No one will love you [Open; Vigil + Development]

  • ToUQPFN.gif She did it. She made it. Yet, it felt so wrong. The newly made warrior watched as her clan mates went to sleep away the night. As she would stand guard over the first night of her newly claimed rank. A warrior of Skyclan. Her blue eyes wash over the camp before looking out into the forest. She would stay awake the whole night till dawn patrol came to relieve her. It should be simple enough since she has done all nighters before. The only twist to this was she wasn't suppose to talk.

    Everything around her grew quiet as more and more cats called it a night. Breezetail stared out into the forest and used her ears to keep her aware. Her mind drifting into random thought as the night goes on. Why didn't she feel any pride in this? She was nothing but a product of- no, she was more than that. Her eyes look to the stars, she made a promise. A promise that she would uphold the warrior code till the end of her days. She did believe in the code, her clan, this life. No one was asking her to pick a side and no one would probably ever do so. But she knew she had to pick one.

    She looked around to make sure no one was near by before she talked. "Starclan, I know I am suppose to stay quiet, but I need to speak my peace. Mom, Rainpuddle, I think I understand why you broke all these codes. I understand and I want you to know I still love you. Even if you were never the mom either of us wanted you to be." she felt a little awkward talking out loud to nothing but the stars. "I'm tired of living in your shadow though. I'm tired of concerning myself with what you would do. I am me. I am not you and I will never be you." her head raises towards the stars, "I am going to be better than you. Me, Breezetail, is going to be something you never really wanted. A warrior of Skyclan. And I will not only make those around me proud, but myself as well." she stares into the night sky for a moment before looking into the forest once again.

    Breezetail releases a sigh, feeling a weight wash away. She was a warrior of Skyclan and nothing more or less. The feline was going to do what it took to keep that status. Because this was her home and this was where her family was. She needed to protect them. Lavenderstar, Berlybreeze, and so many more. She wasn't going to lose them.!

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  • "I'm tired of living in your shadow though. I'm tired of concerning myself with what you would do. I am me. I am not you and I will never be you."

    The dark brown tabby tom does not mean to intrude on the newly made warriors' passionate conversation with the stars. The moonlight still so far from daytime gleams off his pelt, wet from a dip in the river, her words catching in his ears. Living in anothers' shadow could cause so much grief, the idea of measuring yourself up constantly to be better, to be more than the one raising you. It was a condition which had driven two of his sisters' mad - and hearing Breezetails' monologue he realises how cathartic dropping those expectations, those measurements, could be.

    His yellow eyes look on, awed by her head tilting towards the stars. These Skyclanners were made out of tough stuff. Moving on past that hardship would be a difficult task, but he believed in Breezetail. Saying it aloud now was a step in that direction. He tilts his own head upwards, a teasing smirk on his maw looking to Starclan. You see these kids Willowsway? They're going to be leading the new generation and I can't wait for it.

    Getting colder from the wet pelt and breeze, he would shake out his pelt, making an an obvious noise that Breezetail could hear. Passing by her into the camp, his tail would flicker out to touch her shoulder. "You're doing great kid." He would compliment soft toned, heading towards the warriors den, leaving Breezetail in peace.



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