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  • mirabella sylvie dubois

    mira - sixteen - cult enforcer - scent: peaches - interactions: sirius sinfulsweet and pretty much everyone

    okay, so all of you are just arriving to the island, mira is here to greet you [along with her brother sirius] and show you to your dorms so everyone can find their rooms and get settled in~

    sorry this post is so messy oof i've never been very good at first posts

    -- -- -- -- --

    an irritated sigh was the first thing to sneak past mirabella's lips as she made her way down to the dock, dressed rather casually despite how 'important' today was supposed to be. she subconsciously began to pet the head of a boa constrictor that lay coiled around her shoulders, "oh, sirius, what did we do to get pulled into something like this..." mira chuckled and stepped out onto the dock, watching as a large boat pulled in and came to a slow stop. "my, my, what have we here. i certainly wasn't expecting this many people~" she mused quietly, a small smirk forming on her lips. mirabella watched as a stream of people exited the boat and made their way up the dock, looking around at everything to get a feel of where they were.

    "hello there, newbies, and welcome to true fate academy~" mira's voice rose loud enough to be heard over the chattering of those who had just arrived, watching as they stopped and quieted down to listen, "i hope you're just as excited to be here as we are to have you here. before we get going, i must make two things clear.." the look in her eyes seemed to darken despite the warm smile she wore on her lips, "first of all, there won't be any going back to the mainlands. there's absolutely no need for you to do that because we have everything you'll need here. second of all, we ask that you follow the few rules we do have, the main one being 'don't try and leave the island'." she kept her voice even and calm, it was almost like a purr in the back of her throat which seemed to contradict the rather ominous words that just left her mouth.

    "so with that out of the way, i'll be showing you to the dorms. if you have any questions for me, i'd be happy to hear them and i'll answer what i can. now, if you'll be so kind as to follow me..." mira turned around and began to walk up the steps, shooting a glance back at the group who seemed to have mixed feelings about her little greeting, but they began to follow her regardless of their hesitation. with another smile, mira turned her gaze ahead and carefully adjusted sirius on her shoulders so he was more comfortably positioned and made her way to the main building, glancing back every now and again to make sure no one was straying from the group.

    speech thoughts

  • JJ McKnight-----

    Short Eared Owl

    JJ inhaled nervously as she stood beside her brother, leaning against his shoulder in some form of comfort at the large ship carried them towards their new home. She watched as the water surged past her, the metal ship cutting through the water like butter and leaving behind a wake of foam and waves. with a shake of her head, the girl turned around and leaned her back against the railing, stuffing her hands in her pockets she looked up at her twin brother and frowned as she noticed his, " This will be good for us Alex... " she muttered softly as she grabbed his hand lightly and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

    The male looked down at her and gave her a half hearted smile and squeezed her hand back slightly as a response. She knew he wanted to stay tucked away in his room forever but she didn't want him to. He deserved to be happy.

    As the boat docked the grasp on her hand was released from him and she signed as she stuffed her hands into her sweater once again as she made her way off of the vessel. She breathed in deeply and a small smile was set on her face. This was it. She had been waiting for a new start for so long and now she was finally getting the chance. Once the small speech was given she didn't mind that they weren't allowed to leave, she didn't want to. but she knew that it would cause some problems with the others.As she started to walk she rolled her eyes as her brother stepped up to the front and started to question the rules. It was always something with him.

    Alexander McKnight-----

    Grizzly Bear

    This is a waste of my time. Alexander huffed as he leaned against the railing of the boat. He felt his sister press into him and it took everything in his power not to flinch away. He didn't want to hurt her. He was unpredictable and dangerous. He just shouldn't be here. He easily got lost in his own thoughts, sucked into another dimension as he stared up at the sky, the wind blowing his messy black curls around his face and into his eyes.

    He was quickly pulled from his thoughts as his twin sister JJ reached over and grabbed her hand. She said something but he wasn't paying attention, so instead of asking he just gave her a forced smile and a small squeeze of the hand. Small things like that make her happy, I wish she would be happy without me.

    Shaking his head to clear it Alex slowly let go of JJ's hand as the boat came to a halt. Slowly the male followed his sister off as his dark brown eyes scanned the others around him, as if he expected someone to start a fight or say something cringy and weird. Needless to say is he didn't like it here.

