we used to play games in flowery fields [weekly task]

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    'my task for you is a moss ball tournament! and you HAVE to take part!' well, he'd gotten what he'd asked for. kestrelswoop had wanted soemthing to take his mind off of all of the shit happening in skyclan, so he'd went to squidpaw for a weekly task. and she certainly delivered, didn't she? at least it wasn't as bad as a compliment game... the thought of that game put a sour taste in his mouth, remembering bluepaw's smug face as she strode up to him, recalling a time where the flame point molly had still been with them. he hoped she was alright, annoying or not, he didn't want anything bad to come of the she-cat.

    but a moss ball tournament actually sounded... fun, if not childlike and pointless. yes, a fun stress reliever was what he needed right now. he was sick and tired of feeling so highstrung all of the damn time. so he'd spent all morning gathering up a shitload of moss, and now he stood in the center of the camp with roughly a hundred moss balls at his paws. "anyone up for a game of moss ball?"

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  • Qkte6OH.gif Moss ball was always played. But he never really grew bored of it. Maybe his siblings did, but Moth sure didn't. The young tom made his chubby form over to the warrior. "I wanna play!" he declared, wondering who else would come around to join in on the game.

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    A grumbling Cherrykit came ambling out of the nursery, sleep-fresh eyes blinking against the harsh sunlight. Another task that was probably meant to entertain the kits. And hadn't the nursery gotten awfully crowded lately? Her own siblings were one thing, and they had begun to take up plenty of room themselves. Cherrykit's own large size was evident enough. Now there were new additions, more nests, more noisy voices. And the terrible reminder that Wheatkit's spot in their nest was as empty as it had been yesterday. When she wanted entertainment, this wasn't what she had in mind. "Moss ball again?" The girl groaned, coming up alongside Mothkit. Perhaps he never tired of the game, but it seemed that's all they did these days. Bundles of green flying overhead, scrabbling paws, over and over. She couldn't help it if it was no longer all that exciting. Yet, here she stood, readying herself to play anyways. Maybe it was because her brother was here, or maybe she truly had nothing better to do. Whiskers twitching, she looked back at Kestrelswoop. "Just as long as you don't go easy on us, alright?" She added firmly. If she was going to partake, she'd mean business.


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