Fight While You Can: Round Three (Roleplay Thread!)

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    "Damage is critical...Samus, I hope you know what you're doing!" Adam, the loyal, but terrified AI, managed to speak above the warning sirens. This ship was going down. Fast. Some sort of projectile had penetrated the fuel tank, setting it ablaze, and the rest of the ship along with it. It could barely stay above a straight nosedive. The ongoing blizzard certainly didn't help matters, though it probably would help extinguish the flames. As quickly as it started, the descent ended with a thunderous explosion. The pilot, Samus Aran, knew the ship wouldn't survive intact, and braced herself seconds before impact. Remembering what happened the last time she was shot down, she equipped her Power Suit, so it wouldn't be destroyed alongside the vessel. Unfortunately, it was still enough to knock her unconscious, with only Adam surviving to shout her name. "Samus! Samus, do you copy?!...There's someone coming! Hold on, Samus!" Thanks to the gaping hole in the hull, the security system's purpose was negated, allowing the new presence to creep in.

    Samus awoke in a cage. She still had her Power Suit on, which made her chuckle. Was her captor really that stupid? She could blast her way out of here!

    Those Charizards she'd "hired" really did the trick. Watching the ship crash brought Giffany the same satisfaction she probably would've had from watching Soos's boat sink back in Gravity Falls. It was a shame that her own motorboat was blasted apart, but all she needed was to see take control of the passing aquatic animals, and she was on the move again. Well, up until she discovered this cave in, according to a map she had a raven bring to her, Bloodchill Tundra. Alas, even with a demon powering her body, she wasn't immune to the cold and needed to rest. Why not interrogate this spacefarer while she was at it?

    "Awake already?" Giffany teased, eyeing her captive's arm cannon. It was taking everything she had in her not to spoil the surprise.

    Samus wouldn't even hesitate. A missile was loaded in, and her captor's mouth was wide open. Oh, how she'd enjoy watching her jaw come loose. Unfortunately, all the arm cannon produced was a few strained coughs and a whispy trail of smoke. "What...?" She whispered, holding it close to her. Of course, it was most likely clogged while she was unconscious! "What did you do?" Samus hissed, Giffany's laughter beginning to churn a fury in her heart.

    "Tampered with it." Giffany answered coyly. "It was so interesting! All those little wires, circuit boards, and tiny pieces of tubing...It looks like I didn't quite remember where everything goes, though!" She stepped back a bit to avoid breathing in the smoke. "Fortunately for me..." Giffany lifted her hand to her cheek, her palm facing Samus. "My weapon doesn't require anything of the sort." In an eye blink, she summoned more lightning from her body and hurled it at Samus. "You'd better be careful what you say to me. Metal conducts electricity, does it not?" She continued cheerfully, watching Samus try her hardest to stay sturdy. "Now..." She crouched. "You know about Earth, correct? All about its history?"

    Samus convulsed, left on her hands and knees. "Earth?" She managed to stand up again. "There are multiple planets with that name, I'm not sure which one this is. But even if I was, I would allow myself to die before helping the likes of you with your misdeeds!" She showed no fear, meeting Giffany's sneer with her usual stoic determination. Naturally, she found herself electrocuted yet again, and the pain led her to shout and growl.


    A shaking thud erupts the planet's soil; like the heavy footfall of a bloodlusting behemoth whose footfall reverberates through what lies below. It alerts a similarly large leviathan, who cocks an angled brow at the distant sound. Narrow golden eyes find themselves at a drift towards the direction of the rumble, and while its sound has perished, its touch lingers beneath stilled heels. On an aimless quest to commit unhinged mischief, a certain deviant pierrot—with his curiosity piqued—turned quarter way in the aforementioned direction. His lips are rendered slightly agape although eyes still lazily half shut: the former pressing together and curling into his usual closed simper. Having come to a standstill, it would seem that Hisoka would have been pondering about what decision to make—to approach or not to—and anyone who would have observed the man and come to such a conclusion would have been correct in their assumption. In a time span of a few short seconds, Hisoka Morow had made his decision on what actions he would take. With that, his body turned all of the way around to face the direction that—somewhere—contained the unknown. Hands fall from their former perch at his hips, and instead swing coolly alongside his billowing pants.