    As he listened to the girl at the front talk he couldn't help but have his interest spark at the mention of one thing, " Um yeah uh hello there sunshine. I do I have bees in my brain or did you say we weren't allowed to leave this island?" his deep gravely voice carried out for everyone to hear as he pushed his way to the front. His eyes squinted in a challenge.

    Greyson Perry-----


    Will post later

    I apologize if this is a little messy I sleepy

    I love the thought of being with you

    Or maybe its the thought of not

    Being so alone

    -roleplayed by Floral-



    Yingjie stared blankly ahead of him as he drummed his fingers on his biceps while gazing down at the water with furrowed eyebrows. He didn't understand how he ended up in this situation but he couldn't object as he was already halfway across the water to reach the island. Rather odd but he supposed there was a reason behind it. A scowl soon adored his face as he gripped his biceps while glancing around at the others that resided within the boat with calculative orbs. He didn't trust anyone on this boat and would make sure to stay away from them. He didn't need people because that led to emotions and emotions got in the way of work. He was an assassin and assassins weren't allowed to feel and or show emotions. It was punishable by death. That didn't mean he was completely heartless, he just learnt to hide his emotions better than most.

    Yingjie tensed as they docked, his entire frame spiraling, ready to spring into action if required. His dark orbs darted from person to person before they landed on a a girl with rather striking features. As he walked onto land, his hands dropped down to his side while listening to the drone of the women. He expected she didn't want to do this, even if she was forcing her enthusiasm. It was rather appalling but he supposed most would act this way. Blinking, his gaze hardened at the mention of being forced to stay on the island. He didn't agree with that rule but he supposed there was always going to be a back door and he was certain he was going to find it. No way in hell would he stay on this island for how many years, otherwise he'd go stir-crazy. Sucking in his bottom lip, Yingjie flickered his attention to another male who spoke up against the rule causing him to roll his eyes. Why bother questioning it? He wouldn't expect them to answer the question or give a crap about whether they agreed with it or not. Life sucked so he might as well cause mayhem.


    code by xredxpepperx



    Elijah had attached himself to the seat, his skin becoming paler and paler by the second. He hated water.. Why must they cross over water? Why couldn't they have flown them to the island instead? His grip on the seat tightened to the point his knuckles turned white until he forced himself to detach. God, he hated anything to deal with water. He wasn't usually this pathetic but the only weakness he would ever ambit would be his dislike for water. Of course he took showers but ocean water? Hell no. Bloody hell, why did he agree to this? Maybe he should have asked someone to know him out but--never mind. Elijah glanced up to see they had already docked causing him to literally leap off the boat before stumbling onto the ground with a grunt.

    "Yeah, never getting on that death trap again, blood hell", he muttered while ruffling his curly black hair. His gaze traveled along the other teenagers before landing on who appeared to have already been here; speaking. Opening and closing his mouth, he caught one of the rules which forced everyone to stay on the island. To be honest? He didn't mind that. Elijah wouldn't have to deal with going across the water anymore unless they returned home.. well, what home was left to come home too.


    code by xredxpepperx


    17 + SPY + RED WOLF

    Reese leaned against the railing as he watched the water move against the boat, transfixed by the way it moved smoothly through the clear water. White foam arose before vanishing as his hand fingered the silver chain around his neck. Eyes unfocused as he listened to the sounds around him before it all came to a stop. Blinking, he raised his eye to see that most had already left, leaving him to be one of the few to leave the boat. Fingers sliding across the boat before following after everyone. Hands being shoved into his front pockets as he listened to whoever was talking. His eyes began to scan the landscape, his mind whirling with possible plans before he shook his head. No time calculating escape routes. Reese snapped his head up after hearing they weren't allowed off the island. It was rather odd but understandable. He wondered if it was so they could keep everyone in order and make sure no one runs away.

    Fingers twitching, he heard someone scoffing after someone asked why. Eyebrows furrowing as he turned to glance over to see a male that looked slim yet muscular. Eyes narrowing, Reese turned his attention back to the conversation at hand. He was a little curious as to way that rule had been set in stone.


    code by xredxpepperx



    she/her. | character storage | character storage 1.5 | slight inactive due to school and health issues. | feel free to tag me in threads!

