Gravestone lullaby | P. Yuuka

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  • Ver had not exactly kept tabs on the Cartel, she had no need to bother them anymore what happened was in the past and they were once again not inhabited by child maimers and were simply living alone in a world that was quickly going wild around them. She's curious how affected they are from what she'd did, or more correctly what their former members had done. She'd told them she'd leave them alone and she had, the Ruins followed suit even if she'd said no words against them. It was as if once again they'd fallen victim to themselves, to their business which was dying.

    But her ears had caught some words of the peninsula from the maw of a seller from the trade center, telling of hosts; prostitutes something Ver would've ignore and pushed passed just to get to what she needed (wrappings for Sangria's sword and some diamonds to line a crown) it was when he spoke a name; Yuuka's name that her blood ran cold and that her heart burst from her chest. She still remember them as she'd last seen them, head splattered and body hanging from branches smelling of a foreign man she had yet to tear the throat out of. She still brought flowers to the grave, remembered the former Veiler with fondness, she missed her dearly same with Lucien. Her first friends in the Veil, treasured and adored by her. She misses those easy days where she just had Yuuka's "lover" to chase after and hurt and not dozens and dozens of men and enemies to keep away from the pines.

    She had been calm when she inquired, didn't let her voice warble and didn't get to excited. She couldn't be sure, didn't want to get her hopes up to be met with someone who didn't have their plush gray fur and always bubbly smile. She'd handed over her gold in payment early and was told of a place to meet, she'd made sure to make it clear she wasn't in any need of "fun times" other than someone to talk to (the man had looked at her strangely for that a "uh-huh" passing through his lips).

    And so she came to the beaches of the Cartel sitting and waiting eyes looking out over the coast wondering how long it had truly been and why it'd felt like yesterday when she gave Yuuka their first bouquet.

    // YUUKA


  • Yuuka couldn't believe that someone had asked to meet them. Out of all pretty hosts the cartel had someone as ugly and disgusting as Yuuka had been picked!. More so this mysterious client had been asking about him personally. This would be his very first costumer and he felt so so very excited over it. He wanted to make sure to do a first good impression so his papa could be proud over him later!. Yuuka hadn't got much information about this meet up though aside where to meet them and that he was going to serve as someone how listen while the other talked. Sounded easy enough. Yuuka could totally do that!.

    The Baskerville had left with a smile that day as he fly himself over to the meet up place with a fluttering heart beating inside of his chest. Ah, Yuuka felt very nervouse right now!.

    He soon would reach the beach and would fly himself down until his paws reached the soft sand underneath his paws. Blinking his hot pinked orbs would glance around to see if thier costumer had arrived yet and as his eyes come to spot the figure by the ocean with thier back turned against them the Baskerville's eyes would grow wide. " Millie...chan?." Yuuka called out the name with this pain growing inside of thier chest of the very person he once had known. Liftening up thier paw pressed it against thier chest. It hurt. His heart was bleedingas he thought about the last words he had ever heared Millie-chan said.

    "I think i love you Charlotte."

    But...but...he had thought Millie-chan had loved Yuuka.

  • If this was true Ver really wasn’t sure if she approved of it, this was an awful cycle and she never wanted to see her friend do this. Going from being killed by an abuser to selling his body like it wasn’t worth a thing, like there weren’t people in the world who would love him rather platonically or further.

    She hears their wings flutter and the smell is so familiar and as she turns she knows it’s them. It’s their eyes lock she feels her throat choke up, they were alive! Yuuka was fucking alive! The grave could be destroyed she could have the real thing, she could have someone back! She lets out an enthusiast almost desperate yip before running to to them paws outstretching to attempt to tackle them to the ground head lowering to lay a series of doggy kisses on his face. ”Yuuka! I can’t believe you’re alive!” she barks loudly tail wagging wildly.


  • If Ver felt the way she did regarding Yuuka having turned out as a host to sell themself to others she really wouldn't like to found out everything else Yuuka had done as well before even meeting her. Yuuka had never valued themself always giving all of him away to others whatever it could be just to hope in return to get thier devoted love he craved so desperately for. For them it was natural something he had done since... - Yuuka saw nothing wrong with what they where doing and even if Ver was close to the truth when it come to the broken Baskerville he personally was unable to see it himself. He was a broken mess, with pieces shattered around and beyond fixing no more able to understand the reality and was stuck living in his delusional of world because in there he was safe, in there someone would come and save him at some point from the monsters hidding in the shadows.

    Yuuka had thought Ver was that person her nice and caring words having made the Baskerville missunderstand Ver's intentions, about her own feelings over thier friendship thinking it was something more, thinking thier feelings where returned because why else would she have acted the way she did over his former boyfriend?. Yuuka didn't understood friendship, for them all love was the same thing. He couldn't see the difference. Even his love for Akuma was the same one as Ver's had been or so he thought. There where no bounderious, nothing that parted him from friendship,family or a lover. They where all the same thing for them. That was how delusional thier love was, how broken it actually was.

    But Yuuka had have wrong. Ver had never cared for them just using them to lead him on, right?. She didn't love Yuuka, she never had just like everyone else. Thier love was never real for them, never enough.

    Yuuka didn't move as Ver come charging towards them, and instead he just closed his eyes like he was expecting for the canine to hit them or something. Like he was expecting her to punish him for having died and left or maybe he just wanted it, to get punished because if he let himself get punished then maybe Ver would take them back again?. Was that what he wanted?. But when that not happend and they got jumped on instead, to get tackled to the ground by the much more bigger creature only to get received kisses from the other. Suprise was a underestimate over what the Baskerville felt.