    There wasn't a need to worry about temperatures, having mastered most forms of Nen. A white aura faintly outlines Hisoka's frame, like a blanket that coddles a newborn: keeping the drip of life 'in', and the toxic drip remains 'out'. The sensation is akin to needles gently seeping into his ghastly skin to prick at it, yet without drawing any blood and without the nipping frostbite of the tundra. Being able to faintly detect another's presence, Hisoka allows his legs to blindly guide him with an unchanging expression. Plastered atop his face is an expression of nonchalant amusement as he strides carelessly, heels crunching in the snow yet water droplets slipping off of his frame with ease. His aura, seldom seen (and only by Nen users), is weak, for he has no need to heighten it. Should the unknown prove itself to be fine, then he'd consider the matter. 10%. It rung in his head as a reminder. The corner of his lips turn upwards just slightly, creating a small crease alongside the edge of them. A faint voice in the back of his head alerted for him to be on his toes, to be aware and ready, yet was quickly overwritten by his instinctual need to know more: to know the source and to know why.

    Hisoka then began to utilize his long legs to take wider strides that would carry him further. Each crunch of snow was akin to a reminder of what was to come. His lust for his inquisitiveness to be quenched, the thought of what could be caused butterflies to spawn in his bowels: the edges of their fluttering wings brushing against the lining. "Don't get your hopes up yet, [♧]" A familiar lulling voice chimes within the depths of the man's head, garnering the halt of movement from the metaphorical insects that had gotten so riled up. He doesn't allow his piqued curiosity to get the best of him, not allowing himself to run to his destination. In resisting even that urge, he wouldn't lose himself to excitement. "A little bit closer. [♡]" He hums silently amidst the depth of his thoughts. Even the sensation of his own hand brushing against the outermost portion of his legs through the fabric of his pants was enough to make a sharp jolt run down his spine, although he did not outwardly react to it. Time seem to pass without much struggle once he allowed himself to become fully immersed into his own thoughts: [his] body following what he had commanded it to do beforehand.

    "Oh? [♧]" He chirps out as he approaches the newly found pinkette and blonde, the latter struggling to do much at all. The former's hair makes for an interesting contrast from the white that surrounded them, being brighter and more neon than that of his own reddish pink locks. Unlike the dame's, however, his own were standing outright and somewhat erect; like the strings attached to a marionette's limbs.

    A complexly crafted vehicle—a ship, seemingly—is present in the scene of the crime. Quickly, Hisoka connected the dots and came to the conclusion that the crashed ship was what he had heard prior. Not quite what he expected. His features mold into something more deadpan, though his excitement hadn't come to a complete drought. From behind unkempt shrubs and snowy trees, Hisoka quietly stalked the two women: though his towering frame was likely to go noticed, that he knew well. It was a feat he wasn't afraid of. The thought of his presence stirring up trouble was enough for him. Once again, that familiar expression settled onto his features, replacing its former but temporary lack of expression. "What do we have here? [♡]" He murmurs aloud in a tone that's almost seductively sullen with its low and lulling sound. He almost seems to say it with the intent of capturing the attention of the unlikely pair. The armored one's garb adorns lights, ones that jolt like electricity: a solid core with ridges that pulse faintly with their current. A boast of technology. Hisoka emits a curious hum at the sight, a single hand coming to cup his chin.

    Upon hearing the blonde's screams, his eyes temporary widen and the irises narrow with lips parting to reveal teeth as his smile grows wide. Alas, it's only for a moment before he shuts them: pinning his usual closed-lip simper onto his expression. "Oya, oya, [♧]" He calls out to Giffany, although not with a tone much louder than the one he typically spoke with. "You should try to be a little more gentle.. [♢]" He approaches without much care for the situation at all, his words being more condescending and teasing in nature than anything. His eyes drift down to the groaning Samus, and his smile grows just slightly wider. Something between a flippant giggle and a hum slips from [Hisoka] as he gazes upon her.