  • micah - cahel.

    interacting w/ Floral (alexander)

    -and then i asked father why on earth he would say no and he just rolled his eyes at me like i was saying something stupid- which i’m not stupid!

    cahel was whispering lowly toward his companion as they neared the island, he wasn’t seated unlike darien but was merely slightly bent with his hands clasped together and his elbows attached to the railing. his mouth close to his friends ear as he watched them approach. this was the adventure he had been longing for- the experience of a lifetime ahead of him and his parents had the audacity to almost forbid him from going.

    you see, cahel wellington is actually micah helion. son of queen petra helion and king illya helion which as you guessed it- makes him a prince and the third heir to the thrown of the helion kingdom.

    why is he going by cahel? well, micah is bound by his word and promised to convince people he is a commoner. an adopted brother of darien who by now should have his eyes shut trying to get a little peace and quiet before entering the academy.

    mi- i mean cahel, please, just a few moments i need to prepare to assess this new environment.

    drains voice instantly cut the male off and os with a role of his eyes cahel shifted his standing position to lean against the railing of the large ship with his back. gazing out toward the sea of people as he rocked back and form, it was only a matter of minutes before they were all being unloaded with the limited possessions they had and guided towards a woman with a large snack around her shoulders. cahel could only quirk an eyebrow and smirk as he listened to her speak, he didn’t even catch her name but already had this strange feeling about her. he was both acutely aware of her intimidating aura but also turned on by it.

    a rather husky voice pulled him from his thoughts and the tall male cast his eyes upon a rather handsome tanned fellow who clearly seemed irritated by the fact that they couldn’t leave the island.

    but what was so important to go back to?

    oh come on grizzly~ i’m sure this place is way better than what you’ve got back home-

    a sharp pain cut him off as he glared toward his side, darien had promptly elbowed him in the rib cage and taken over the conversation.

    ah yeah- darien was still his body guard… tasked with keeping him and his slick tongue out of trouble.

    we’ll see how long that lasts.

    speech thoughts


    interacting w/ Floral (alexander) mentions bluedreamer (reese)

    mi- i mean cahel, please, just a few moments i need to prepare to assess this new environment.

    darien quickly corrected his slip of the tongue, realising that any slip ups- even as small as that- could lead to people on this island realising that cahel is of royal blood. the tall assassin thought back to the meeting he had had with the king and queen of the helion kingdom, the way his own eyes ignited at the prospect of getting a break from his rather… bloody job… he had agreed faster than he cared to admit but now, glancing toward cahel, he realised that his task might be even harder than killing criminals who deserved it.

    the soft rocking of the boat put his mind at ease and with his prince, well his ‘adoptive brother’ now quiet- darien took the time to calm himself before they made landfall. it was then that he opened his eyes once again and was guided off of the boat- already assessing each and every danger that could be resent around cahel and himself. here he noticed a dirty blonde individual who seemed to almost be doing the same- that look in the boys eyes as he shoved his hands into his front pockets as a woman with a snake ahead of them spoke could only mean he was thinking hard about something.

    but that was now not of dariens concern.

    a sharp glare was sent cahel’s way, another tall man had questioned why they weren’t allowed off the island and as usual his friend was about to start a fight. well not on my watch. with a swift and effortless blow to cahel’s left side, darien stepped slightly in front of his companion and offered his apologies.

    sorry my brothers just an idiot- what he means to say is we’ve been blessed to have this opportunity and every single one of us here has chosen to accept the invitation to come. the least we could do is follow a few simple rules to make our stay easier.

    darien didn’t mean to sound like he was being rude but… he just needed some rest after that long trip and he couldn’t afford any trouble at this point in time.

    he and cahel needed to remain neutral.

    speech thoughts


    interacting w/ bluedreamer (elijah)

    a yawn escaped the short weighted female as the oceans salty waves hit the side of the cruiser they were on. she was dressed to the nines as per usual, making sure everyone on this boat new what kind of background she came from. sabrina didn’t particularly like being here- seeing it as more of a social experiment than anything else. her doe eyes rather sleepily looking around- a certain individual caught her eyes. a tall and very attractive man with tattoos on his left arm was holding onto the seat he was on- so tightly in fact that his hands were turning bone white.

    the female took a step forward, thinking of approaching him to ask if he was okay when he suddenly jumped off of his seat and toward the exit. it was then that she realised they had docked on the island she had been gazing toward not too long ago. in the blink of an eye he was gone and she found herself being guided by the crowd out of the large boat and onto the rather large landmass.

