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  • Don't remember how I got here again, in the forest, black as my memory

    Oh so bleak, Oh so desolate

    Always feel like I'm lost when I got nothing to lose anyway

    In the distance I see a ray of light.

    Wanna reach it but I'll be staying right here and now, I wish I knew how.

    'Cause there's gotta be a reason that I came into existence, right?


    NAME, NICKNAMES; Remy Ambrosia

    GENDER, PRONOUNS; Female; she doesn't really mind what you refer to her as, she/her/he/him/his, since she feels both feminine and masculine, though she's more often referred to with female pronouns since she looks more feminine. (Bigender)

    SEXUALITY; Pansexual

    AGE; 16

    ROLE; Villain

    FAMILY; Unknown, she had a brother, though he didn't make it through birth. She claims that he's inside her mirror.

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS/CRUSH; Single/Yoo Joon ( Visceral )

    QUIRK; Quirkless


    Reaching about 5'3, Remy is a fair skinned teen with light pink hair that goes up in a ponytail. Though when down, it reaches to her mid back. The clip that keeps her hair in a ponytail is a black rabbit with white eyes. Her eyes are a dark pink. She wears a white jumper jacket with a dark blue bow around the neck. The outfit also sports a bunny-eared hoodie. White strap shoes with pink laces, her white socks with a blue handle poking out at the top. She seems to carry around a mirror though it seems to be locked and covered up where you can barely even see the reflective part besides from the small gap in the middle. Her teeth seemed to be really sharp, almost like a shark's though as she doesn't frequently show them off, it's not really something that's become noticeable about her character. Remy doesn't usually wear other outfits besides this one, but she has a very casual outfit that she wears when outdoors and wanting to blend in with everyone else. Her hair is still up in a ponytail, though her outfit changes to a white shirt with a black jacket. She wears black gloves and black shorts. Her shoes are black with white linings, white socks poking out at the top. Her look is then completed with black headphones around her neck.


    Always bored Come and fight me! Tomboy with a girly streak

    ❝What a bother... battle?! I'm on my way!❞

    Remy looks deadpan and very uninterested in things, but it's quite the complete opposite. She actually is quite expressive, it's just she has bottled up her emotions and refuses to express her feelings as she finds them a sign of weakness. She keeps to herself most of the time, but does speak up when she sees necessary to state or her own opinions about something. Along with Remy being quiet for the most part, because she spent a lot of her time alone, so she isn't quite aware of the dangers around her and believes she can handle herself without anyone's help. She's quite feisty and will not back down from a fight, even though she could have the disadvantage due to her being quirkless. Despite this, plus her small structure, she seems to be able to handle herself quite fine. She is independent and enjoys being on her own most of the time, since she's quite used to it as well. Though, Remy is often seen talking to herself a lot, or well, talking to the mirror. It's unknown to why this is and her family just put it out on her just being schizophrenic. Remy seems to get very lost in conversation with her mirror, even naming it what she says that her "brother" wanted to be called, which is "Michal" (Mee-hal). Even though her looks give off a very negative atmosphere about her, she is very sweet and shows concern for the people that she holds close to her. She can be further proven by her interactions with animals, especially bunnies, as she is very gentle and caring towards them compared to her eager, battle-ready side of her. She has a very protective nature about her and refuses to leave her friends behind, even risking her own life to help them. Her eagerness to do this, also relates to her "I can't get hurt, I'll be fine" attitude. Remy can be stubborn sometimes, but not to a point where she can come off as rude or annoying. Even though she doesn't like being protected, she will accept help if the person is too stubborn to take no for an answer. But expect her to come back and argue about how she didn't want them risking their life for her.


    AESTHETICS; Fights, Sparks, Bunnies, Flowers, Moon, Explosions, Music Notes, Forests, Sports


    Deep Sea City Underground - Kagamine Rin

    ASTERIA - Nisha Labyrinth (Vocal. Sophiya) (Eng Ver.)

    ECHO【Gumi English】


    The Disease Called Love - Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len

    Tale of the Deep-sea Lily - Hatsune Miku

    フラジール (Fragile) / Bee


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    I'm an untouchable target, cause I'm way far from you

    I'm an unstoppable rocket going straight to the moon

    I'm taking my chance cause life may be cruel

    I'm no guilty for it and I got nothing to lose

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    "You don't want to end your life to the sound of idiots cheering as your head hits the muck, do you? Let's see if we can do better. And to make things interesting: my mark. Consider it... a gift."

