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    JJ was shocked for a moment as her brother spoke up. Shaking her head she quickly squirmed through the other teens to reach his side as another boy went after her twin. Reaching out she grabbed his hand that was balled up and raising, ready to strike out a hard punch in the direction of the fast tongued male.

    " Alex, stop it's not worth it" her words were soft and low so only he could hear for the most part. These people had no idea what he could do if he got too angry. Something he couldn't control would slip out of his grasp and destroy what he's worked so hard for. Not to mention possibly take lives.

    She turned to the male who spoke for the other and gave him a soft apologetic smile, " I'm sorry about my brother as well. This is all so new and well we come from a small town. it's kind of stressful, I'm not going to lie," She gave a small nervous laugh at the end of her sentence and ran her hand through her thick messy brunette hair. She was shaken out of her thoughts as they started to move again and she gently dropped Alex's hand once she was sure he wasn't going to throw any punches.

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    Alex scoffed as someone instantly rounded on him and he could feel his blood already boil. " How about you back up before you get hurt pretty boy. " His growl was low as he balled his fist and got ready to throw a swing, but he was stopped short as his sister came to his aid. Closing his eyes he squeezed her hand softly as the male took some deep breaths as he listened to her resolve the situation. She was right, like always, and he needed to relax. He had to admit, it was a stressful day and that made him even more on edge than usual.

    Opening his light brown eyes he turned his tanned yet freckled face to the boy who had spoken an apology and gave him a slight nod before turning is attention back to the blonde that spoke. He had to admit that she was feisty and brave but there was somethig off about her. Instead of retorting with something aggressive, he clamped his mouth shut and just nodded his head, allowing his loosely curled hair to fall in front of his eyes.

    As he started to follow the crowed again he grunted in surprise and stumbled slightly at an unexpected blow of a girl slamming into his chest. With a grumble he looked down at her as she rushed past muttering an apology, " Watch where you're going next time would ya?" His voice rumbled deep in his chest with a soft raspiness to it as he spoke.

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    As the group started to move, Grey bounced excitedly on the balls of his feet. He stayed at the back of the group and surveyed everyone. Instantly he was trying to find his first target. Someone to get under the skin of and annoy. His sharp blue orbs instantly landed on the girl that originally spoke but that wasn't who intrigued him. He wanted to see who was really around her neck.

    Rolling his shoulders, he made his way through the crowed to walk beside the pretty blonde, " What is this guy to lazy to walk by himself?" His voice was light and mocking but not enough to be too aggressive though. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he thought, " What buddy? didn't get enough sunlight today? Need to recharge your batteries?" Her turned his face towards the snake coiled around her neck. A soft smirk tugged at his lips as he pushed back his thick dirty blonde hair.

    I love the thought of being with you

    Or maybe its the thought of not

    Being so alone

    -roleplayed by Floral-

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    sassafras leaned on the edge of the boat, her body bent and one leg straightened while the other was creased. the sea breeze danced up toward her face and through her natural bouncy curls. she sighed softly at the sight of the waves crashing against the hull. she rested her arms along the ledge, her curious looking out beyond the waters. she wondered what new opportunities this island held. she had left her home, the only home she had ever known, for a better future. maybe this school could give her a better life and in turn, a better life for her baby sister. she swore to their mother that she would keep her safe and healthy. and for many years, that meant selling her own body to get food on the table. she scowled at the memory. she had hated being a courtesan. she was a romantic, at her core. as much as she refused to admit sometimes. she wanted to love and be loved in return, unconditionally and irrevocably. she supposed that was just a dream now, a wistful wish from the girl she had once been. she had to grow up. she was in charge of her sister's life now. she had to do everything she could to provide for her. the rest of the world would be cruel and hateful to an innocent girl like her sister. so, she would do all she could. even if it meant never seeing her sister again and just sending money home to her. this whole invitation seemed mysterious but sassafras knew she'd have to be dull to reject such an offer. she pushed herself to stand up straight with a thoughtful frown on her features. the boat soon pulled into the small harbor and docked. everyone began to pile off of the boat and she followed suit, being one of the last ones off.

    the snake-shifter slithered between the other students and came to stand a little off to the side of the crowd. she hung back in the shadows and her curls cast a slight shadow over her golden face. she blinked and watched the other students silently, taking in the blonde girl's little speech. they weren't allowed to leave? she pursed her lips. she found that to be a bit odd but she was sure they had their reasoning. as long as she could send money back to her sister, she didn't care. she brushed her curls from her face with a slight huff. she narrowed her eyes as a gruff and grizzly-like man moved in front of the crowd and questioned the rules. she watched him carefully. she was sure she would be speaking out against the rules as well if she hadn't accepted her fate. she had a feeling she'd never see her sister again. but it wasn't exactly like she could do anything about it. she just cared about making sure her sister was alright. she didn't want her sister to become a courtesan like their mother or even like sassafras herself had been. she wouldn't wish that on her sister, a girl she loved like she was her her own. she watched the little bickering between the grizzly man and some other man who decided to speak up and insult him. she nearly laughed. wow, this was already an interesting group. so much tensity. she wondered how long it would be until one of them boiled over and exploded. she would have to make sure she wasn't around. she liked chaos and everything but she wasn't about to be anywhere the grizzly man when he lost his cool.

    sassafras brushed out her shirt and looked down at her outfit for a moment. she was glad she had kept her clothes and was able to keep some sense of who she was. she sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. she was bored. there was already bickering between the group and she just wanted to have fun and let loose. she moved closer to the center of the group, coming up beside some guy she didn't recognize. she studied him for a moment. he was cute but in the way one would find a puppy adorable. she decided this boy would become her friend so she nudged between him and whoever he had been standing beside, ignoring their glare. she smirked almost, watching the interaction unfold as the others grasped for some kind of power or control. "this place should be fun, huh?" sassafras spoke, her voice silky and exotic, the type of voice men would compare to a siren. she glanced up at the boy, a playful smirk playing at her lips. "at least we won't ever be bored" sassafras snickered as her blue-green orbs moved back to the commotion. she saw other people getting involved and she pursed her lips. her pets, a bumblebee named winnie, and a dragonfly named solas, moved out from her back pocket and climbed onto her shoulder. she smiled softly as she felt them moving and looked over at the insects, gently caressing them lovingly. the pets watched the interaction curiously and sassafras glanced at the boy once more. "i'm sassafras, by the way. but most people just call me sassy." she slightly stuck out her tongue, making a goofy face at her 'hopefully' new friend.




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    I love the thought of being with you

    Or maybe its the thought of not

    Being so alone

    -roleplayed by Floral-