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  • ☆☆☆ oh, this was such a silly thing to do. so silly, so stupid, and yet the honorable sir marigold, suncircle knight of the radiant solaris kingdom, felt obligated to do it. it was so silly that, upon reaching the frigid border of harrow desert, the tabby considered turning tail and just going home. oh, this was just so, so stupid, he couldn't believe he was going through with it. perhaps he should have just let ver leave his life as she left the kingdom, and deal with things by himself like the mature competent adult that he was. but no, he couldn't do that, he had to just go and ask his former queen for help. even with those thoughts, though, he still couldn't get himself to budge from the border.

    ☆☆☆ no, because this really was more important than how he felt about anything in particular. sure, he was dignified, but perhaps he needed the push that ver would give him in order to fit the position she'd given him. the thought of himself, the meek tomcat who left home because his siblings were too overwhelming and he just needed a breath of fresh air, now being someone who would go to foreign lands on a whim to ask for training from a trusted former queen, was frankly laughable. but, still, he was there.

    ☆☆☆ "ver!" he called, eventually, finding the slightest shake in his paws as he paced along a stretch of their border, equally due to nervousness and the cold. for as much as he hated the heat of the derelict expanse, a frozen desert seemed even worse. "ver, i'd... i'd like you to train me. in⁠—er, in combat, if that's not too much of a stretch." oh, he felt so stupid again, his confidence caving in and making his cheeks hot. he was supposed to be better than this, and yet... there he was.

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  • Ver would never truly leave every part of her stay in the Kingdom behind, it'd always stick with her the good parts and the bad parts. She loved the Solarians deeply did everything she could for them, supported them and headed them through the worst of times. She'd made friends who she hoped to forever stay in contact with; Claes, Meenah, Nine, Thea and possibly even Marigold who she'd regretted never seeing completely come into form as a Knight. She'd left before his first raid before she could see how he did and she sorely felt bad for it but she knew they were better off without her influence.

    She would always visit and she had plans to always come to them, to keep the Accords afloat and to see how her friends and family were doing. Sangria needed her mom still just as Solaris would always need their allies, just as she always hoped a part of them would always need her. She missed them even so soon after she left the desert for the last time. Missed being able to stand by them and live as one, it was an emptiness that would disappear with time and turn into nostalgia but she felt it's full affects as of now. Seeing Marigold hearing him call for her only intensifies it.

    The Late-Queen would approach him with a smile paw raising out to lay on his shoulder for a second in affection before dropping to the sands. She once had promised to train him and now it looked like he was ready, there was no shame in that in her eyes. She always knew Marigold was a little behind his peers but she always saw how eh worked and the potential he had. ”I wish you would've grabbed me sooner Mari” she woofs with a chuckle before nodding ”I'd be happy to train you, lets just call this a late term apprenticeship” she jokes before gesturing for him to follow as she begins to walk again wanting to get them off the border to get to a better place to train away from the eyes of loners.

    ”So Marigold, tell me what you want to learn or do you just want me to teach you everything?”

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  • ☆☆☆ oh, there she was, the nearly demonic looking wolf he'd come to respect quite deeply. she was, after all, an incredibly intelligent figure, at least in terms of warfare and diplomacy. her one problem was that, well, she just wasn't quite a match for the proclan tendencies of solaris. raids and warfare certainly weren't his thing, and never would be (though clearly he was making efforts to remedy his shortcomings), yet that seemed to be what she excelled in. though certainly marigold preferred against knowing much about the goings-on of other clans, it was hard to avoid the knowledge that his former queen not only had a kill count, but had increased it during her reign. it was simply hard to wrap his mind around.

    ☆☆☆ nonetheless, there she was, friendly and funny and perhaps the slightest bit awkward, nothing like the legendary killer that some particular groups, ones he didn't like thinking about even if they were part of the reason why he had approached ver that day, made her and her family out to be. but she was even joking with him, a nobody. sure, he was somebody, a knight appointed personally by her, but... that didn't change anything. "s'pose it is a late apprenticeship, innit," he echoed under his breath as he followed after the late-queen, not nearly excited as she seemed. it was stressful, the feeling that he had to do this, that it was ultimately his safety and even life on the line.

    ☆☆☆ that was what all of this was about. sure, it was about the betterment of himself, and all, but really it was about how shaken he'd become. even in the kingdom's lull, he found himself so much more anxious than he was before his capture, before the latest of the exiles raids. he hated it. he was already so insecure about everything, and finally he had the chance to act on everything he hated about himself, and then his life was thrown back into a panic even though he'd grown up so much.

    ☆☆☆ it isn't as if he'd let that show, though. no. he steeled himself as he listened along to ver's question. anything in particular. as if ver believed he knew enough to say what he wanted, versus what he didn't. "whatever you think i can handle, ver," he spoke, hoping he didn't sound like he was too nervous about the whole debacle. "i'll take anything i can get."