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  • Name/Nickname: Haroli Venthir

    Villain Name: Progenitor

    Gender/Pronouns: Male/he, him

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Age: 19

    Role: Villain

    Family: Disowned, may include in character development later

    Relationship Status/Crush: N/A Plotting

    Quirk: Amplify

    Haroli can alter the strength of various things including sound, durability, physical power, quirk outputs, emotions, desires, impulses, and memories. However, this quirk has various drawbacks and limits as well. Amplify can only be used if Haroli has come into contact with the target object or person. If Haroli overuses his quirk, he can suffer from hemorrhaging in the brain, loss of memory, false memories, temporary deafness, or being unable to use his quirk until it recovers. Haroli has learned to utilize his quirk to boost himself in a fighting scenario as well. His weapon of choice is a dagger, typically concealed until he requires it. He is trained in martial arts, and incorporates numerous kicks, strikes, and holds into his fighting style alongside his quirk. He is a formidable opponent, but he tends to prefer avoiding getting his hands dirty, and instead manipulating others into doing it for him.

    Appearance: black-haired-anime-characters-male-awesome-1000-ideas-about-dark-anime-guys-on-pinterest-of-black-haired-anime-characters-male.jpg

    Personality: Cunning, coy, charming, manipulative

    Aesthetics: Dark colors, midnight walks

    Playlist: When You're Evil - Voltaire

    Future Plots: N/A for now


    "You don't want to end your life to the sound of idiots cheering as your head hits the muck, do you? Let's see if we can do better. And to make things interesting: my mark. Consider it... a gift."

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  • Walk straight through the bullet, bendin' like a tulip


    NAME, NICKNAMES; Jade Featha (J, Feather[hates])

    GENDER, PRONOUNS; Female; her, she

    SEXUALITY; Hetero, most likely pan though

    AGE; 18

    ROLE; Villain

    FAMILY; N/A; might speak of her dead brother at times


    QUIRK; Night manipulation

    The user of this quirk may have control over night itself and all of it's associations. They can cause nighttime whenever they want in their area of the world (spanning over up to the entire city/town or even state depending on strength) regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. They have control over to moon (somewhat) which allows them to harness it's light and use it. They may use it in the form of projectiles, to control the tides to an extent, or even to alter the way people see things in the nighttime and everything in between. A few nocturnal animals can understand the user and the user may understand the animals, however the user does not have control over the animals any more than a regular person would a wild animal. The user is stronger at night and has slightly boosted healing at night as well, but they have to be in direct moonlight for the healing. Then there is this thing called 'moonblinking'. 'Moonblinking' is a form of mind control only made possible by manipulating moonlight. The victim becomes a literal living zombie with no choice but to obey every command given by anyone around them to them. Unlike regular mind control, moonblinking can not be broken and it doesn't wear off and everyone may control the victim, not just the user.




    trope trope trope

    Jade will act all sorts of lovey dovey and like she cares, but she really couldn't give two f*cks about you. She hardly cares about anyone and is truly dark and cold. She's a bit of a sadist, preferring to torture her victims in slow, bloody deaths. Though, she will take pleasure in killing quickly as the victim runs away, thinking they were actually able to get away. She'll pretend to lose a fight, only to spring up and 'kill in their moment of triumph'. Sometimes she'll pretend to love just to kill in their sleep and other times she'll pretend to love to get info. She's a great actor and spy, so it's hard to know what she's actually feeling or thinking. Though she pretends, she is almost incapable of truly loving. Or so she believes. Perhaps she'll be proven wrong? Who knows? She's rather full of herself and she does have a small, barricaded part of her that is caring and kind. That usually only comes out when someone is injured and she's helping them though.


    AESTHETICS; selectively loyal, focused, can be laid back when time allows, slow to anger, major temper if you manage to upset her, slow bloody deaths for those who anger her

    PLAYLIST; building

    FUTURE PLOTS; I hurt my characters a lot, but I'm not sure if that counts.

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    Walk straight the dagger, never break the pattern

    Casphian May I ask what you mean by 'trope'?

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    "You don't want to end your life to the sound of idiots cheering as your head hits the muck, do you? Let's see if we can do better. And to make things interesting: my mark. Consider it... a gift."

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    "You don't want to end your life to the sound of idiots cheering as your head hits the muck, do you? Let's see if we can do better. And to make things interesting: my mark. Consider it... a gift."

    -The Outsider

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