• ◞➳ yeehaw title p much!! I'm gonna make an ooc prompt / thread idea list and y'all are!! Free to add on

    ・゚✦ —— general

    - sparring!

    - y/c caught singing in camp

    - planning parties icly

    - water balloon fight

    - throwing someone a surprise party

    ・゚✦ —— specifically sanctuary based / interacting with the territory

    - being hassled / tricked by spirits and / or wisps

    - attempting to summon a spirit

    - getting into a fight over the color of someone's wisp

    - mocking someone who is wispless

    - picking flowers or berries !!

    - drinking from the cinnabar lake and getting sick

    - being possessed by a spirit

    - a wisp guiding y/c somewhere important to them / something involving their destiny

    - throwing a garden / lake party

    - holding a service for the gaia

    - beheading an enemy in honor of the gaia

    - chaining an enemy to cinnabar lake

    - y/c exploring the hallowed out gaia

    - y/c lighting lanterns to appease the lake spirits

    - y/c being woken up in the dead of night bc the lake spirits are wailing

    - y/c gets sucked into the riptides

    - y/c accidentally summons an evil spirit

    ・゚✦ —— angsty

    - y/c has a nightmare

    - y/c has an anxiety attack

    - y/c hurt themself badly and needs help

    ・゚✦ —— seasonal

    - y/c falls into a snow poff

    - y/c makes / builds a snowman!

    - y/c decorates the gaia & camp for the holidays!

    - y/c kicks off a snowball fight!

    - y/c makes a snow angel

    - y/c drinks egg nog like it's a shot lol

    - secret santa au!

    - being santas little helper au!

    - y/c tries to fast for the first time

    - y/c struggles to wrap presents / makes gifts for everyone

    - santa mall au

    - christmas party au


    ◜ . burning but still cold┊ information . ◞

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  • Umm....could I use one of these prompts for my new charrie's intro that I'm bringing here?

  • Of course! Most of the prompts above are specifically made with the sanctuary's theme & it's territory in mind </3

    awesome! Reading the guide now to make sure I get everything right before I choose the prompt.

  • Also!! Feel free to add onto this you guys!! It can range from au ideas to angsty development ideas and etc, etc, go wild!

  • Okay, I just figured out which prompts I'm using for this intro, gonna link it when it's up and it's going to be funny....or just awkward....or result in the entire Sanctuary singing and having fun, idk we'll see. (The last one would be utterly awesome)