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  • [A long exposition post but with some teaching moments. I'd ask to let PINCERPAW * post first but otherwise please feel free to respond <3]

    Parenting was a difficult tree to navigate. It felt like any different branch could snap his connection or trust with his kit, as he started to branch out into different paths of life. How he did this, instilling loyalty to his child when he had been anything but, would be a challenge. He feels a sudden and inexplicable loss for his brother Pigeoncheek, a friendly and helpful dad. He wonders how his son Copperpaw and daughter Dovepaw are doing now. Perhaps he could chance a visit to the Darkclan border to see them.

    Still, he wants to be the one to explain to his child the history of the clans. "Tetrakit?" He murmurs seeing his kit sit outside the medicine den, his fur a ruffled mess. He smiles and licks some wild parts down. "Tetrakit, I think it's a good time to explain the Clans to you." He would settle down, thinking that with Bloodclan right next door, his child should be aware of the dangers coming. "Here, we are in Skyclan. This is our home now until forever." He would stay loyal to this clan now, and wanted to instill the same value in his son. "There are three clans I wish you to know today, six in total. Each clan has different values but follow the same code and leadership structure."

    "The first to know of is where I and Willowsway lived before this. We were warriors of Riverclan, who live surrounded by rushing waters and eat fish for their diet. I was never great at swimming but Willowsway would have loved to teach you." He smiles warmly, tail wrapping over Tetrakits back. "They live not far from Skyclan, we could ask to visit one day." He could tell the clan about Willowsways passing too.

    "The next to know of is Darkclan. This is a clan deep in the mountains, surrounded by pine trees who mainly eat birds. This is where... I was born." His yellow eyes would trace his sons face at this. "Leaving your birth clan is no light sentence. If you have to leave, know that it's unlikely you can return. My mother was Lilystar and my father, Dusksparks." He would explain another day about Starclan and how having a medicine cat father was breaking their laws. "Pigeoncheek, my brother, and his children still live in the mountains. I would like you to see there but only when you're much older." The dangers in that clan were no joke and he wouldn't risk Tetrakit there.

    "The reason I left was for the last clan I want you to hear about today. Bloodclan." Even by his tone it was clear he had no love for this clan. "This is a clan that lives near us. I would not have moved us here had I known. Its a deplorable clan, filled with the worst of the worst. They took over Darkclan during my youth, turning my family and friends into servants and starving us to nothing." His eyes cloud over but come back to seeing his kit.

    "The reason I tell you this now about loyalty, is because as a warrior of Skyclan, I will be expected to fight. With another clan, fights would not be a life or death sentence. With Bloodclan, it is. I want you to understand that although it will be hard to see me and other warriors come back hurt, it is for the safety of the clan and our dedication to it." He leans his large tabby head over to place a lick to Tetrakits forehead. "I love you dearly, Tetrakit. There's not a thing I wouldn't do for you. That includes fighting for your safety until you can fight for yourself."



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