power is power : bloodclanners hunting on skyclan territory

  • / For now, this will be a private thread while they hunt and then when they're gone and leave evidence behind of their hunting, I'll open it up :eyes: Feel free to track though! ;^)) TW: blood/gore and death of baby rabbits uwu CREATURE.   venom.

    A gaze of icy blue fire tore throughout the land of Skyclan, the huntresses hunger only just beginning to gnaw at her insides. Oh but no, she had fed just but an hour ago and yet she was not craving prey but instead yearning for the heat of battle. That and to retaliate subtly on Bune's orders. Ivory on the other hand intended for her trespassing to be known, a warning sign in its own. With a mass of tar black fur known as Creature and smaller but deadly white assassin right behind her wake known as Venom, she knew this would certainly thicken the tension between the two enemy clans.

    "Alright, let's get this little hunting patrol started. Make sure to stay within hearing range however, in case we come across some angry flea-brained Skyclanners." And with that, the blue point Savannah cat would launch herself into the foliage, crouching silently into a predatory stance. First came the scent of a rabbit who had recently birthed by the scent of milk clinging to her dirty white pelt. Her powerful maw watered at the thought of tender meat rather than stringy rats. Ivory would have her fun today.

    When she was but a tail length away, the former guard prepared to pounce, statuesque yet robust hind legs coiling with bundled prowess as she landed a lethal blow just in time; a second later and it would've sheltered in its den. While aiming to nudge the fresh-kill into the den as she planned to hunt plenty more, she then heard the cries of newborn rabbits within the shallow den. Quickly, she snaked her paw into the den and sank her reinforced weaponry into the two baby rabbits as blood began to pool inside, killing them instantly. The alabaster beauty now stained with crimson blood threw the ravaged corpses upon the terrain, a lovely message by the molly herself.



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  • — This would be eventful wouldn't it. The ability for the three queens to move upon land that was once pictured as safe. A solace to those that were too weak of heart to move beyond their own borders or to see past their enlarged noses and potentially their egos as well. What was good and what was evil could easily switch places. This was a lesson that she had learned, a lesson that she would never begin to forget and now she was seen as evil, a thing that was broken and damaged. How unfortunate. Her thick muscles moved her forward and she already knew this place. She'd been here not too long ago on a personal hunt but it hadn't been for prey. It was a pointless thing in her mind to not ravage their members first and foremost. But the prey hunting they would do now would satiate the living darkness within her soul. It would quell and quiet the danger she presented. Slowly she breathed in and then her head lifted up a little bit as she listened to Ivorymoon, lovely little she-cat, a dangerous queen she was.

    She enjoyed both of the she-cats that she was with. They were not weak willed and didn't allow for weakness to permeate their existences. Lightly the demon would give a nod of her skull and she closed her eyes before she listened to the world around her. Jaws parting to take in the scents of prey that were nearby and farther along. Then suddenly her gaze snapped open, her head jerked up and she moved. Claws scrapped against the bark of a tree as she climbed with a strange powerful elegance, digging in deeply. Balancing on a branch she eyed the nest before her, body low and crouched like a lioness preparing for the kill. Leaves hid the monstrosity and she took a step forward, inching her way along the branch before suddenly she lunged. The cry that the bird gave was short lived, excitement bubbling through the demented creature as she held the fluttering thing in her jaws. The pressure around the neck cutting off it's ability to breath and she allowed a hum to leave her own before she pinned it down and tore the throat. Now what would she do with the eggs? Tilting her head she would look down toward the smell of blood, gaze almost warm. "Ivory, my dearest friend, do you enjoy bird eggs?"

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