a thousand bad times / dual-joining

  • Though he liked the Dark Dynasty thus far, how hospitable they were, and how much they fed him, the group itself was a bit slow. He wanted some action, even if it meant traversing to another group and living within it as well. Paperpaw decided that he would attempt to join one of the Dynasty's allies as well as reside in his new home. Leaving the bamboo forest had been a bit difficult, even if he had only lived there for a few days. It still meant much to him that they actually seemed to care. He supposed it wasn't something he was accustomed to, given that his parents had left him at such an early age. Part of him also felt as though they were all acting on some sort of level. No one could care for him as hastily as the Dynasty had. Paper pursed his lips as he traveled along, kicking at the occasional rock with his front paw. It was when the scenery began to vastly change that he became more wary. This was unfamiliar, uncharted. His jaw clenched slightly as he hopped over a root jutting from the ground, the trees seeming much larger than the bamboo he had been growing accustomed to. This was a jungle.

    Birds chirped overhead, causing his ears to twitch and eyes to glance upward. Though he saw no signs of avian life, he still smiled to himself. Perhaps there were more birds he could study here that he hadn't yet seen. It would be a worthy discovery. Knowing that there were birds helped him be at ease a bit more, though there was still tension in his shoulders as he continued along his makeshift path. This time he would not be making the mistake of crossing the border. He had learned his lesson despite Riku and Malakai being friendly and welcoming towards him. He hoped that the Thunderlanders were as kind, if not more so.

    Paperpaw slowed to a halt as the scent line became stronger, a pungent smell. The diluted ginger feline was quiet as he scanned the jungle that lay before him, hazel optics wide and wary. To say he was anxious was an understatement. With more food in his belly and his fur well-kept (as much as it could be at least), he felt a bit more relaxed. He was more in his element now than he had been in his previous state upon joining the Dynasty. With a wavering breath, Paper straightened his posture so he could look beyond the bushes, curious to see if anyone was approaching.





    Laika had been out on patrols for the border. At least...that was what she was doing in official terms. In truth she was looking for more berries she could bring back to her den. She was running then on dye and wanted to gather more she could use to make her maps. Maybe it was for that reason that she was brought to come across a strange new scent. She couldn't quite recognize it? It hadn't been one she had met before truly. As her tail was kept low, she began to step carefully towards the scent. Her ear were held perked at attention as she began nearing where the smell was coming from.

    Each step would leave a track in the dirt as she moved closer and closer to the bush. "Hello? Is someone there?", she would say in a soft voice, her head perking upward as she got closer towards it, her tail moving to a light hang as her ears perked in attention to the bush. There was a certain friendliness to her voice, lacking of a malice to it some might find elsewhere.


    ( LAIKA E. // TAGS  // 16 Moons // Child of Ventus and Kate)

  • There had been a time when a dual-alliance had been an interesting idea, but it appeared it was not to be. His alliance with the Cartel had been brief, brief enough he could hardly even remember the whole ordeal. He missed seeing Kalina around, but his place was here as were his loyalty. With his promotion to vice leader, Ellijah felt it would be inappropriate to keep up the alliance and had ended it before he became too invested in the Cartel's business. Being an ambassador was enough for him, despite him ambassadorship being on hold due to the foolish decisions of another. Still, he did not feel too angry about the whole thing, but was more disappointed than anything.

    It was the smell of the Dark Dynasty that caught his attention, leading him to where Paperbird had been waiting. He wondered if this was an ambassador, but began to doubt it as the other did not speak. His niece's voice stole his attention for a moment, but did not see her from where he stood. "Over here, Laika," he barked before looking back to Paperbird. Ellijah did not sense a malicious air about the stranger, thus he had no need to be overly suspicious. The recent raid had caught them off guard, but his home was far more resilient than they were given credit for. "Welcome to the Thunderlands - My name is Eli. Is there something I can help you with?"



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