    sabrina couldn’t help but gawk at her surroundings- the island was absolute perfect in every sense. it was beautiful and warm and reminded her of lavish vacations she and her family would go on when her hometown got too gloomy.

    this was exactly her kind of place- well except for the fact that they would actually need to learn here. the soft girl turned to join the crowd once more as their guide began to speak, sabrina taking in every word whilst also gazing toward the constrictor around the females neck. there was something alluring about the two of them… something oddly charming.

    sabrina felt her wrist itching for a brief moment and discovered a rather large spider moving it’s way across her hand when she looked toward it. now sabrina was a screamer and her initial reaction would have been to scream- but her fear of being laughed at was more powerful and so the girl just flicked her hand effortlessly tossing the spider away-

    directly onto the handsome tattooed mans back.

    oh my god…

    and whilst three men bickered about why they weren’t allowed to leave and why they should stay- sabrina held her breath and slowly touched the wavy haired mans elbow with her left hand whilst with her right trying to clasp onto the bright coloured arachnid.

    i don’t mean to frighten you but… i may have flicked a spider onto your back…” her voice was soft as she whispered it toward him, trying not to scare him or alert anyone in the crowd to the chaos that was ensuing as she tried to get rid of the bug on his back.

    oh god please don’t embarrass me on my first day here in front of this cute guy!

    speech thoughts

    NMOᗡ ƎᗡISԀ∩ ǝɥʇ uı ʇso˥

  • //these are suuppperrrr messy

    i'll post with my other characters laterrr

    i think sjfuiugehrgjl


    mirabella sylvie dubois

    mira - sixteen - cult enforcer - scent: peaches - interactions: alexander Floral

    mirabella perked up slightly at the sound of a deep voice coming from behind her, pausing to turn around and face him. it was a taller boy, he looked rather rough around the edges, his gravelly voice only accentuating that. at his words, her smile widened and she let out a soft giggle, "you don't have bees in your brain, sweetheart~" she replied as she casually rubbed her thumb underneath the boa constrictors chin, "you're not allowed to leave. is there something wrong with that?" mira's gaze darkened and she took a step towards him, her voice lowering a few octaves, "any problems you have, take them up with someone who cares enough to do something about it. i'm just here to show you around and make sure you don't kill each other, understood?" 

    before the boy could blink, the intimidating expression she wore only seconds ago vanished and was replaced with a faux smile as she met his challenging gaze evenly, completely unfazed. "but don't worry too much about it, okay? you'll be fine as long as you follow our rules." her voice took on a strangely sharp edge after she spoke and without waiting for a reply, mira turned around to continue leading them on to the dorms, glancing around and taking in the rather nice scenery.

    "so, unless you like the idea of answering to the enforcers, then i would recommend you quiet down and do as your told." mira's voice lowered significantly, mostly muttering this to herself out of irritation with her eyebrow twitching slightly while she did her best to keep calm. without a second look back at the group, she started walking again while still keeping a steady pace so they didn't get left behind. they were nearing the dorms, anyway, so it wouldn't be too long before they arrived and would be able to get to their rooms.

    mira, sweetie, you've known these people for .5 seconds; be nice  

    speech thoughts


    nanaka suwa

    nana - eighteen - noble - scent: strawberries+creme - interactions: nae sinfulsweet / mentions alex Floral

    nanaka had exited the boat in silence, her hand holding her twin sister's as she made her way down the dock, following the rest of the group. when the group stopped moving briefly she had to take caution that she didn't slam right into someone, carefully weaving around the others and making her way to the front of the group to hear the blonde girl's response to a question already being asked. with a brow raised curiously, nana looked to her sister for a moment to make sure she was okay [she was constantly worried about her twin, even if they were just walking. it was just a habit nana couldn't break, not necessarily a bad thing]. of course the minute she turned her head she slammed right into a tall, quite handsome man [alex] and let out a little yelp, stumbling back and looking over at him, "ah, sorry about that!" was all she said. there was nothing more for her to say, anyway, other than apologize and move on.

    turning her attention back to nae, she smiled at her sister and lowered her voice when she spoke to her, "so, are you excited to be here??' she questioned softly, her eyes glimmering with genuine happiness. honestly, she was happy to get out of their house; their mom never liked nanaka and she had always been the wild twin, the one that their mother looked down on and treated rather terribly. nae had always been the favored twin, so getting away from that house excited nanaka beyond belief.

    speech thoughts


    "I am not throwing away my shot!"

