Foghar | Fall Festival Planning


    Although she had gathered the permission of Feliks to do so, she was still quite nervous about beginning the preparations for this time honored tradition. She feared that if it were to go wrong she would upset the very spirits that lied before them. The spirits of old that were once Thunderland's finest. So she climbed to where Feliks typically held his meetings, standing here made her feel nervous, like she didn't belong in this spot. She spoke softly at first one of the many cats, "Please go and gather the Thunderlanders for me!", Laika would bark as she stood to wait. She would wait for enough to gather first, what she had to say was rather important after all, soon for such an important tradition to uphold? A true potential for them to strengthen the bonds they had with each others and allies even. She held the plan in mind, but it was going to take work, from all of them. Still, as the frost forming on her front right paw would quickly uphold, she was truly nervous standing up here, soon to be in front of many.


    ( LAIKA E. // TAGS  // 16 Moons // Child of Ventus and Kate)

  • Deutschland was late because he didn't believe one of the Thunderlanders who came at his door and tried to convince him to gather. It wasn't meeting time, and he was not going to be forced to come out of his home, thank you very much. Until the messenger said that it was Laika who was holding the meeting, his interest piqued and he did not waste much time brushing past the messenger and making his way to the original meeting place.

    As he looked up, he was caught in a sudden memory. It had been a long time since he had stood up like that. He didn't think of it much before, but he remembered how he was announced to become the next leader. Star Council had to intervene, and the spirit who did the announcement couldn't even pronounce his name right. If he had known what would have followed from accepting that promotion, perhaps he would have never taken it.

    "What's this, Laika?" He grunted as he sat down heavily, tapping his tail against the ground as he waited.

    ... no greater gift could be made by me than to give you the capacity to be able to understand in a very short time all that i have learned and understood in so many years and with so many hardships ...

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