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  • Ver had done her best to learn about the history of the Kingdom but most didn't concern what they were now, clans constantly shifted leaders came and went their reigns lasting as long as their personal sun was high when their destinies were as warm and admired as the suns rays. She knows hers has become crestfallen. She would never be a great, not once capable of achieving that lineage or greatness set by the Arcaniums or the other leaders before. She was just Ver, a Knight who'd had to take the position in a kingdom that was in Ruins from a leader who's allegations ruined alliances and made their enemies so much more inclined to rip them apart and kick them while they were down.

    She was more of a warrior than most at the time, had raised them up and gave them their spine and strength but now they were renewed they had what made them Solarians back. She wonders how the older creatures feel about them, about her in particular who wears their crown but who's morals have never aligned with theirs or the telling's of the crowns that came before her. She set alliances yes had done good but it was her name that was raised in bloody banners, it was her name that brought them raiding in. Her name that caused Georgie to die, her name that caused Nine to die, her actions that led them to war and destroyed the friends they' made before her time. She was a Ruiner, their once long time enemy and her litter and lover made that very clear where her loyalties had shifted.

    She thinks of a dead friends words, her questions and prodding as well the harsh and damning cries about proclans and anticlans and the melding she had tried to spear head. Wilhelmina understood her, had been at similar footing to her before she kicked the bucket leaving her with no one to share her complaints with or vouch for what she was doing. She knew they spoke in whispers and thought ill of her ire and anger. They just didn't speak it to her face, hid behind curtains of polite respect that she never wanted. She was always used to people telling her what they wanted, what they needed. They'd stopped that the minute she rose to the throne. Maybe she was wrong to stay here for as long as she did, to keep them out of the loop with what she did just to have them targeted to fight battles that frankly edged more on personal affairs rather than helping allies or supplying the Kingdom with resources.

    She wishes she could've been a better Queen, that her final chapter here would be one of glory where she could pat the back of Meenah after a successful raid or when her kids outnumbered her more than they already did and retire. She hadn't led for a year, almost exactly she'd led for 5 months. A drop in the bucket of time, but it was time to let the sun fall and let another begin to rise. Ver can already feel the stress and pain of regret leaving her sore body as she makes her way onto the stone leaping onto it for one of the last times. Calloused paws itching against it and her head raising to howl.

    Long live the Queen they'd said. But why live on as leader when she was killing them, when they were dropping like flies?

    ”Solarians! Please if you will gather beneath me to hear me out one last time” she barks loudly voice projecting and deathly serious, so unlike her. She gulps as they come but she'd waste no time in biting the bullet ”I will be stepping down from the throne of Dawningcrown and will be departing from Solaris shorty. I know this may seem sudden, but I will always stay connected to all of you. You supported me in-spite of everything, been with Solaris throughout it's up and it's downs... Which we are certainly in the ladder right now” she chuckles dryly, licking her lips uncomfortably ”I will be leave when the crown is passed down to MEENAH // in our traditonal festival. It was Ryad who gave me mine instead of Fourthwall but we will do it right this time... and, I've decided to elect another to rule besides her, And not to be married of course, so don't get the wrong idea” she would gesture for the wolf to come up to her, smiling gently at her old friend. She looks past her for a moment scanning the crowd for his eyes Claes G.D. you have proven more than anyone your devotion and loyality to Solaris, you've been a friend, a confidant and a fantastic medic. And you'll make a fantastic King as well, I ask you to step up here and claim your right besides Meenah but keep in mind you'll have to the ceremony to truthfully decide” she explains to him slowly her voice still loud so all could hear.


  • Irene had resided within Solaris for longer than probably anyone else who still lived here; she was born here, back when it was SunClan, and had lived through countless leaders. Suga, Levi, Gareth, Thea, Aurum, and now Ver. She'd known practically all of them on a very personal level, except perhaps for Ver, the only one she'd never had the chance to truly get to know. Though from what she could tell of the Dawningcrown, she was fierce and always had the clan's best interests in mind.