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    — 想いはこんがらがって、お互いにトンガリ合って‐ 待って待って:こんな筈ないよ :・゚

    赤い糸縺れちゃって、舞台は大混乱で‐ 待って待って:こんな筈ないよ

  • Bright blue eyes scanned the surround territory. White, white, grey, and every more white! A violent shiver racked through his body. The cold draft feeling more like the icy breath of a demon that he'd fight. Quickly, the small angel hugged his exposed arms as he could hardly hold still. He swore could feel ice start to grow and crawl up the delicate feathers of his wings.

    "Ah! Why did I have to be dropped here?!" Pit almost yelled to himself. the brunette had been sent down to earth by his goddess due to strange occurrences happening recently. The humans had been falling under this strange curse cause by these weird Idols. Or, that is what he was told. It was totally a zombie outbreak! He wasn't going to be convinced other wise! Palutena had tracked the source of the this odd plague in this tundra. She could have at least given me a sweater Pit complained to himself. However, as soon as he placed down he had lost contact with his deity. He had spent the past 30 minutes calling and yelling for her but not a single response. With a defeated sigh, he had no choice but to continue his mission alone. How was he going to do this without her help? How was he going to get out of here? He could start to feel his exposed fingers and toes begin to loose feeling. Shaking some ice crystals from his hair, he pushed forward. That is what Palutena would have told him to do.

    That's from the sky he saw a flash of light leave an almost mesmerizing streak across the empty and cold sky. Not long after the earth below the angel began to shake a rumble as if Hades himself was ripping the earth apart to make a showy appearance. "What was that? Did the thing from the sky hit the ground? Hm, what would Palutena say in a situations like this? Maybe something like 'Hurry Pit! Go check out where that crash came from!'" He said to himself his his hand on his chin. Like that he was off. He gripped his gold and blue bow tightly in his right hand as his sandals crunched against the thick sheet of icy-snow. Pushing through the almost intolerable cold, the kid finally reached his destination. "A Spaceship?!" He almost yelled out in shock. Almost unpleasant memories of the Arlon Empire filled his head. He never wanted to deal with aliens again but here he was! The thing look beaten and battered well, more like burned. He wondered exactly what happened to it. That's when he noticed several figures near the ship. One was a humaniod in what looked like to be a full suit of orange armor. They seemed to be locked up in some kinda cage or something. Seeing how the armor matched the ship, he assumed that they were an alien. Another was a girl with pink hair, thats pretty much all he could make out from this distance. The last figure was another human, taller than other two who also had pink hair. Was pink hair the new fashion craze? Maybe he would look good with pink hair. No Pit! stay focused! One of these has to be your targets! Palutena would probably tell me to stay here and watch them. One of them has to be the target!" He thought to hismelf. His arms wrapped around his body for warmth as he tried his best not to start shaking again.

  • Noob Saibot

    The snow crunched under two pairs of feet in perfect sync, not even a second apart. The pair where quite obvious in the snow as black on white really stuck out, not that they wanted to hide. Except Saibot, it was a bit nervous. However they had a goal. Find whatever has been causing the odd distortions in energy. It had gotten in the way of a fight. Something happened to their opponent. He had to retreat when Kuai Liang seemed to change methods.

    Noob saw something fall from the sky. A Special Forces vessel of some sort? He should investigate. So the pair seemed to sink through the ground like a hole had formed under them. The pair appeared in the shadows by the crashed ship. They saw a armored human, something soulless and a clown. The soulless thing seemed to be torturing the armored human. Possibly the cause of the oddities.

  • This wasn't very funny anymore, and Giffany grew frustrated. How much more would it take before her prisoner cracked? "Damn you, you're going to submit to me eventually!" Her lips curled back. "Look at you. You're struggling to see straight. Soon, you'll lose track of what's going on, and tell me everything like I was your mother!"

