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  • In this new rising dawn
    A new hope has gone

    With the sounds of sudden tears
    Awaits blood filled fears

    These souls of old
    Have yet to be tolled

    There was something dying inside of him, but he couldn't figure out what. In fact, he didn't think too much of it. He still carried on with his tasks, administering sharp-tongued or ill-tempered remarks when needed. There was still a listlessness about him and some nights he could just never sleep. As dogs get older, they often hide their pain from others in order to not feel weak, and Deutschland was doing this on a regular basis now. It is easy to look busy and disappear for long stretches of the day if you are a medic. People don't really think of healing the medic either.

    If a Thunderlander or two decided to wake up early this morning and take a stroll to the edges of the border, they would be met with a gruesome sight. A young she-cat, her hindquarters bathed in blood, belonging to no discernible scent, was stretched out across the border. It would not take much experience to see that she died from a miscarriage. Her life and the lives of her unborn kits, however, were not the only ones lost. A few meters away lay Ladon, his throat torn open by a canine. And Deutschland, there in the center of it all, his mouth wet from foaming at the lips, and completely unresponsive.

    How did it happen?

    "I'm scared." The young she-cat said as Deutschland worked feverishly over her to save her life. "I didn't want this to happen." Previously she had shied from his touch, fearful of any male contact. The father of her kits had willingly left her and she was having difficulty with trust. Perhaps it was the fact she was loosing blood and the sense that death was near that made her speak so openly. She had tears in her eyes, and she kept telling him: "I don't want to die."

    "You won't." Deutschland had said firmly, refusing to believe he could lose a mother and her kits. He had always been so successful with child birthing. Why was it failing now? When she breathed her last and lay her head down, Deutschland had never felt so defeated in his life. He had to step back and clear the lump in his throat. His eyes lidded and lightning flashed in the distance. He closed his eyes, then he opened them again. To his horror, the soft tabby fur of the she-cat was white now, and red eyes were staring woefully up at him.

    My brother?!

    An adopted sibling more like it, but Prussia had been a brother to him until ... Yes, he remembered when Prussia lost the litter of kits. Deutschland swallowed and stepped back as the white cat got up in a zombie-like trance. No, no, he's not ... he's not... His heart was pounding with fear as the white cat made no notion of stopping. Behind him, he could hear the cries of his own kits who had met their death all too soon when Feliciano had stumbled and miscarried a litter. It was becoming too much. The red eyes and the wailing souls ... "Stop! Stop ... LEAVE ME ALONE!" His shout brought him back to earth and when he blinked, the tabby she-cat was there again. He panted as his hearing adjusted and a faint voice broke into his thoughts, calling his name, "Deutschland! Deutschland!"

    "La --" He couldn't even finish the name. Ladon was standing there in front of him, his eyes wide with horror and pain. Deutschland wearily noticed that his gaze was not directed to anything in particular. He seemed distraught and almost in a daze. Before he could say anything else, Ladon began to ramble. "No, no this can't be happening. I..I didn't meant to. I never wanted this.'m sorry, so sorry. Please no, stop this. I didn't do this.... I did this. I killed them, I killed them all. Oh lupius why?. No, no. I'm sick, I'm sick. I'm sick Deutschland. Please don't let me hurt anyone more. Please lupius make this stop. Why? What did I do wrong?. I'm a killer, a killer, I'M A KILLER!!."

    Lightning cracked across the sky again and all Deutschland saw were the whites of Ladon's eyes and teeth. He very nearly ducked out of the way, wheezing with the shock of being attacked by his own Clanmate, and one he trusted well. At this moment he knew, he would become one of the many anonymous murders. They had been Ladon, hadn't they? Was he behind the death of the she-cat as well? He wouldn't be able to know, because before he could comprehend what was happening, he had his teeth in Ladon's throat, and felt the sticky fluid pour down his chest. It was awful, and the German shepherd stepped back in horror. Ladon slumped to the ground now, half-dead, and Deutschland fumbled for cobweb. "Ladon! Ladon, I didn't --"

    "Thank you." The physician murmured as if he was at peace. Gone was his misery and suffering, but for Deutschland, it was only beginning. As he watched the life fade from his Clanmate's eyes, a criminal, but a Clanmate as well, he remembered when someone else had thanked him for their death at his paws.


    The bitch. The traitor. The one he had murdered in a spectacle in front of the entire Clan.

    Ladon. Sasha. Ladon. Sasha. Ladon. Sasha.

