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    Skyclan - Senior Warrior - Female - 12 moons

    Mothshine had not bothered with asking for a weekly task. She had offered a barely there smile to Squidpaw, her apprentice, as she went about handing them out. With their numbers, it wasn't as if they needed her for anything in particular. No, she didn't need it. She could organize these things herself. Besides, what wasn't there to do? Borders, guarding, hunting. All of the extra precautions they were taking with the Bloodclan situation. Her paws were full enough. Leave the nest tending and den reinforcing to others for today. The games and the decorating. She simply couldn't be bothered this afternoon. This had been the entire point of what she had done, right? She had cut ties with her starry-eyed love. She had stolen back everything she had ever offered to her. She had let her go because she felt she had no choice. So, she couldn't exactly sleep away the hours. She couldn't ignore the world around her. She wanted to. Stars, how it hurt. So she had not brought herself forth for a task, but she had to try. Try and immerse herself into something. Anything that might pull her focus from the awful, Finchblossom shaped hole in her chest. There was something so cruel about having to wearing your pain silently. Something to be kept secret. She couldn't admit to what was wrong, or lean on her clanmates for comfort. It was precisely why things had to end. No more lying.

    So, hunting it was. The ashen warrior drew in a slow breath, on the trail of a fine sized squirrel. She had to do something. With dragging paws, a heavy heart. She had to keep going forward. Her clan depended on her, didn't they? They needed her as much as she needed them. But how was she meant to be anything but distracted? She couldn't help herself. A wandering mind and one that was weary at best. At worst, she was so incredibly angry. She propelled forward, more motivated by frustration than desire to catch anything. Maybe a break. But then again, that wasn't the point of this. A few more bounds and she'd have him. They were built for this, weren't they? She had learned to climb the moment her legs--and leader--would allow it. At least she could belong there. Claws hauled her body up the wide trunk of a tree, prey so close she could nearly taste it. She moved with the agility passed down from Lavenderstar, aided by powerful legs sculpted by Skyclan genes. Up onto the branch and then--

    Barely a claw away and then suddenly so far out of reach. Its bushy tail swished, mocking her, as it moved with ease right across to the next tree. It was gone as quickly as she had found it. Maybe even quicker. She blinked blazing amber eyes in the direction it had ran off in, before a growl rumbled in the depths of her throat. "Foxdung!" She spat it with a frustration built up from so much more than a missed piece of pray. She neither lacked skill nor was she particularly amazing at hunting. She was proficient. But she had missed plenty a bird or mouse before. Often something to be shrugged off. Simply move on to the next. She could laugh about it even. How different it was than the shrill yell she had let out, effectively scaring off any lingering prey in the surrounding area while she was at it. "Whatever." She grumbled it to herself, turning her back on that star-forsaken squirrel. It was anger felt for so much more than just this. Missing prey, missed love, perpetual exhaustion. So she stayed crouched among the branches, until something might give her a reason to carry on.


    Mothshine + Skyclan + Deputy + Tags + penned by avery.

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    Something... Something isn't right about him...

    Although perhaps not the best circumstance to come out of her situation, a little blue apprentice had been in the area at the time of the shout. What had started off as the soundless apprentice sneaking out of camp to take in a fresh breath of air ended with his curiosity piquing on an unfortunate molly high in the trees above.

    From what he knew, she had only missed a piece of prey: that was evident by a scurrying squirrel that ducked into its hole high above. He didn't know what kind of internal strife his clanmate was dealing with but, to be fair, Silentpaw probably wouldn't have been phased much. The young tom just simply didn't empathize well with others.

    It would take him a good moment to find her shape among the narrow branches, and when his gaze settled on her, he felt his body still and breath fall quiet. Another trance, more observing: it's what he did best, though he got nothing out of it except the satisfaction of making others unsettled whenever they met his eyes or saw his blue and peach shape standing out amongst the foliage.

    Maybe he should get a closer look to see what was going on? Silentpaw had always been a bit nosy. A dark, tapered tail would flick behind him momentarily as he thought out his actions, soon to cross silently to the base of a close tree. Claws hooked into the rough bark, lean muscle pulling the rest of his body up towards smaller branches, where he would glance to see if he was near the same level as her perch.

    Only once he found a route to make it to her tree did he release the trunk of his own and start treading carefully along an outstretched limb, approaching her after some cautious footing. Mothshine would have been able to hear him clambering up due to the fact he wasn't the most efficient climber– SkyClan-born or not– so unfortunately for him he couldn't just watch at a closer perspective. It looked like he would have to go all-in and hope she didn't question why a freshly-made apprentice was out of camp in the first place.

    "... Bad luck?" Silentpaw would ask her in a calm tone. His voice itself was quiet yet gritty, and although it was youthful, it was recognizably masculine with some baritones that would definitely expand as he got older. Very rarely did this little tom speak, but he felt it was required in this situation– unfortunately. He'd much rather not speak at all, but oh well.

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  • While most people might think being the only person that knew about something was exciting, Juni would be quick to shut them up. Knowing the reason for his best friends turmoil didn't make anything better; it didn't make it easier for her to deal with. If anything, it made it harder; neither Juniperthorn nor Mothshine could speak of the unavoidable problem, something he could tell was tearing the grey-and-white molly up from the inside, and... all it did was make explanations harder, make it seem that Mothshine was just acting out in an unjustified bad mood. He despised seeing her like this, and whilst he offered her a shoulder to cry on, there was little else he could do. Tell her to abandon her home?

    Still, he'd try to lighten her mood, despite what little it might do. Stars, this love business was more trouble than it was worth; he wasn't sure he even wanted to be in love anymore, not after he'd seen how it had ultimately destroyed Mothshine. Yes, love was a wonderful thing- to love someone and be loved felt like one was touching the stars (at least, he'd been told)- but if it could shatter someone like it had done Mothshine, was it even worth it.

    It wasn't a secret that Juniperthorn was absolutely lousy at hunting, but Mothshine had always been great at it (at least in his eyes). So seeing her miss a squirrel and swear in frustration was something surprising even to him, who knew the full extent of her turmoil. "Looks like I'm rubbing off on you," he joked, making his way over; though there was a considerable lack of humour in his eyes. The dark green of his gaze spoke words he could not say, comforts he could not give, apologies for her situation that could not be uttered. What he wouldn't do to be able to comfort her in this situation; he'd have to talk to her later, in private. Just to reinforce that fact she didn't have to go through this alone.




  • From down below, the deputy would let out a small sigh as Mothshine missed the squirrel she had been hunting. She had set herself up so well, but the little animal was quicker and hopped away. "Bad luck, Mothshine," Heronswoop said with a sympathetic tone. "You were close though, so don't be too hard on yourself." Given the mood around camp lately that probably wasn't the best thing she could have said, and a part of her wondered whether the younger she-cat would even appreciate the words. "Maybe try hunting back that way," heronswoop suggested, tilting her head back the way she came. "I saw a few sparrows back that way flitting between the branches. If they're still in the area you might be able to nab one or two."