    Having not known the current queen very well, though, made it so that Irene wasn't largely shocked or hurt by her sudden announcement. She was disappointed, of course, as she had been looking forward to spending time with the woman now that the catsune had managed to get herself together again, but at this point in her life she was used to the ebb and flow of leaders rising and falling. The lovely femme stepped forward quietly at her call, turning molten amber eyes up at the winged canine just before she began to speak again. "I will be stepping down from the throne of Dawningcrown." Velvety red-tipped ears flickered slightly, and though she hadn't been present for very much of Ver's reign, she felt the need to speak up. "We were lucky to have you as our queen, Ver."

    The next obvious course of action would be to name a successor, and Ver did not disappoint. Her first choice was someone named Meenah, an unfamiliar name but she assumed this Meenah was second in command and first in the line of succession. Irene would try to congratulate the new queen eventually, but right now she didn't know her face to even pick her out of the crowd. On that note the graceful hybrid prepared for the meeting's end, but another surprise was in store for them. Ver would be naming a second leader to step up in her place. Irene hummed softly to herself, wondering at who else had proven themselves in the eyes of their fierce commander.


    A warm, radiant smile slowly spread across the Resurgam matriarch's lips, and her liquid honey gaze sought out one of the few faces she actually knew very well. The gentle, kind boy had been a close and dear friend to her since the day he'd set foot in the desert, and she was thrilled to see he was being recognized for his obvious talents and dedication. Pride swelled in her chest, and even though they hadn't spoken much in the past few months, she felt comfortable enough to approach the young fox and pull him into a soft embrace. "Congratulations," she murmured sincerely, beaming up at their new king as she stepped back.

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  • Hearing her mother's voice boom across the courtyard was something she was used to. She adored listening to Ver ramble on about the ongoings of the Clan, promote some and demote others (as sad as it was.) She loved to listen for the names of her friends and family, and sometimes even herself, fall off the tongue of her Queen. It was a weird detail that she liked, and though when she was younger she liked it purely because Ver was her mother, now she liked it because Ver was stable. Helios knew they needed stability in their lives.

    Sangria didn't immediately catch onto her mother's serious tone, stepping forward as peppy as ever. Her gait was awkward and she took a moment to remedy it by seating herself down, holding her paw up off the ground ever so slightly. In her mind, the time between her mother calling them each to gather and announcing her departure was drawn out, only making the announcement hit harder. Her eyes blinked once, twice, her tail twitching as her mother spoke too fast for her to keep up. Initially she fretted - this would make her a late-princess. The title would mean nothing much anymore. But, as Ver went on to dub both Meenah and Claes as her successors, Sangria couldn't help but to succumb to her selfish whims.

    Her titles would mean nothing, sure, but living in Solaris without her mother's watchful eye made her shiver. Nadine would likely stop visiting once Ver relinquished herself entirely, Carmenere disappeared, Ambrose was off doing whatever they pleased. She would be alone, quiet and alone. She had friends, she had those she could call family, but the idea of not seeing someone like her mother on the daily had her shoulders drop. Her names were a curse, but at least when they were huddled together she could still feel somewhat secure. She was scared of it all. She needed that family to feel safe, but without them, she would be easy pickings. She was selfish, still, and it made her sick to her stomach.

    "Mom," her own voice dropped to a whisper, likely out of Ver's hearing range. Disbelief filtered though it, fear fell off of her in waves. She clenched her teeth together and swallowed the lump in her throat, her head shaking gently. No - she couldn't break down now. She could do that in the safety of her own room. This was a sad time for all but a happy time as well. She had to stay positive - what was a Commune Guild Head without her usual spunk? She pressed her injured paw into her eye, brushing away the tears before pulling on a smile, "Ah, congratulations to the both of you!"

  • The legacy and history of Solaris was long and extended; filled with triumph after triumph, victory after victory. Wars won and celebrated; pride a common factor among the members of the clan. Who the Kingdom was had never been a secret. Instead, their ways had always been broadcasted for all to know, all to hear. And for the longest of times, even though Claes had not been here for all of it, it had remained that way. But things had happened since the world shifted, casting everyone and everything into a disgruntled state of uncertainty and confusion, scrambling to find their roots and establish new ones in a world unfamiliar. That, more than anything, took a toll. But there had been recovery. Helios, there had been. The Kingdom had established themselves once more, and though most would argue it was not in the state of what it had been before, it was something. Something in its own right; unique and different compared to the last and important, equally, to the history that it came from. It was a new staple in who the Kingdom was, another era to go down in history. And Claes couldn't be more proud of what it had become. They had made a statement to Agrelos once more; Ver having picked them up and pushed them to be better, and they were. They all were.