    She readied another crackling blue orb, only for her twisted eyes to catch sight of an unfamiliar shadow. Startled, she paused. "I should've known I would attract someone..." Her voice was low and gravely as she turned to face the stranger. Like herself, he didn't seem to have any protection against the cold, preferring to dress up like a playing card. His hair was of a similar hue to her own, but his skin...perhaps the tundra was taking its toll on him after all. But he glided into her makeshift sanctum as if it was but a pretty summer day. She could see his spirit laughing at her through his punchable, slender yellow eyes. What about this was meant to be funny? Did he believe her to be barking up the wrong tree?

    "If you think I'll let you distract me..." She snapped, paying no mind to the bluish stripes all over her hide. "You've got another thing coming, clown!" She flicked her lightning ball towards him, her head snapping back and forth between him and Samus. "You believe I should be gentle! You believe I should relent, when I have a world to seize and divide among my family!" Just to spite him, she zapped Samus again.

    Giffany must've fried her four times now. She was right, the electricity scrambled Samus's brain, making her nauseous. The crackling of her skin made Giffany's taunts slightly more tolerable. The world kept blurring in front of her eyes. When a shadow fell over her, she thought it was a hallucination.

    "You..." She moaned, trying to lift her head to see Hisoka. "You think this is amusing, don't you?" Her scowl was unmoving. She could only assume that everyone on this particular Earth had the same hair color, but their eyes were different. The best she could tell, Hisoka had normal sclerae. But she had barely a minute to register his figure before electricity engulfed her again, making her seethe and whimper.

  • The brunette couldn't help but flinch seeing how many times the armored figure got zapped. Due to the sound of their voice, they were most likely female. His spine began to crawl as he remembered what it was like to get zapped. You could feel your skin burning and tingling as it ran through you. Nothing compared to getting set on fire, but it was second in his opinion. As the girl began to talk about submitting and how she was going to take over the world alarms range in his head. That was totally like bad guy speak! Plus, those creepy black eyes made shivers run down his spine. He had found his target! Plus, he can't just let these innocent people get hurt! He had to step in.

    The Angel jumped up from his hiding space and made his way to the scene. He was trying his best to keep his body steady was the cold grew more intense.

    "You know, for someone who has hair that looks like cotton candy you dont sound very sweet"

    Pit said with a small smirk as he made his presence know.

    "I-I am Pit! Servant of the G-goddess of light! Surrender now evil doer! A-as the guardian of the human race I-I wont let your zombie apocalypse happen under my watch and neither will the goddess!"

    Pit did several poses as he said this, stuttering the whole time. He tried to hold a cool pose with his bow pointed out, but the cold got the best of his as he jumped up and started to hug himself

    "MAN! It's cold!" He whined

  • "Another one!" Giffany snarled. A cute little angel, armed and everything. "I bet you angels know everything..." Forgetting both Samus and Hisoka, she strode towards him. "Perhaps you're my ticket." She watched him succumb to the cold, somewhat charmed.


    Hisoka's gaze shifted to the rasping Giffany who spoke mild ill-will beneath her breath, with an unchanging expression of what appeared to be amusement. One could assume he either didn't hear the dame's words, or simply didn't care to respond directly: instead preferring to emite a whimsical sigh through slim nostrils. He had little time to respond to her defensive words, before an incoming pulse of electric was sent his way. With temporarily widening eyes and the twist of a spherical midriff, Hisoka narrowly avoided what would have been the incoming burn from the sheer amount of incoming voltage, although a strand from the side of his perched locks was the sacrificial lamb—waltzing through the air until it gently made its mark into the slush beneath, proving its own color to be a fine contrast. "Impressive, [♢]" He admits amidst his own thoughts, straightening himself so that he was no longer leaning away from the now dispersed attack.

    Once again does a hand come to cup his own chin as it had done prior. "Distracting, [♤]" He repeats in an almost hushed murmur. "I wasn't doing anything of the sort, [♢]" He claims, his hand falling to his chest as though to gesture to himself. With that, Hisoka takes in a sharp inhale through barely parted lips with the intent to continue speaking. "I'm simply.. spectating. [♧]" Following the perhaps dishonest correction, Hisoka takes a single stride closer. An unfamiliar muffled voice makes itself audible, quickly proving itself to come from the armored woman on the floor. There was a glare over the tinted visor that rendered minuscule feats unidentifiable, although he could see how her plump lips were pulled into a glorious, repulsed scowl. Just slightly does Hisoka find his eyes narrowing more as he gazes upon that expression, his lips becoming barely agape. He's rendered unable to say anything, with the temporary silence being broken by a boyish voice.