    Sylvia skipped off the boat and onto firm land, a huge grin practically splitting her face apart. This place, this island, was the coolest place Sylvia had ever seen! A school for all sorts of people from every social standing gathered here, in one place. Sylvia hoped they could set that all aside and become friends.

    ((Open for interaction))

    Royal (Princess) | Dorm 10 | Red Panda


    "Fear not the darkness but welcome its embrace"

    ((Kinda just heading down the ramp, anyone can interact with her))

    The Cloud Stalker | Assassin Dorm 11 | Snow Leopard


    "And I'll fly to the ends of the sky"

    Logan stood at the railing of the ship, watching people disembark. He decided to stay where he was, watching people leave, because he didn't want to get caught in the throng, piss off the wrong person and start his time at this school in the most horrible fashion possible. Instead, Logan stayed aboard the ship, watching the procession of new students head down the gangplank and onto the beach, where one girl with white hair waited for all of them down below.

    ((Open for interaction))

    Noble | Dorm 2 | Falcon

  • haebin park - 17 - peasant - elephant shrew

    tumblr_inline_omuy9df0XE1u8ggz9_100.gifit was the first time that haebin had ever been in a boat, and while she would say that it wasn't her favorite experience in the world, she knew that she didn't hate it. at least not as much as some of the people that had joined the crowd of misfits on the boat did. as miserable as the trip could be for some, she thought that everyone should just be grateful for the opportunity they had been given. maybe a few of them didn't realize quite how special being offered an education and a place to stay, completely free of charge was, but she sure did. and she could only hope that she wasn't the only person with that type of mindset. though judging by some of the miserable faces, her hopes seemed to decrease by the minute.

    as the boat came to a stop, it didn't take very long for everyone to get off. some of them seemed to be in a rush, quite literally leaping off the vehicle and others seemed to take as much time as they could, almost as if they were still unsure about the whole thing. truthfully, haebin was a combination of both. she was happy to finally be on land, it meant that she would finally experience the things that were promised in the invitation. but there was also a voice in her head that wouldn't quit questioning the whole thing. why was it that an island would offer people to stay there for free? and on top of that offer an equally as free education? all without a catch. it seemed like something that was far too good to be true, but haebin decided not to question it too much. too much worrying could ruin a good thing, and she really didn't want her experience to be hindered because of her own silly thoughts.

    when it seemed like everyone was finally off of the boat, a feminine voice spoke over the chattering of those who had just stepped foot off the boat, welcoming them. peering through the small crowd, haebin was able to see that the voice belonged to a rather beautiful blonde woman. she hadn't noticed her until now, but now that she had gotten haebin's attention, it was as if she was demanding to be watched and listened to. she had a powerful aura. she listened carefully as she spoke, her stomach doing a weird twist as the first two things mentioned were all about not leaving the island. the blonde had said that everything they could need was right on the very island they were currently at, but it seemed just a tad bit off that not leaving the island was such an enforced thing. maybe it was just to prevent people from doing bad things, or wondering off and getting hurt? possibly. and that was what haebin decided to go with. not leaving the island was just a rule that was there for the betterment of each and every one of the new residents. after all, questioning it further would only lead to worrying, and worrying would ruin the experience that she had been so looking forward to.

    but it seemed as if others didn't have the same mindset as she did, because it didn't take long for someone to start questioning the rules. she watched in silence as a male pushed his way to the front, almost as if he was challenging the woman who had just laid out the rules for them. and that very action seemed to start a chain reaction of people speaking up, because it didn't take too long for another male to speak up, saying something about this place being better than where the other had come from. if she weren't so shy and afraid of confrontation, she probably would've spoken up, agreeing with the second male. while she didn't exactly like the tone of voice he had used, his words explained the way that she felt. the island was a good place to be, probably way better of a place that most of them had come from, aside from a few of the wealthier and better off people that she had spotted on the boat, and there really shouldn't be any one of them questioning the rules. especially when they seemed to easy to follow.

