as a latecomer assaulted a dog woman from behind. The wanderer didn't know anyone personally but knew many probably did, so let it slide because he seemed friendly with her. A snake guy with pants (Both leg holes and everything!) also came in and Cameron audibly sighed. Everyone was being all social like and she didn't really care, but in an effort to not be very much excluded, and to make herself more appealing to the group, she approached him and sat down next to him.

    "So, what's in that extra leg hole of yours?" she asked conversationally, though she didn't really care and immediately started on her own thing. "I've been most places, and know the top places a runaway would try first. I'll- we?-'ll definitely find her!" her voice got progressively and pointedly louder and more and more directed at the Baertsches.

  • Kian gave a welcoming grin at Cameron as she settled next to him, wondering why she seemed glum. "Hey, don't worry, Raven's gonna be okay. She's sure to be found one way or another, now that everyone knows she's missing!" He rolled around on his tail, trying to get more comfortable, making no effort to hide the large object in his "extra" leg. Naturally, he had Cameron's curiosity. "Oh, yeah." Kian reached into his sweatpants, smoothly pulling out his gun. "They call me Robin Hood, and this is Little John!" He was unfazed by the light glinting off Little John, instead tilting his head as Cameron spoke. Did she want to look for Raven alone? It didn't sound very efficient to him.

    "Why, of course it'll be 'we'!" He replied cheerfully, laying Little John on his lap. "Can't have a girl be lost, especially not in times like these!" He'd seen firsthand how terrible life was when you didn't have a roof over your head. Hell, he was even treated as a god in some alleyways. In turn, it must've been a god who gave him such amazing aim. If he couldn't kill, he could at least paralyze, allowing others to finish the job. "You think she thought this through? I mean, I thought I heard that a war was brewin'."

  • Chloe had been zoning out on her a PDA when the others began to speak their pieces and her ears swiveled excitedly to hear them. What a fascinating group of adventurers, she was already excited to work with them. Her brows were raised attentively and her curled tail wagged against her back in anticipation. All of this excitement made her feel warm in the soft red turtleneck she was wearing and she twiddled her fingers impatiently.

    All of these emotions were stopped and she stood up abruptly as Kian began to wave his gun around. "Wow, what a badass gun, oh man you'll have to let me oil it sometime or something, wow!" She gushed at the gun, her brown eyes practically glittering. Settling down and slightly embarrassed, she sat back into her chair dramatically. "I'm sure that she will be okay, I know that we won't let anything hurt her. She'll be safe and sound in no time." The shiba-girl chimed in hopefully, managing to keep swears out of a sentence for once.

  • Robyn jumped slightly at the touch of her partner and squeaked. Peering up at him, she pulled her shoulder away and gave him a stern look.

    "Where the heck have you been? You said you would be her half an hour ago."

    The small Kutya complained, motioning to her watch and then the room. Straightening the burgundy jumpsuit with the patch of The Silver Hare on the lapel, Robyn regained her composure and tilted her head.

    "What I was trying to do was get us a better seat. The closer we are to the front the better I can hear, 'cause God knows you won't listen unless someone is waving a bottle of alcohol in front of you."

    She countered haughtily. After a moment she surveyed the room and grunted.

    "Bunch of no good space hobos."

  • "Gosh, you think so? Thanks!" Kian's scales practically glimmered with pride. "He's gotten me through thick and thin!" His tail began to wag. "Countless bounties! Countless! You name it, I've slain it! I bet I've tasted every kind of meat in the-YOW" He'd gotten careless with his tongue again, and the poor muscle took a fang right to the center. The snake recoiled, rubbing his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

  • Her excitement ceased briefly as a single blot of negativity seemed to darken the room. Her tail ceased its wagging against her back and she turned to look at Robyn, her smile not fading but an offended look in her eyes. "Space hobo?" The woman questioned, clearly hurt by the comment. Chloe came from a proud people and to have someone who didn't even rightly know her insinuate that she was merely here for a free ride made her mad.

    "I'm sorry, M'am-" the words started through almost grit teeth but she calmed herself. "I didn't go to school to be a space hobo, I'm here to help with maintenance and repairs on the Silver Hare." Luckily for Chloe, Kian chimed in, seeming unfazed by the woman's rudeness. Maybe he hadn't heard her, either way, it dragged Chloe's attention back to something less volatile.

    "I really do, if you'd trust me, maybe we could clean and oil it before our first mission, if we have time?" The bi-color woman would offer, tail beginning to wag again.