    "Hmm? [♤]" The deviant's expression falls mostly flat as he shifts to face the newly approached boy, with what would have been shaggy chestnut hair had it not been for the neatly crafted spikes the strands formed into. Between that erect fringe and the rest of his hair was like a laurel wreath made of pure gold from the heavens itself. His words were painfully naive, like being force fed several tablespoons of purely vanilla extract. A smirk returns to the man's feats as he gazes upon him: golden eyes standing into the boy's own. "Pit, [♧]" He repeats the winged boy's name in a velvet hum as he strides over: extending a long hand. "That's a fine bow you have there, [♢]" He adds, failing to ever look away since having laid eyes upon him. "...May I take a look at it? [♡]" The further he approaches, the more the shadow of his towering frame is cast over Pit's smaller stature. Upon having noticed that Giffany was also approaching, he at last looks away from the brun—only for a moment—to direct a sharp glare at the pinkette before his gaze reverted.

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    — 想いはこんがらがって、お互いにトンガリ合って‐ 待って待って:こんな筈ないよ :・゚

    赤い糸縺れちゃって、舞台は大混乱で‐ 待って待って:こんな筈ないよ

  • Noob Saibot

    The shadowy duo watched the interaction with pure calmness. They've seen and been given worse. However the pink haired thing's reaction was strange. Surprised anger. It also wanted to take over the world with a brainwashed army of some sort. Shao Kahn like but with a different approach. They continued to remain calm when an angel appeared and gave a speech. Brave boy. Foolish however, the pink haired one seemed more interested now.

    As a response Noob three his hand forward creating a portal that allowed Saibot to grab the angel and move him slightly further away from the pink haired one. "your goals are interesting, your energy seems strange however" Noob said from the shadows as Saibot crossed his arms. Saibot was just as strong as Noob with an additional trick so he'll be able to cause a distraction if required.

  • (I'ma introduce my second character soonish.)

    Pit looked at his target started slowly moving closer to her. Man those creepy vibes just kept getting worse and worse! The boy tried his best to steady himself. He had to stay strong! Come on cold! Is this all you got?! He yelled to himself on his mind and began to jump around a bit, hopping switching from left foot to right in a futile attempt to get warm. "S-stay back! You can't infect me! Besides, I'm actually pretty clueless! I would be soo useless to you!" he chuckled nervously as he tried to back up. Of course he was lying and not really lying. He knew about what was causing this whole corruption thanks to Palutena, but as far as where the little idols were, well he was cut off from Palutena before he could really find out.

    His attention then went to the other man. His skin looked so pale he could probably blend in with the snow if it wasn't for his funny looking outfit. The weird out fit, white skin was this man a clown?! Man Pit hated clowns! He found them so creepy and this man was no acception. We wanted to see his bow? It was forged by Lady Palutena itself to say this bow was powerful was an understatement. He was unsure if he wanted to let a complete stranger see it. Before he could reply to the man in front of him he felt someone grab him. He could help but like out a yell in surprise as he was pulled back. He heart was racing as he looked up at the hooded figure that moved him away.

    "H-hey!" he called out.

  • Giffany watched Hisoka reach for Pit's bow out of the corner of her eye, returning the glare. His actions stirred up interest in the weapon for her. After all, if it belonged to an angel, it must've been unstoppable in the right hands. "You're not useless to me, sweetie..." Her voice was a sickly hiss with only the slightest hint of charm. "Once you have my power, you'll be an amazing warrior. Of course, you won't be as strong as I, but you'll be sharp as the arrows you carry." Hm, she couldn't feel the spirit inside her splitting. His heart wasn't opened to her. Suddenly, the angel was pulled backwards, narrowly saving him from the loose sparks popping out from under her fingernails.