    But to say that their newfound glory in this conflicting and blooming era was without strains would be far from the truth. No, it had been tumultuous. They fought battles and won, yes. But just as with any war, there had been a cost. For most, it cost peace of mind, a loss of security. And in the case of Nine-S and Georgie, it had cost lives. But for Ver? It cost her so much more, even if she wouldn’t dare to admit it. It cost her injuries, it cost her the safety of her kids. It cost her pain and stress, even if she did well to use that to try and motivate them to be better. Not all of this was obvious to most. And Claes was certain it wouldn't be, for the most part. Ver had always been quite private when it came to certain emotional things. But beyond the Injuries that lingered upon her pelt, there was an obvious weight upon her shoulders. Burden, dare he call it. The way that she had to take a moment and gather herself before meetings, the way that bags under her eyes grew dark and how injuries were left either unchecked or in old bandages with little time to care for them. The Healinghand had noticed these things, and time after time he had hoped things would get better for her, that the stresses would pass and that she'd be okay

    It seemed the only way to get rid of the stress of responsibility, leading, and decisions was to take a step back from it all..

    But this was not the story of a Queen falling to rubble. No, it was not a failure nor a tragedy. This was the story of a Queen who had risen up to be one of the greats, who took the reins of what was beginning to crash, and built, and built, and built it up. This was the story of the Kingdom once shattered now beginning to piece back together, finding its identity once more. She had not failed them yet and Claes doubted she ever would; she had led them to victory and prosperity through her time here. But now, this was the story of a Queen who, as she had time and time again, was going to do what she thought was best for her Kingdom. She didn't want to see them torn up by her battles, didn't want them to be caught up in the grasps of war. And that decision, now.. perhaps the final one, was her decision to step down.

    The call for a howl caused Claes to pause, for a moment, brows furrowing curiously at the timing and purpose of it. They had had their meeting, hadn't they? They had, not too long ago. But now, the unmistakeable call is coming out again, its purpose not entirely known to Claes or to anyone, truly. And so, the Healinghand turned away from the Gardens body turning to carry him towards the meeting place and the stones they all gathered by when there were important things to be said. The fox's steps were calm but precise, and so it was no wonder that he arrived relatively quick.

    Claes, naturally, took a seat in the between-area of Irene and Sangria, honeyed gaze pleasant and looking upon the shepherd standing above them, ears perked and listening eagerly for the start of the gathering, to hear what had to be said. But then she spoke, first, a quick intro. One last time? The phrasing is pecuiliar, and he tilts his head just slightly to question it. But, he didn't have time to ponder the statement, because just as fast as that one had passed, the true purpose of this was announced, loud and clear.

    "I will be stepping down from the throne of Dawningcrown."

    As soon as the words stepping down came out of her mouth, Claes felt his mouth part, turning downwards in an obvious mark of shock and maybe, even, of panic. The Go Deo's heart rate rose within his chest, confusion and denial swirling, swirling, swirling as he thought over her words. Stepping down. The male's gaze narrowed, eyebrows knitting in confusion, still. What? Was it selfish to ask that? She had led them for a while, now.. She had done them good.. but now? Now, she would be relinquishing her throne? Claes's mouth parted, and shut, and parted as he tried to find the words, or perhaps even the thoughts, to protest, maybe. For her to stay. But he couldn't find them, couldn't feel them articulate off his tongue. And instead, she kept going, kept talking, and Claes was left faltering in an attempt to understand, in an attempt to be comfortable with the fact that she would be leaving. It didn't come. Not easily, at least.

    She paused and gave a slightly uncomfortable chuckle, before Meenah was being announced to be the next Queen. Next in line, she was. And he wasn't upset about that. No, no he wasn't. He was just trying to process the fact that Ver would be gone, now. What were they going to do? She had always been so good at handling the politics, and keeping things up and running.. And he didn't doubt Meenah's ability to do that, but... It had always been Ver, hadn't it? Breathing quickening, Claes's mouth would close, slowly. His protest dying away and acceptance -- even though he may not like it -- creeping across him. He understood, he always would... But that didn't make it hurt any less.