    now invested in the sudden drama, haebin listened as another male jumped at the chance to speak, standing up for the one that had just previously spoke. they had probably come together, at least that's what she assumed, and he was used to covering for the other man. but she didn't have much time to wonder about what their relationship was, seeing as the blonde had finally replied to the questioning that had started the small outburst of commotion. sadly, the blonde had kept her voice too low for haebin to catch what she had said, but judging from what little view she had of her, it was something that was supposed to keep the males mouth shut, to stop him from questioning her again. and it seemed as if it did the trick, because just as quickly as they had stopped for people to start talking, they were silent again, continuing on their journey.

    calvin pasqualino - 18 - assassin - lion

    tumblr_inline_o6b372ZZF91t9z3b7_100.giftruth be told, calvin was starting to really hate himself for making the choice to get on the boat that had brought him to the island that seemed far too good to be true. the trip had been fine, he wasn't the type to get seasick, and actually enjoyed watching the way the waves would rise and fall and listening to the sound of the water crashing against the sides of the boat. it was just that his mood took a turn for the worse the moment that he had stepped off the boat and onto solid land. the island was beautiful; warm and an escape from his old life. but the smile that it had put on his face was instantly ripped off when a striking blonde woman, seemingly the one in charge of the group that had just exited the boat, spoke up and made it very clear about one thing: they weren't to ever leave the island.

    honestly, that had been just fine for calvin. he had nowhere to go anyways. the place that he had once called home was the very place that he had just barely escaped from, and he had no intentions on going back. and anywhere else seemed just as bad, the idea that the group of people that he had run from finding him had plagued his mind for weeks. so, the best option for himself, in his opinion, was a remote island that you could only get onto with an invitation. but some of the others seemed to have a problem with that rule. he watched as a brunette male pushed his way to the front of the group, questioning the woman about the rule she had just given them. calvin rolled his eyes at the interaction, almost unable to process the fact that someone cared enough about not being able to leave to confront someone about it not even five minutes after arriving.

    he watched, and unfortunately had to listen, as two others spoke up, shaking his head. if these were the people that he was going to be stuck with, then calvin would have to start questioning not being able to leave, because there was no way that he was going to be able to live with people like that. thankfully though, the male was quickly shut down by the blonde, and they continued on their little tour. he really, truly hoped that the others were less bold and annoying. because if they weren't, then he would be taking the first chance he could to escape the island.

    romeo reed - 17 - servant - barred owl

    tumblr_inline_o1ychtEjFw1t4cgq2_100.gifromeo let out a heavy sigh as his eyes scanned the group that had gathered together on the boat. it seemed quite odd that all of these people, including him, were all headed to the same place. it was rare, to see such a diverse group all together for the same reason, but he quickly decided that he had liked it. it would just make the time he spent on the island all that more interesting. and as the boat finally came to a stop, he realized that it was finally time to realize just how interesting it would all be.

    following a line of people off the boat, romeo stretched his hands above his head as he finally stepped foot on land, glad to finally be standing on something that wasn't constantly moving. he had been on a boat a few different times, but he had always hated it. with a combination of getting seasick and just being anxious over the idea of being in the ocean, which was so wild and unforgiving, it was just a miserable experience for him. but thankfully now, that was all over, and he could finally feel okay again.

    as the crowd of people got off the boat and gathered together on the dock, he looked around, soaking up the environment. the warmth of the sun felt good on his skin, and the smell from the salty sea was surprisingly something that he found himself thinking that he could get used to. it was beautiful, and romeo couldn't wait to go back home one day and share his experiences with his friends and family. but the idea of that was brought to a pretty quick end as he finally tuned back into the real world to hear someone saying something about not being able to leave. the words didn't sit right with romeo and they had him wanting to hop back onto the boat and demand to be taken back home, or start swimming and hope that he would be able to survive the impossible journey back home, something, anything, to escape the way that he suddenly felt. nervous and oddly terrified.

    before he could speak up and question just exactly why they weren't allowed to leave, someone beat him to being the first to speak up about the matter, and he listened curiously for an answer. there had to be a logical explanation, right? there was no way that they weren't allowed to leave 'just because' and there was no way that the people who had set the rule in the first place, expected a whole group of people to just hear the rule and accept it without question. but when no actual answer came, just a command to not worry about it too much, the nervous feeling that had taken over his body suddenly spiked, alarm bells going off in his head. something was off, and he needed to figure out just what that was exactly. so when the group started moving again, he silently followed, eyes and ears open in hopes of catching anything that would help him find the answers he needed.