    "Where are you lot coming from!?" Giffany only became angrier upon seeing two more individuals arrive, one of them pulling Pit away. "One of you must be fairly popular..." That didn't matter now. She was officially outnumbered. She closed her eyes, her forehead wrinkling as she sent a command. "Meet me at the cave near the downed ship. I need backup." The same flock of Charizards who helped bring Samus down heard her telepathic cry, and glided down to her. While she waited, she swayed her hips to keep herself warm, still sparking all over. The rampant electricity crackling around her wrists felt somewhat like gloves filled with tiny glass shards.

    "Spectating!" Samus snapped. She watched enviously as Hisoka dodged Giffany's bolt. Rather than return the fire, however, he just turned away from them both, focusing on the angel. A cute kid, with spunk...but, oh dear God, was it stupid to get all close to the enemy like that. And thank God those two men showed up to pull him away.

    Samus picked herself up off the floor, both shivering and aching. Not only was her suit highly conductive, but it was very vulnerable to the cold. It was like being trapped inside a refrigerator.

  • (Kinda rushed)

    Pit was confused as he saw the other look at his bow. Why was every one so interested with his bow? Though he supposed the goddess was the one who made it. He felt lucky and special to have a blessed weapon such as this. He instantly tried to shut down her offer. After all, his loyalties were set in stone! The young looking angel shook his head, "Like i'd side with you, creepy girl! I am 100% Loyal to the goddess of light Lady Palutena! Like I said before I was set to stop your rein of terror!" He announced loud and proud. His blue eyes looked up as he saw a couple of orange dragons fly by her side. His mouth almost dropped in awe at the sight. "Are those dragons?!" he was more impressed than scared. After all, he did fight the hydra before. He felt a shutter run through his body as he remembered what Palutena did to him. She showered him in dragon pheromones to attract the heads to him. He would be lying if he said it didn't work.

    Not long after the dragons and arrived a humaniod figure came through the air. It looked like he was holding onto what looked like a black pole that seemed to be extending at a rapid rate. His black boots hit the icy ground with a small thud. The object soon returned to it's normal size, revealing it to be mallet of some kind. The man in front of them had messy red hair tied up by a light blue and black headband. He had a long black and white coat which seemingly would help shield his body from the cold at least a little bit. Despite the fact one of his eyes were covered by an eye patch, it was clear to see his eyes seemed to be as empty looking as the pink haired girl's. His hammer rested on his shoulder as scanned the group in front of them, noting everything from the weapons they carried even down to the point in which they held themselves. He has a seemingly angry and hostile expression towards the group in front of him. "I'm assuming they are the reason yoy called for backup?"


    While an uncertain Pit trudges side to side endearingly, Hisoka allows his gaze to scrutinize the former from head to toe; hand still outstretched expectantly. The extremity only limply drops to his side upon the boy's shoulder having been seized by the ebony duo who had approached mere moments ago. Their frames were comparable to shadows: tainted lost souls clad in dark armor that had a modern edge. Their gaze glowed white from behind garb that otherwise concealed their facial features. Hisoka's hand falls back to his side, and his expression follows suit: turning into something more alarmingly inscrutable. "There must be a reason everyone's so interested in this boy, [♢]" Silently concludes Hisoka, who then allows his narrow optics to shift to the surrounding persons. Amongst the multitude that had seemingly been drawn to the ship's crash, was seemingly the pilot who failed to land. The color of the snarky woman's bodysuit and the color of the ship itself were relatively similar, not to mention the matching details amongst the two.

    Hisoka turns back to her, having recalled her scream and approaches [her], though she's begun to hoist herself up from the white marsh beneath. "If you're that noisy, you'll draw more attention to yourself, [♢]" He mutters to her with a smirk, watching her muscles visibly contract and expand through the suit's shell. "You just may up attracting the wrong kind, you know.. [♧]" He adds with an almost melodramatic pouty tone. "If you make so much noise, I just might get tired of you, [♤]" His angled eyebrows seem to lower themselves for a moment before reverting to their usual position. "I'd really hate for that to happen you know... [♡]" His voice, while maintaining its low sound, sounds sweeter than usual and perhaps deviously so. His attention is captured by a wave of dragons, and as they near, their stature is visibly smaller than his own. "Dragons? [♧]" He susurrates, watching the orange creatures settle themselves around Giffany as though to protect her.

