I JUST WANNA LET YOU KNOW ☀ weekly tasks 9/14-9/21

  • Irene was feeling... really good today. It had been a long, long time since she'd been able to say that, but now it was true. Life had thrown her disaster after disaster and the weak-hearted girl she used to be couldn't handle it. For months, years perhaps, she'd allowed herself to wallow in the pity of what she'd lost and what her life had become. It wasn't until just recently that she'd finally found the reminder she'd needed; a reminder of who she truly was, where she came from, and who she could be. It made the catsune feel stronger than she ever had before, capable of finally turning things around for the better. She was ready to start over, and the best way to do that was to jump back into the swing of things head first.

    Ver had needed someone to carry out weekly tasks this week, and since the queen was currently very busy preparing to step down and hand things over to Claes and Meenah, Irene had jumped at the chance to help out. It be a nice boost to her self-esteem, actually being productive and performing her duties for the first time in a long while. She used to be so good at these things, the every day routine of clan life had been ingrained into the very fibers of her being, but now she felt rusty, out of touch. Hopefully her clanmates would be patient with her as she tried figuring things out again.

    The elegant winged hybrid had maneuvered herself towards the center of the cave, gently hopping up onto a small bolder so she could be more easily seen. Molten amber eyes flitted around the bustling camp, and for just a second she felt a rush of nerves at the prospect of being the center of attention. I can do this. I am stronger now. "Solarians..!" Her silky voice was weak, quiet, and the femme had to quickly clear her throat before trying again. "Solarians! Please gather over here if you'd like to receive a weekly task." She threw on a warm smile, mentally prepping herself for her first activity with the clan in months.




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    white tipped ears twitched at the sound of her mother's voice. lucarina was quick to answer the call and walk over, two tails swaying about as her purple eyes lit up at the sight of her mom. "i'll take one." she said calmly, giving irene a gentle grin.

  • ☆☆☆ ah, the only true constant of clan life: weekly tasks. simple, easy, and of enough substance that marigold felt the need to actually go and do them most of the time. besides, things seemed to be picking up at least a bit, and it was nice to see a few faces that had only popped up again recently being there: luca, and irene, who was, well, hosting it. "i'd like a task, too," mari muttered as he approached, in the same museless (or, if one was being optimistic, concise) manner as the rest of this post.




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  • "May I have one, miss?" Sangria didn't know Irene too well - perhaps due to her personal inactivity alongside the woman's, but she wanted to change that. Maybe not right here, given it definitely wasn't the place and time, but eventually. Maybe she could get along with the older crowd, or at least know who they are rather than to just pass by with ignorance.

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  • Sweet Luca, one of the few of her beloved children who didn't outright resent her for growing up without a present mother. Irene couldn't help the tender smile that traced her lips at the sight of her daughter, still so unbelievably grateful that she was getting a second chance at a relationship with her. " lucarina , why don't you host a beach party for the clan?" The Resurgam matriarch was a big lover of parties, and she would love to attend one thrown by her beautiful child. The next two faces to approach her were largely unfamiliar to her, but that wasn't any great surprise given her reclusiveness over the past few months. She did know them enough to address them by their names, at least, and hopefully they could forgive her for giving them tasks that might not suit their personalities. " marigold ; , you can take out a patrol to explore an unknown part of the desert. SANGRIA . , you should start a game of hide and seek in the Garden."




  • TAGS ☆彡the eldest go deo was extremely bad at remembering to do tasks. hopefully, this time it would be different? one could hope, he'd assume. blinking mostly to himself, the shifter would stumble quietly over, flickering crimson red oculars onto the speaking female. task? he'd question shortly, abet slightly curiously. what's in the cards for today.

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