    He was very very confused, not used to this sort of reunion or affections. By now he had thought Ver no longer cared for him, having moved on and forgotten about Yuuka. Unable to figure out what to do or how to react he did what Yuuka was doing best, to play the victim role and to feel pitied. He started crying. " Baka!, Millie-chan!, baka!,baka!,baka!." he started wailing as he attempted to give light punshes at the canine's chest while sobbing like a little child with snore rolling down his nose.

    Why was she still so kind towards him?.

    Yuuka couldn't understand!, he - she didn't understand!.

    // translate; baka = stupied,idiot

    also just a hints up, Yuuka is going to change thier gender to she/her after this c':

  • Every relationship was different, valued in its own right no matter what form. Her love for Mercy; that soft lulling gentleness and understanding of not going to far and just being there through the worst of it or her more lax playful relationship with Charlotte to the more chaotic yet intimate mix of her and Nadine. But that didn’t touch on her friends and family from her kids who she’d thought of at all times to the people like Claes and Meenah who’d always supported her who she’d loved not as a partners but as friends. Yuuka fit into the final, but even still she was important to her. Not more than anything else but in her own way.

    Ver wasn’t inept but she never thought their relationship was anything more. Yuuka was vulnerable and Ver was in no hurry to use that to her advantage, Nadine was the exception and that was spurred on from drinking and flirting back that had cleared out any logic in favor of lust. Yuuka was different from her, innocent and needing help from something she didn’t think she needed help from. It’d been her death, and it was Ver’s fault at the end of the day for not be quick enough. It was nothing less than a miracle she had a chance to even catch a glimpse of her friend ever again. Not in the hand of some sleazy filthy man or woman but alone and now in her care as they always should’ve been in.

    She would’ve panicked if she knew they expected her to punish them. Grew horrified to think they wanted her to, Naomi left an ill taste on her tongue and she didn’t want to be like that to someone ever again. Though she would’ve never known that the Exiler would be like that.

    Ver would tilt her ears up as they pawed at her muzzle calling her a word she didn’t quite know, likely another language. Though the nickname brings her a grin, they still remembered still care deeply enough to use it. She can still recall when she first came and how she’d asked if she could use it. She’d attempt to pull them up with her before trying to hoist them into her forepaws in some sort of hug. ”Come on Yumi-Chan don’t cry” she soothes gently ”I can’t believe you’re here! I uh... I should’ve come to see you sooner! Should’ve...” saved you she decides against saying more. That could wait until they were done crying.

    // they make my heart MELT :,0


  • It was true that Yuuka was a vunerable and fragile person, extremely sensible and easily misunderstood or bend the reality to fit into her own fantasty world. She had done so many times in the past as well, it was not just Ver. Her relationship with her former boyfriend how had been abusive of her but still convinced herself they where in love because sometimes couples fought, and sometimes she needed to get punished if she misbehaved. Yuuka did not wanted to be a bad girl, to be a bad person all she wanted was to be loved.

    so she was easily swayed, easily to forget and forgive and let her hopes get back up once more. Ver's kindness was addictive for the Baskerville girl because Ver where the first one how truly had showed that they cared aside from thier papa. Ver was nice towards them even when she shouldn't be. If anyone should be angry at her right now, to hate her it was Ver. But she didn't wanted that. She wanted to be with Ver, she still wanted to be with her.

    So she cried because she was that pathetic. A stupied little girl how never learned her lessons.

    Ver would pick her up, in the middle of her crying and her much harmless punshes to get brought into a hug. it was comforting, it felt just like when she got hugs from her papa. It reminded her about thier time together how it had been and she realised how much she missed it. She missed Ver and she realised she not wanted millie-chan to hate her, to throw her away like everyone else had done. " Millie-chan..." she sobbed, and attempted to grap her chest. " It's not Millie-chans fault. It's Yuuka's fault. Yuuka is sorry, so sorry. i promise she is sorry. Please don't hate Yuuka. Yuuka just wants to be with Millie-chan." She didn't wanted to be apart from Millie-chan ever again.

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  • Love cauterized the deepest wounds, didn't fix them but for sure soothed them pulled at her very nerves and made her feel all the more better and worth while. Ver wouldn't have survived this long without it, even in the past she found sexual love, found something to put her soul into even if it did nothing for her heart. If she hadn't found an outlet she'd have no reason to push on, no reason to live.

    Forgiveness was something Ver had built up, a trait learned not birthed into her bones. She rarely extended it to anyone without good reason, there was nothing Yuuka had did that warranted forgiveness in her eyes she had never done a thing wrong just had been dealt shitty cards and hadn't known any better. Hadn't had anyone but Ver to protect her and even her protection was lackluster. She wishes things had been different hat she could've held her as she cried long ago, before she could get decapitated before she could lose her the first time. She could've convinced her to stop, could've gotten a location out of her, could've prevented any of this. But she hadn't. So she holds her now, still comforting and rythmatically hushing her with her touch.

    Her ears fall back at her words feeling her paw touch against her scarred chest, she smiles gently shaking her head at her turning the blame to her. She wouldn't argue about it now would only say something about what followed it ”I could never hate you” she promises lowly ”I won't leave you alone ever again” what kind of friend would she be if she did? She promised to always be just an arms reach away, didn't want to lose her again like she had.