  • For others it was easy to give her one look and assume she’d killed someone at least once before, it was true so she couldn’t talk about how one shouldn’t be judged from their appearance but it was distressing to know that most of the Solarians were either naive and didn’t want to see their queen in a wretched light or simply were to scared to call her out on her hypocritical idiosyncrasies. Ver figured it was more the ladder, even Claes and Lemonlaw had been silent when they saw just how extreme she was willing to get for the good of the Kingdom. How she’d always been long before she took the crown.

    She’d grown worse in her time and her kill count had grown in her stay. She just hoped that wasn’t common knowledge to them all, she didn’t need her children to know exactly what she did. It was best left out of sight and mind like she’d always tried to do.

    She hums as she walks listening to their pawsteps in the sand as she waits it took a lot of guts for a Solarian to come here alone and while the two “Kingdoms” were undoubtably close by her and Nadine’s efforts and their accidental-but-not quite-litter. She knew Solaris had been at war with the Ruins before even when she joined she remembered that she’d discovered a body slain by one of the Ruiners; someone she hadn’t know was the deceased lover of her fiancée. She had done everything in her power to avoid speaking of what happened, only Claes really knew was around to remember. Had been there long and likely was a victim of some sort of battle at some point in his life.

    Her ears perk as Marigold speaks again and she’d turn on her ‘heel’ a cheery smile on her face as her shoulders roll and body begins to shift. ”I see, I see” she muses as she slips into her feline form a knowing smile playing on her lips, her forked tail flicking. ”So Marigold rush at me! Show me what you know and we’ll work on the fly” they weren’t in the camp yet but she wanted to surprise him to get his blood pumping.


  • ☆☆☆ marigold, however self-centered as pretended he wasn't, was putting his utmost attention into the late-queen's actions. the twitch of her whiskers, a quiet hum lost in thought. he wondered what went through her mind, if she was reminiscing on the "good ol' days" of solaris that the knight seemed to have missed, his days of settling into the kingdom cut short by exilities and their needless raids. he could complain that it wasn't fair, but it had been months since then. it didn't matter anymore. if he could convince himself of that, maybe then he'd finally feel some sort of relief, some sort of relaxation from the awful little ways his mind played with him.

    ☆☆☆ it seemed that he'd forgotten to do exactly what he'd set out to do. stupid tabby, so caught up in his own antics that he couldn't even pay attention to the only other being in the vicinity. his glance up resulted in seeing over a whole other creature than what ver was previously, the devilish hound now a slightly less devilish cat. rush at me, she said, as if it were a simple thing that marigold could just do.

    ☆☆☆ marigold muttered something under his breath, though it wasn't so much words as it was a small amount of frustration with himself. he hadn't even done anything yet, and already he'd tensed, disappointed and ready for his mentor, one of the people who he held in highest regard despite her questionable choices, to feel that same disappointment he felt. okay. it was fine, all of this was fine. taking a deep breath, he pushed himself into a crouch and sprang at ver, attempting to "claw" her in the face with a paw after the slightest hesitation. he didn't want to actually hurt her, even if it was a practice where she was expecting attacks to be launched at her. Ah, how timid the poor little tabby was.

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  • Ver understood his reaction, she’d seen many from the quick grin and unrelenting strength of her first apprentice Narcissus who’d have gladly ran straight into her. To Krymson who would have also froze and stared at her like she’d grown another head, her other apprentices would be somewhere between those two. She waits patiently Demon-esc tail twitching in the air as she watches the man carefully. His first rush down is to be expected and Ver would meet it easily though would bite back a chuckle at his apprehension. As soon as the paw graced her face she’d attempt to lightly thwack her own against his shoulder and down to where his leg met his side. ”Put more power into it, don’t hold back alright? Just keep your claws sheathed for now” she would remove her paw if he had been hit.

    ”Also work on your rushdown, I could’ve leaped up and slammed you back down. Let’s try again, but this time try and do what I just said. Grab me in the air” she would then back up beginning to stalk around him before like she said she’d begin to run pushing her weight into her hinds and attempting to leap for him paws outstretched.


  • ☆☆☆ though he landed firmly on his paws, marigold stumbled mentally upon ver's easy deflection of his attack. he didn't really know why he felt as disappointed as he did; ver, despite her shaky sense of morals, was an expert combatant, and it was to be expected that she would be able to see through such a novice attack and send him to the ground without much thought. it was probably harder for her to act so soft with him than for her to simply attack an enemy, even. so, his goals shifted, not to being able to just lay down a flimsy swat at her face, but rather to make her have to put in the focus she'd put in against a normal sparring partner.

    ☆☆☆ mental notes were made easily: don't hold back, put your heart and soul into it. sure, that wasn't what she said, per se, but it was certainly what was felt. his eyebrows lowered in concentration, nodding slowly and silently as she explained her next actions. grab her in the air, as she had just done to him. forked tail lashed, as if taunting him. he took a deep breath and soon she had jumped at him.