    His name is spoken and it takes a moment before he looks up, eyes wide, filled with emotions that couldn't quite be placed. Conflicting, they were. And he supposed his logic and his heart had always been a bit at battle. But he looks at her, blinking away his thoughts to focus on what she was going to say to him. Perhaps just... a goodbye? Or maybe she was just thanking him? It seemed to be going that way.. And so he smiled, just a bit, sad and sweet, and gave her a small nod to show his appreciation of her words.

    "You'll make a fantastic King as well... I ask you to step up here and claim your right besides Meenah.."

    He blinked once, twice, as her words settled into his ears. King. Step up here. He freezes, and understandably so. His name had never been used with the terms of royalty or leadership, and he was most definitely wasn't expecting the two to be used together at all. Not now, and probably not ever. But they are together, now. Being offered to him and the reason explained gently, even if it was loud. She wanted him to step up there; to take her place, and do it along with Meenah. "Oh..." the first words from him are a quiet, confused whisper of astonishment and fear all in one; not heard by anyone else, more than likely, as he questions what he's hearing, what's being said.

    He could feel eyes land upon him, some surprised and others happy. And among them, he glances around with a tad bit of uncertainty; though in doing so he caught Irene's calming smile and bright demeanor. A smile crosses his lips, albeit a nervous one, and he watches as she beams over at him and she gets to her paws; not hesitating in wrapping her arms around him once more. He is tense, at first, he had been so far into the announcement. But as he hugs her, he feels himself soften, his body melting into the comfort of hers, and he hugs her back. Tenderly, gently. And though she pulls away quickly, not wishing to hold him up from going up there and accepting (was he going to accept?), the feeling conveyed within the hug was just enough. Seeing her here, now, with this announcement... after all this time, when she had been the first to welcome him here, his first friend.. The pride she showed.. Helios...

    Claes let out a shaky breath, an emotional smile replacing his nervous one from before as he looked upon her as she stated her congratulations. Was it okay to say thank you, even if he wasn't quite sure, yet? Well, it would be rude if he didn't, wouldn't it? "Oh.. Thank you, Irene," Claes breaths out quietly. The nervousness from before is back, and he glances to Ver and to Sangria, for a moment -- who looked to be in tears -- and he feels it increase two fold. He shouldn't be afraid, he knows it. Because truthfully it was an honor for Ver to think that he'd make a good leader.. And yet...

    A sharp inhale, and his gaze goes back to the figure of Ver. He gave a small dip of his head to Irene, a promise to talk to her more -- to properly thank her later, maybe -- when he could. And with that, he faces forwards, body tingling with anxiety and perhaps a bit of energy, though if he were entirely honest he didn't know exactly what he was feeling. He takes a step forwards; slow, at first, and uncertain. Then he takes a couple more, until he brings himself to stand in front of Ver and join her and Meenah, where she had said. Was he.. really going to do this? Ver and Meeneah both had natural leading tendencies.. but him? Not so much. Am I going to accept this? Either now or at the ceremony? Helios, he wasn't sure if he was ready for this, nor ready at all (but when would he be?).. But if he refused, now.. How would things go down? Would he disappoint others, disappoint Ver, if he didn't wish to? Maybe relieve some? The fox's ears would push back for a moment, the whirring of his thoughts and everything else beginning to be overwhelming in their nature. And so he forces them quiet, for a moment, and he tries to organize and slow himself down.

    You'll know.

    Know what? It was an odd thought, one that he didn't think was entirely his own, even if it was. He'd know.. something. Perhaps what he was supposed to do. But the Healinghand takes a deep breath, the majority of his nerves exiting with them as he takes the final steps forwards, gaze searching over Ver's as he comes to her. He doesn't know what to say, but he doesn't want to disappoint. He doesn't want to disappoint anyone, truly.. How could he go about this? Despite all of his fears.. getting the honor to lead the clan that he spent was a dream. But still, doubts lingered. "Thank you, Ver," Claes speaks to her, now, voice quiet and confused with all that was going on, but genuine, nonetheless. Was this his acceptance? It could be taken that way, maybe. Or was he just stating his thanks for everything she had done for them? That, too, he supposed. A soft, shaky exhale left him, and he smiled; gaze holding something akin to sorrow -- mainly for her leaving, her stepping down -- but also a bit of hope. The 'maybe Meenah and I can do this', the 'maybe this can be something good'. That was the hope he would cling to. And with that, Claes would give a slight bow of his head in respect to the Queen, eyes closing in his gratitude for what she had said, what she had done. For everything, truly.

