The blanket of changing seasons had not gone unnoticed, and tensions from the politics of home rose higher and higher as the sun graced the sky each day. The gathering was something new she learned of; since her only interactions outside of her home was once with Skyclan and plenty with rouges, perhaps now was the time to step into the world around them.

    First Ivory, then Bune, and now the ebony beauty would follow. Her kitten fuzz was gone now, slick fur freshly groomed to perfection, as her heart desired to make a good impression. Her demons may want to sink claws into their throats, but her mind rang with curiousity and her heart craved interactions. Settling just inside the clearing, fiery eyes took in the bustling world of feline around her.

    She spotted a marbled tabby in the mix, seeming lost in thought, and in the path of a rather large NPC. She'd slink forward, slithering through the crowd to gentle place a tail on his shoulder and lead him a few steps to the right. "Sorry, but I don't think that one is going to look for what he might step on." Her voice was soft and gentle, heavily apologetic to touch without consent. "My name is Sable, it's nice to meet you."

  • A winter coat swung beneath the moonlight, pink glinting hues staring to the heavens as he trekked across the pebbled grass. No stars? The tunnel of light seemed to point to the clearing, and the city healer’s peripherals were dragging his attention to a nearby shrub. Rattled by a mist, a starry mist as it took shape, a fine line only distinguished by the trained eye. Glassy felines walking among the masses, Diesel closed his eyes tightly before reopening them. Rubbing his wrist to one sensitive optic at a time, but the phantoms remained.

    Feeling the pain of others, now he was seeing ghosts. Lovely. He whimpered raspily to himself, will I ever regain my sanity? , he grumbled now as he pulled around the bustle. His pink nose wriggling as a familiar scent brushed his attention, Owlgaze. The male’s attention seemed to be plastered to the ghostly creature, one of the starry figures. Diesel’s eyes narrowed, disbelief plaguing him as another living feline approached the mist. They can see them too, he configured.

    A frosty fog expelled his nostrils, and he averted his path from trio of madness. Starclan was here, was this an omen?‌ The lipless albino felt as if his head was going to swell. He could feel everything from torn claws to nicked ears, bellyaches, and even hunger. All of which didn’t belong to him of course, he was discovering as of late. A burden it was if anything, and still under the premises of theory.

    He would be spotted leaning against a small boulder, eyeing the misty felines with wonder and several questions at the tip of his tongue. Last time he was here, he had climbed that godforsaken rock to aid Eaglestar. He recalled with a gentle huff, the molly seemed fine now, and less pregnant. Bless her. Diesel never prepared himself to be approached, he was a walking nightmare at best, gentle heart or not.

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  • viper that basks in sun

    QFSVbbe.gif Frog that leaps into pond had been to a couple of gatherings now. She was excited to go every single time. The young molly turned as a clan cat began to greet her. Her green eyes widen at their name. "Whoa! You have a tribe name!" the blue molly had never heard of a clan cat giving their kits tribe style names. "My name is Frog that leaps into pond. But most just call me Frog. What clan are you from?"

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    tribe of rushing water cave guard to-be 12 moons girl npc x npc

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  • The star laden feline felt a small frown pull at her maw as she stood upon the rock, where the leaders had all come to land upon as well. Her figure ghosting and fading out of existence before becoming bright once more. Her eyes swept over Owlgaze and a look of pure pride lifted in her heart. He had found his path, his true calling as a medicine cat and she could not be prouder. For a moment she wanted longer, as things seemed to go on as normal. The conversations and she remembered when she had come to the Gathering, when this was the moment she had met Pitchstar. The flames had been ignited then and she had wanted to be with him more than anything in the world. But their family had been doomed from the start she supposed and she had not seen him even in death. It broke her heart. But now she was done waiting and she lifted up her head. "Cats of the clans!" She began with ease her paws pressing against stone that she could not feel as she looked at them all with a soft sort of sorrow lingering in her voice. "You're ancestors stand among you this night, appearing to all of you because there is something deeply wrong. Something that has been causing the clans to crumble and break a part. No longer are warriors putting their own clans first, no longer are rules being obeyed and the warrior code followed as it should be. The Dark Forest is growing ever stronger and because of the lack of faith in Starclan, because of the dwindling in pride...loyalty.... we are fading." Her voice was remorseful as she closed her eyes. Their lands were growing dark, the Dark Forest encroaching upon them and without the resolve, without those that should remember them and keep them in their hearts what should they do? The faith was dwindling that Starclan was forever with them and more cats were turning to the Dark Forest. "You all must understand...we see you. We hear you. We may not be able to step into every situation but we will try and guide you. I am sorry if not the one that you think should be saying these things. I know my history...very well. I regret the decisions that I made but I will never regret the family that came from it. We need all of you now more than ever, the Dark Forest is whispering in the ears of kits and apprentices. Spinning dangerous webs." Why was Bloodclan here? Her eyes narrowed and she did not understand the reason for the Tribe's appearance either. Did they believe in Starclan and forgo their own ancestors.


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  • Heatherbloom appeared next, starry pelt dim under the dappled moonlight even as she joined Eve among the living. Her seat was near the medicine cats, the same patch of soil she'd chosen to seat herself on when she'd been alive. Her feathery tail curled around her paws, silent for now, as she watched and listened to the surprise and confusion that greeted their presence. She was confused, too; why were BloodClan and the Tribe here? Where were RiverClan and SkyClan? This was wrong, but it was not why she was present.

    The lilac-furred feline felt she was in better stead than her SkyClan senior, but there was no room for anycat to deny the truth in the older molly's words when Eve spoke up and explained the warning behind their presence. This was no time to send mere omens. The white-toed ThunderClanner stood up and took a step forward, soft green eyes sweeping over the Clans gathered.

    "The warrior code is in place for a reason; it is to guide the lives of the living so that the Clans can thrive. It's built upon the foundations of our ancestors to make who you are today the best the Clans have seen." She began, and took a breath.

    "We're here before you tonight because this warning, what Eve has said to you all, is important. There is no time to mess around with vague omens and dreams and prophecies. The Dark Forest will try to separate you even in the midst of your own Clans, driving suspicion and disloyalty into your hearts ... it might have already begun. Please, have faith in us and in yourselves. Think things through before you take action and follow the code." Heatherbloom finished, voice half an intonation away from pleading.

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