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  • Riptide's weekly tasks this time around had been... very much not in his wheelhouse of skill sets. Arts and crafts, truth or dare... he was terrible at both anything regarding creativity and being open with others so those two alone would be causing him quite a bit a grief. And yet the task that he found himself most worried about was the advice booth. Mercy had asked him to set up a booth and give advice to his clanmates, and to most that would probably sound easy and maybe even fun. But to Ty... He barely even knew what he was doing himself most of the time, how was he supposed to give out advice to other people too? Honestly he'd be surprised if he didn't bring the clan crumbling to the ground after this, but hell, he was going to give it a shot anyways.

    Despite his concerns about the damage he might cause here, Riptide actually put a great amount of effort into building his little booth. He'd stayed up all night figuring out how to put the wood together, and after he finally did the end result was less than pleasing to the eye, but the big brute was proud of himself nonetheless. He even went so far as to paint the thing, taking great care to cover every last inch in a nice sky blue color. He then painted the words 'RIPTIDE'S ADVICE BOOTH' in rather scraggly white print on the front. Now everyone would be able to clearly see his booth and stop by. After setting up in a prominent area of the ruins, the piebald tiger hunkered down behind the wobbly stand and placed an 'open' sign on the counter. A long, shaky breath pushed from the midnightbringer's lungs and he reminded himself not to be such a baby. Now all that was left was to wait for his first customer; he wasn't going to announce it out loud, since he was actually kind of proud of his sign and wanted everyone to see it for themselves.

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  • If she'd known Riptide better, Mercy certainly would have done her best to assign him more suitable tasks. As it was, perhaps she'd... projected just a little bit with these ones. Arts and crafts were something she thoroughly enjoyed, and she almost desperately wanted some way to calm down other than cleaning or making tea for the millionth time. And, well, maybe she just wanted some guidance from a clanmate. Someome to talk things out with and get a second opinion from.

    If only it were that easy.

    She wanted to talk things out, she really did, but Mercy knew that simply wasn't possible. She could hardly bear the thought of telling Ver and Charlotte about all that had happened in the past with Barghest, Shadow Veil, and everything in between, and she was supposed to be able to trust her partners with anything. But as she approached Riptides booth, eyeing the colorful wood and bold lettering with a smile, she wondered what would happen if she were to just... dump it all on her clanmate right there and then.

    The Exiles' leader is my uncle and I hate his clan but I can't hate him. I used to be at war with Shadow Veil — I used to hate this place with every fiber of my being. But I loved it before that because I grew up here and I lived happily with Barghest and my mom, but my mom would want me dead if she were still around and Barghest has every right to want me dead but he doesn't and I'm still not one hundred percent sure how to feel about it.

    "Got any advice for an expectant mother?" was all she asked, her brow quirked in faint amusement. She'd been pregnant once before, but she wanted to hear what Riptide could come up with at his age, and with his gender.



  • Ver wished dearly that she could've had more assistance in her first few months within a clan, she'd struggled had been forced to learn on her paws. From figuring out enemies and allies to the strange running of things that had now just becoming a background monotony to her. She had come in fresh, only knowing of the loner lands of where to buy the best wears and which areas to not cross. She'd was street smart and that had kept her thriving in the clans for all this time, thinking on ones toes wasn't a gift for many of the ones she had gotten to know. She moved quick, and almost to much. Learned and soaked in information even if just like back then she didn't stop to think of the reprocussions it had on her mental wellbeing.

    Was it healthy to lead the life she did? To have to fight so many battles for many clans, to lead two and be in line for two others as well as tossing her paw whenever her allies needed an extra hand on deck. Of course it wasn't but it was rewarding to Ver, it kept her gears churning and gave her reason to survive. The praise, the touches and love in both lover and supporters eyes was enough for her. It was always enough to keep her functioning to make her life worth living. But fuck did she need a bit of help even if she preferred to keep her mouth shut on it.

    She'd inferred that was what this little booth was about when she caught Mercy's question as she strode up to her, one wing tracing along her back as she did before she looks at Riptide. Would she be asking some monumental question that could help her learn to life her life better? Hell no. ”Hey Rip, tell me; How could I be a better lover?” she asks cheekily from besides one of her said lovers.


  • I still can't smile

    the way you do —

    "What, do you want him to show you how to be a better lover or something?" Adara scoffed, not at all uncomfortable with asking such a question, and making it clear she wasn't serious. Who would ask that? Ver. Of course Ver would. All her life, for as long as she could remember, Adara had never snapped back at a superior, but the span of two months was all it had taken for Adara to raise a paw against Ver, and she could remember the distinct feeling of utter frustration all of a sudden. Not that Ver would actually be serious about such a thing, Adara realized, though, after a few moments. She was in front of Mercy, and Ver had made her preferences well-known already.

    She didn't really have anything she needed to ask advice about, as far as she knew. However, the soft clink of metal caught her attention, as she withdrew her broken blade, wondering briefly how fast she'd have to be to put it through Ver's eye, and if it was worth it.

    No. Despite how frustrating she was to deal with, Ver was still a superior. Loyalty and following orders were above all for Adara, she couldn't forget that. She shelved the idea for now.

    "Do you happen to know any good Cartelian craftsmen?" Adara finally asked, not quite looking up to him, though a ghost of a smile was on her face for the briefest moment as she spoke.

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    would I be able to change?

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  • "How could I be a better lover?" Her question makes him snort, and he has a mind to snap back at her and say something along the lines of, "Perhaps lose your bitchy attitude and we'll see." He drops the idea in the end however, uncertain why he'd ever say such a thing to begin with, and tilts his head curiously at their questions. What does the booth say? Oh ... nevermind, it seems the others are asking for advice. Is that what it's for? "Advice for ways to strip yourself of ... internal pains? Guilt, and the like ... " He didn't know why "guilt" was a thing that surfaced, but he thought it was reasonable enough of a question to ask.