    Temporarily do Hisoka's eyes drift a ways over his shoulder to Pit, who seems completely stunned by the sight. Perhaps, he's had some experience with them. It was a question he considered proposing, although timing was paramount in such a situation. To observe and wait for the perfect moment was key. Pit seemed to be the opalescent gate to exactly what [Hisoka] interminably desired. "As of right now, I wouldn't mind a game of cat and mouse.. [♡]"

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    — 想いはこんがらがって、お互いにトンガリ合って‐ 待って待って:こんな筈ないよ :・゚

    赤い糸縺れちゃって、舞台は大混乱で‐ 待って待って:こんな筈ないよ

  • "I'd say I already have. And I can't say the same for you." Samus snarked back. "As for you...I swear to God, the first thing I'll do when I've repaired my ship is cast your remains into a black hole!" Her voice in an intimidating monotone with only slight inflections, she bared her teeth at Giffany, who seemed to be concentrating on something. Her frigid ears quickly picked up on a multitude of leathery wings approaching, and put two and two together. "That girl has an army! The ones who shot me down, no doubt!" As if Samus had a shred of mercy towards Giffany left! Seeing as now was the time to be proactive, she pulled her arm cannon apart and tried to decipher for herself exactly what Giffany had broken. "Shit...I'll probably need proper tools to fix this."

    "Then perhaps Palutena should've taught you how read between the lines, because if you knew how, then you would've noticed that I never said you had a choice!" Giffany was all set to open the angel's heart by force, only to be partially dismayed, and the other half relieved, when her ride arrived.

    The Charizards surrounded their Queen, their eyes just as alien looking as hers. At Giffany's invisible command, they all opened fire, randomly blasting the cave and all those inside. While its compatriots tried to distract them with the terrifying spectacle, the largest one simply collected the pinkette in his claws and started off...only to turn right around. There was something more Giffany wanted.

    "Stay back, you!" Like a lioness with a thorn in her back, Samus pounced as soon as the cage was lifted, ready to rely on her fists instead. Unfortunately, so did the Charizard. It gave her a mighty smack to the head with its tail, which burned her on top of throwing her against the wall. This was far from enough to knock her down, however, and Samus tried again, jumping forward in hopes of decking it in the jaw with her boots. The Charizard understood and seized her with its mouth, leaving her dangling, twisting around by the foot like a fish on a hook. The crash, the cold, the had all taken a toll on the once mighty bounty hunter. She resorted to repeated blows the upper chest and stomach, which did make the enormous orange dragon grunt in pain, allowing Samus to free her foot from its maw.

    Unfortunately, by this time, a second Charizard was waiting to scoop Samus up. With Giffany's telepathic guidance, it managed a decent hold on her, and the two dragons started off.

    "Wait!" Giffany stopped the one carrying her. "Hello, there." Finally, someone with her eyes appeared! In stark contrast to her attitude with the others, her tone towards her minion was much more flowery, a little proud, even. "Well, I can't just leave you here to take them all on, can I? You! You may go ahead." She gestured to the Charizard carrying Samus, who obediently soared off.

  • Pit huffed at her statement. "Oh yeah? W-well I can't read to begin with!" He said that as if it was a gotcha. He was too distracted by dragon's attack on his new teammate to realize what he had just said. The angel readied his bow. He had spent centuries working on his bowmanship. Saying he was a master of the weapon was an understatement. Even with the cold seriously handicapping him, he was sure he could get a good shot. A glowing blue arrow seemed to form out of nowhere as he notched it in place. He was too busy trying to save the armored girl to noticed newcomer drop in. He then let go, the arrow of light was targeted right towards the fire beat's wing. It would most likely cause the creature to fall without the chance of harming the hostage.

