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  • (Drawn by me!)

    NAME: Praven

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 4 years, 1 month

    Personality: Praven is a sly and savvy merchant that has taken up residence on the Great Talon Bridge for some time now. He sells (and buys!) a large variety of goods ranging from weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, relics, maps, and all the miscellaneous in between.

    He has an incredibly friendly and courteous demeanor- especially to paying customers. He's not the most honest merchant, and may even lie if it means making a sale. Praven has no qualms with immoral practices, and is perfectly willing to tear others down. He has few to no relationships outside of his work, and this has made him distraught. Running the Great Talon Trader is slowly draining him, and he finds himself with little time off. It's beginning to become less of a job, and more of a distraction from his screwed up life. He refuses to let anything get in the way of his work, however, and keeps up his cheerful demeanor no matter what.

    ...Or maybe not.

    Since the destruction of the Great Talon Bridge, and his store along with it, Praven has lost his spark and is prone to fits of anger and sadness. He no longer makes the effort to be pleasant, and exhibits a very apathetic attitude.

    FACTION: N/A (loner)

    TAGS: (Physically weak, mentally medium. Open to maim, torture, or capture. Open to plotting!)
    Physically, Praven is a considerably weak cat, and has no combat skills whatsoever. If he can't talk himself out of a fight, running is always a good plan B!


    The Great Talon Trader is Praven's pride and joy, and the only thing he'd (supposedly) willingly die for. It's a medium-sized, two story wooden building with a stone foundation, long ago abandoned by humans. It's since been renovated by Praven, being turned into an attractive store on both the inside and outside.

    Inside, the store is warmly lit, indoor lanterns casting a calming shade of orange over the store when the windows aren't open. The items are well organized, with racks of clothes, armor, and weapons, display cases for the jewelry, shelves of various merchandise, and the more... unique items being displayed behind the counter, which lies opposite to the entrance.
    The second floor is Praven's home.

    The Great Talon Trader was completely obliterated along with the rest of the bridge when it was struck by an massive meteor.

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