    ☆☆☆ his panic couldn't get the better of him. no, he had to focus, to get through this necessary training maturely and without any slip-ups. just after the top of the late-queen's pounce, marigold tensed himself, feeling that nervousness that always seemed to get the better of him. but it wouldn't, not this time. if everything went well, his attempt at batting (practically a punch) his paw into ver's shoulder would work out as it had done to him moments prior. his goal, surely, was to get her off balance, but he didn't necessarily have enough faith in himself for that to work out. don't hold back, yet he still did. that was fine, though, it was fine, he was learning. no need for his own mind to make him lose in such a laid-back, low-stakes situation. "how was that..?" he would ask once ver landed, whether his hit connected well or not.


  • Ver once had not at all been adjusted to being soft, she was sure Narcissus or even gentle little Kenyon’s her first two apprentices has scars where their then powerless mentor bit a bit to hard during training. All instinctive actions, mostly play impulses that never wore off from when she was a child. She was better now, trained and now an experienced mentor and all together warrior, one who now had a few completely trained apprentices underneath her belt of experience.

    In all honesty she felt she was being a bit to soft with her hits, not putting enough soul into it solely because she didn’t want to scare Marigold. He looked worried enough, clearly not used to battle (he was never the type to fight with abandon during raids if at all like her and the select few stronger members of the warfare guild) easing him in making sure he understood and was praised every stride he took was key. Key to any apprentice growing up great and strong regardless of age or former prowess. Validation was a drug after all.

    He doesn’t freeze up and for that she’s glad but she lets out a grunt when the paw she expected it of course to come, she’d told him to grab her but none the less it still briefly makes her shoulder ache. She swerves from her pounce landing to the side of him rolling the hit joint in its socket before turning to him. ”Now that’s the spirit” she laughs with gusto whiskers twitching in amusement ”Your doing great keep it up and you’ll actually be kicking some Exile ass rather than mine!” she winks before going for another attack suddenly she attempts to barrel into him the attack is sudden but easily avoidable.


  • ☆☆☆ training was somewhat of a foreign concept to marigold, all things considered. sure, his parents had forced him to learn a variety of things that would be "useful" (though even then, he questioned what use piano-playing would have in most any situation), but he was never trained. no, his use for the longest time was to calm people down after trauma, which he supposed he was only slightly more than subpar at doing, and to be victim to a self-fulfilled panic that seemed to hid itself in every move he made. stupid, weak marigold; far behind his contemporaries; absolutely no help to anyone, most particularly towards himself.

    ☆☆☆ ver's words of encouragement almost made him smile, already having been worked into a sweat. he had to remind himself that he wasn't entirely awful at this; sure, he wasn't at all good at fighting, but he wasn't the worst. sir marigold, fair knight of solaris, had a chance of holding his own in a fight. not a great chance, but a chance nonetheless, a chance that he needed to remind himself of constantly. if he didn't do so, in the circumstances of an actual battle, then perhaps he might end up dying of panic rather than of his wounds.

    ☆☆☆ speaking of panic, that was what mari felt upon ver surging towards him. he had relaxed just moments prior, in a stupid, thoughtless manner, and so he was entirely unprepared for the next attack. still, he managed to stagger out of the way, but it was a rather unpleasant dash to the side, the mutated cat brushing far too close to him for himself to be satisfied with his performance. chest rising and falling in a way that was far too embarrassing for him to mention (caused as much by his nervousness as by his exhaustion), he tried his best to compose himself and get into a much more alert position. "can't be a surprise the third time around, hm," he said as much to himself as to ver, trying to keep his breathing under control.

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  • Ver would for sure consider being able to deal with those in trauma as a special skill, comforting creatures was something even she struggled with. Sure being a lover and a mother had taught her many many things about empathy and what could be fixed with a wing of condolences and a gentle lulling word of comfort. It was hard to hold ones own weight up, it was even harder to hold another's and fix what only they were capable of doing by the end of the day. She'd learned how to comfort through experience, had been forced to watch so many of those she cared for be ripped apart and screech their heart out. She'd always tried to be there but it was no secret that it wasn't Ver's strong suit when compared to the more physical pursuits of offense and defense against true touchable demons rather than the metaphysical.

    She isn't blind to the way he relaxes and whilst some would scold the man for his confidence Ver knew just how important relaxation was in battle, she'd Incorporated her own cockiness into her style played with words and insults and acted as if she had the win already in the bag just to play with her opponents. To make them slip up and feel worse off just from dancing around them and never once getting serious unless things truly got dire. Her claws unsheathe and she skids past him, forked tail kicking up sand as it thwaps against the ground.

    She turns towards him body lowering again in the start of another pounce before she takes notice of the higher heaving of his sides, she forgets he was traveling before this that she should've waited till they got inside. Guiltily she stands back up shaking her fur and allowing herself to change back to normal. ”Lets pick this up after we get a drink of water, don't wait either of us keeling over from dehydration out here” she enunciates the either even if she doesn't at all pant, she could go for a few hours her body was trained for it. Hardened from battle and the many missions that preceded her rise up the ranks.

    ”You're doing damn good, but how could I expect less from a Knight” she muses as she begins to pad away once again motioning him to follow ”I'll run you through some more advanced stuff after we cool down”