    The red head noticed the army of giant lizards as they were about to fly off. He felt a mix of disappointment and embarrassment at arriving at a bad time. He felt bad when she had to stop for him. "I'm sorry, did I come too late? I just happened to be in the area for hmm reasons and heard you call for help. I'm assuming it was for the big guys? I didn't mess up, I hope"

    He said in a worried tone as he rubbed the back of his head. His body language became more relaxed as he shifted his weight to most of his right leg. The mallet was still comfortably laying on his shoulder. Giffany was one of the last people he'd ever want to disappoint. After all, She was the one that was going to bring about the only way humanity could be saved, and he sure as hell would stand by her for that. Lavi was use to the cold. After all, he had traveled and been to many places around the world. His former job had required him to do so as they often would look and seek out lost pieces of history. Man if he ever encountered that old Panda again it would be too soon. His black tinted eyes then looked at the colorful range of characters in front of the former exorcist.

  • "Well, I was just going to fly out of here, but if you think we can fight them off, I've got plenty of charges left in me." The next best part about being possessed, second only to the leadership, was that it amplified her body's electricity production. She hurled lightning at Hisoka, Pit, and Noob each in turn, while the Charizards stepped up their fireballs.

    It all came at a consequence, however; naturally, the fire melted the snow, and it wasn't long before the cave began to lose its shape.

    Suddenly, with a harsh roar from her Charizard, it and Samus began a nosedive as the dragon's grip on her weakened. They both fell to the snow with heavy thuds.

    Samus was the first to get back up, albeit slowly. There was still fight left in her, however, and she would just take it out on Charizard if she couldn't take it out on Giffany. As she prepared to kick its nose in, however, she noticed something odd, and slightly heartbreaking.

    When the Charizard got up, Samus could clearly see its eyes, but no longer did they resemble Giffany's. Its sclerae were white, the irises had shrunken back to a normal size, and there was no longer a glowing ring around the pupils. Also too weak to fight, it turned to face Samus apologetically. " were acting against your will, weren't you?" Samus's blood began to boil.

  • Noob Saibot

    Saibot lunged out of the way of the blast making a portal to above one of the dragons. He liked this move. He then shot his feet downwards at it's head feeling the heavy impact from the hit. Should be enough to distract it. Enough to get the next part done. It grabbed what seemed to be it's horns and began to try to freeze them only to have to disperse to dodge a fireball.

    Noob lifted his arm up as the lightning was launched creating a black ice pillar to block the attack. He felt his body begin to strain from the cryomancy. He felt Saibot return however who he promptly sent to assist the angel, mainly as a shield. Noob himself drew his sickle from hid back and lunged towards Giffany as soon as the pillar naturally smashed to pieces.

  • Pit internally cringed as they came down. He knew what it was like to crash land. He could remember all the road burns from that. Though, they did crash into a thick blanket of snow. But then thought of that made him shiver even more. At this point he wouldn't be surprised his feathers had pretty much frosted over. He watched as the armored women and dragon began to recover. He got his bow ready, willing to make a another shot until he got a look at the dragon's eyes. He then lowered his weapon. The eyes of the creature broke his heart. Was it out of her control? So there was a way to cure it! The thought of forcing creatures to do things against their will made the boy sick. He was about to turn his head to make a speech of morality when a ball of lightening came his way. However, it was so close that even his quick feet couldn't save him as it hit the brunette right on his shoulder. He almost dropped his bow as he felt his muscles seize and fire shoot all across his body. He let out a cry in pain.


    Lavi continued his observation of the people standing in front of them. They were all seemingly powerful being that mostly gave off a threatening or strong vibe. But, he didn't know what they could do. However, before Lavi could finish his though they were already being attacked. Good thing his was keeping tabs on all of them. "Looks like that answers our question. Ozuchi Kozuch, extend!" The hammer-like weapon he held expanded around 2x times it's original size. Not too big, but big enough to make decent weapon. It seemed this man had some kind of power over ice. Would the other also use the same? Seeing the pillar smash he got ready, swinging the weapon at the attacking force hoping for a hit.

    (Ima head to bed. Night! ^^)