well, what the fu- [O; Late Intro; Cat-trap]

  • Unlike her sister Octopaw tended to think things through at least a little bit. So it's probably a blessing her spunky sister wasn't there to run headfirst into the twolegs metal who-knows-what. It was pretty close to the kittypet border, but still certainly on their turf. And Octopaw didn't trust that one single bit.

    Mismatched eyes flickered over the metal trap, trying to figure out what it was, why it was here, and how to get rid of it. She could smell the kittypet food inside - it didn't look appetising to her, it was no fish - so she wasn't about to slink inside for something like that.

    Still, the tail-less cat couldn't figure out what the fuck to do.

    It was a bit heavy for her, so she wasn't pushing this away.

    Just leave it?

    But that could mean more show up... or more twolegs...

    If twolegs found their camp would they destroy it again.

    "Maybe it would have been good to bring Squidpaw... at least she doesn't overthink these sorts of things..."

    She pressed a paw inside, but quickly jerked back with its loud rattle. With pinned back ears Octopaw's fur was on end.

  • ToUQPFN.gif "Oh no, are you stuck?" Breezepaw asked as she saw the trap and the young feline by it. Her eyes look them over and was unable to tell if they were trapped from this distance. So the apprentice started to make her way over quickly. Afraid of what to do if they were really trapped in this metal thing.

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  • "Why would you even attempt to touch it?" Wolfshade rasped as he appeared from the undergrowth, slight annoyance evident in his tone. Maybe it was due to there being evidence of two-legs being in SkyClan's territory, or the fact that Octopaw was mouse-brained enough to stick a paw inside the metal contraption. The lengthy warrior prowled toward the two apprentices, neck craning slightly while his nose crinkled at the smell of kittypet food. "If you find something you aren't sure of, leave it be and let a warrior know. Plus, neither of you should be out of camp without a warrior, you should know that, Breezepaw." His gaze narrowed as he gave a huff. Yes he was aware she was very close to her warrior ceremony, but for now she was still an apprentice. With the tension with BloodClan, Wolfshade didn't want to worry about losing more clanmates.

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