    It's funny you thought you could become a better person by learning the art of healing, but you're killing people the same way you've killed them when you were leader. Traitor! Traitor!

    The German shepherd stumbled back and forth, unable to tell his surroundings. He staggered and gasped. His shoulders trembled like leaves. He couldn't hear himself think. He felt himself slipping away, darkness edging his vision. Before he lost all hope and all wakefulness, he was able to fill his lungs with enough air for a loud cry. The name of someone he had always trusted and clung to. But he couldn't feel him anywhere, and he hoped that he could feel something again, something through the bond ... anything. "FELICIANO!"

    And the world went black.

    These events had transpired approximately 38 minutes from the opening scene. At this point, Deutschland was half awake and his flank rose and fell. The stench of blood on his chest was overwhelming his senses and he couldn't remember anything right away. He hurt all over and he couldn't get up. The rays of the rising sun warmed his pelt as he lay helplessly.

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    originally this was a much larger post, but i had lost it in a computer crash. i wanted to rewrite it when i had muse because i've been feeling pretty good about my muse level in the past few hours.

    seina (Ladon's roleplayer) gave me permission for Ladon's death. Ladon's dialogue was written by her as well. Ladon confessed to being behind the mystery murders and when he attacked Deutsch, he managed to kill him

    The prophecy at the beginning was written by Lycan/Laika



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    She couldn't lie still, there was an unease in her rest. She couldn't explain it but she saw those stars once again. The night Ladon had talked with her about what she had seen in her dreams. It was cold...dark...all except for the lights of those stars above...and below? A lake so clear that the stars seemed to come from both up and down. Yet, the water wasn't deep, almost as if she could step upon it. One by one those stars began to go out. She could feel a panic in her breath as she ran and ran, the darkness of the skies was choking almost, she ran and ran for where the stars remained, running like her life depended on it. When she saw her Opa look back at her in the dreams.

    She awoke to the floor of her den, unsure how to explain what she had seen. Only sure that she couldn't go back to sleep. There was this pain in her head she couldn't explain, it hurt, like a thousand ants trying to climb out of her head. She hoped that maybe her Opa had some kind of herbage to help with it. That...and she couldn't help but remember the dream. The fire had only been a few days ago, this couldn't be connected could it? was just a silly dream, like Ladon had told her before.

    As she exited her den, she closed her eyes slightly at the brightness of the sun beginning to rise in a dawn. There was a faint smell that persisted when she stepped outside. It smelled..foul, she remembered the smell from the hunting trips she went on with others...the smell of blood. She thought it only that someone had brought fresh kill to the pile, if it hadn't been for the Thunderland scent attached to it. Waking up from her daze she rushed to follow the smell, coming upon the three bodies, only one of whom still standing. With blood spilled everywhere, she saw Ladon, his throat torn, his fur now reddened, the fallen she cat, and her Opa, lying there, still and with little response. She felt a choking feeling in her throat. Struggling to breathe even, she could barely form the words as her front paw was fully coated in Ice, not frost. "O...Opa...Ladon?!", and then the first tear fell, the ground met with a frozen tear as it busted in tiny shards on the ground.


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  • He wasn't sure what moved him to try to stand up. For all he could care, he could lay there forever. But as he shakily pulled himself up to his elbows, the realization of what had happened hit him once more and he cowered in guilt, bony shoulders shivering.

    He didn't like to kill. He hadn't killed anyone in a long time. When the Sanguine Ruins attacked, all he had done was momentarily stun someone. It never felt good to take someone's life, and it wasn't just because it might harm his image. The fact that the life he had stolen was a Clanmates' shook him to the core.

    Deutschland did not make much of an effort to cleanse himself from the foam that was bubbling from his mouth, or Ladon's blood splattered on his golden pelt. He began to realize that he was bleeding from several areas, it must have been from the fight, but he could feel no pain or remember how they had gotten there. He stared at the ground for a moment, swallowing thickly, before raising his eyes to meet with Laika.

    Now Laika was close to Ladon, wasn't she? A horrible churning in his stomach began as he struggled for what to say. He looked awful, he felt awful. Something was wrong inside of him, he could feel it. He remembered the final word before his collapse, and even still, the static on his end of the bond worsened his condition. "Laika, he's ... It was me. He's been killing other people without anyone knowing, but he must have been under some ... influence." What influence, he could not tell, and only the afterlife could judge him now. The German shepherd did not necessarily fear punishment for his murder. Practically, he had gotten rid of a criminal and used self-defense. So why did he still feel so miserable?



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