    This hadn't been expected, nor was it something anyone had seen coming. But it was a change in the chapters of the Kingdom; a new era to come, to be written down in history just like Ver's leadership would be. He just hoped that he would be able to do it right..

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  • TAGS ☆彡out of everyone to gain leadership, he wouldn't have wanted to look at claes first. call him petty, call him selfish, or call him just ignorant, but he had never wanted his brother to be responsible for so much. his brother had grown though, that much he could respect. he hoped, however, that it would be enough. it would have to be, would it not? the announcement slightly unhinges the male, if only for a moment. he's thinking about a lot of things, but, as always, his mind goes back to the rule of kings and queens. the deadly plays for leadership that had passed, during his previous times. at least now, ver wasn't being betrayed, or stabbed before their eyes; she wasn't his brother, at least. that brother was dead, though, as everyone else from that era was.

    a bitter taste suffocates him, but he swallows it down. smiling quietly, the shapeshifter would waltz up to his brother, and attempt to place a paw onto the other's shoulder. there was no point in showing whatever he felt now, if ever. in the coming time, in the future, he could only believe in his brother, and in the queen that would rule beside him, meenah. the gentle hand, the harder hand. his brother would not have to be something he did not have to be, and he hoped that that would always be true. you'll do great. it was the only thing he said, and the only thing he could've, and truly meant.

  • Lorelai

    - Lorelai meandered over, still not quite back to herself. Whatever had happened while she was away wasn't sitting well with her. The girl seated herself beside Sangria, turning her eyes up to her mother's face. She listened, expecting a meeting of any other sort. Instead, the news hit her like a ton of bricks. The girl stood, turned and walked away before Ver even promoted the leaders. Her ears were ringing anyway, so she couldn't hear anything.

  • ☆☆☆ brave ver million, leader of many, whose head more seemed to want on a stake than any other creature in agrelos. such a great yet horrid figure, one whom mari seemed to be finding more and more reasons to disagree with. it wasn't his fault he was used as a bartering chip in some stupid intimidation game between lucantine and the millions, and the fact that he seemed to be a catalyst for further aggravation bore heavy on mari's shoulders. he just hated the idea of conflict, in such a way, and perhaps that was why proclans didn't usually have their leaders hold both that position and positions in, say, the sanguine ruins. finally, he considered, something we could agree on in these sorts of times.

    ☆☆☆ that wasn't to say that the initial announcement, the words of gather for one last time, didn't come as a surprise to him. it pulled him into a state of shock, and made him rather concerned for the future of solaris. ver's leadership was all he'd ever known the kingdom to be under, after all, and the thought that she was leaving during a slump was worrisome. he couldn't say that he wasn't relieved either, though, and as awful as it sounded, he could imagine things becoming... nicer, once she was gone. if only the thought of being happy to see her go wasn't, in itself, awful to consider.

    ☆☆☆ then, the other announcement, the "part two" of all of it. meenah and claes becoming the new dawningcrowns, the emperors of their fair empire. it was a rather obvious promotion for each: meenah, being next in line; and claes, being such an obvious asset that promoting him simply made the most sense. he was rather happy with that, and though his mind flooded with worries that they wouldn't live up to ver's strength, he had no doubts that the pair would do great things together.

    ☆☆☆ of course, he also had to consider that, with two of his superiors (one officially of rank, the other of seniority) now fulfilling the role of leadership, that he'd therefore have to take in even more responsibility. it wasn't the most pressing issue, and since he still had so much time to grow into his role as a knight, he figured things wouldn't be too awful in the present. "congratulations, you two," he spoke, deciding against saying anything specifically to ver. he still quite admired her, but the longer he thought about it, the more her taking her leave relaxed him. perhaps it really was for the best.