just innocently sittin' near the nursery... no biggie.. {o}

  • It was a particularly BORING day around camp, and this slacker had some dark ideas on how to make it more interesting. Redghost was seated close by the nursery, alabaster coat standing out among the earth. A morsel from the freshkill pile lay between his paws, untouched. That was just for show. After a record breaking yawn, the tom carefully moved his scarlet gaze across the nursery.. eyeing the entrance. He stared it down, willing fate to give him what he desired. But he had to be patient.

  • tDBHRYH.gif Sunspots was making her way back into camp when she noticed the white feline. She didn't think much of it, since older cats often hanged out near the nursery. The maine coon was making her way past the den, looking for something to do. When she decided to talk to the other cat, "Hey there." she greeted.

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  • Redghost groaned and looked at the long haired she-cat, irritation evident on his face. Whenever he tried doing things like this he was always interrupted by a warrior. Or worse, that one time he had to talk to the DEPUTY. Lame. "Hey ol' lady, got nuthin' better to do?" He mreowed, tail twitching passively.

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    ”...Most of them just don't come to this one cause's it's a dungpit run by a paranoid rat." He quipped angrily, his tone cruel and jabbing. He didn't feel any sympathy for sorrelstar's plight, and wasn't about to show compassion. She was rude to him, and rude to his prize. Therefore she was an enemy.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ "Y-You might wanna remember who you're talking t-to." Sheepskin's voice rang out from across camp as he appeared from the warrior's den, face strangely stern as he stretched out his limbs before making his way over to where Sunspots and Redghost were lingering. The deputy tugged a mouse from the prey pile, holding it by its tail as he trotted over to the two conversing warriors.

    "What are you t-two up to?" The curly-furred tom asked as he settled down in the shade, paws fiddling with the mouse until he coudl take a proper bite out of it, eyes curiously flickering between Redghost and Sunspots.


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  • Redghost had little patience for this new arrival to his conversation, and glared carelessly at the deputy. "What's it L-L-L-LOOK like we're doing?" He chided back, lazily batting at the prey between his paws. His aggressive stare shifted over to Sunspots, a curious glint in his eyes. He didn't much care for this place, especially not after everything he'd seen. If he wasn't allowed the privacy he desired to bother some youngsters, then stirring up some commotion with these guys would have to do.

  • The fiery tabby had been listening to the conversation from across the camp, and she was going to leave them be, however...that was until she heard the next words to leave Redghost's mouth. "What's it L-L-L-LOOK like we're doing?" Immediately the Senior Warrior was on her paws. A deep anger was burning within the tabby's gut, a feeling she hadn't felt for moons. "And who do you think you are?" the burned feline would hiss, taking a step in front of Sheepskin. Her single eye burned furiously, and her tail lashed behind her stiff form. "Disrespecting a Senior Warrior, and on top of that, the Deputy? I ought to line my nest with your pelt."

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  • Loudpaw had been loafing around in camp, not doing much other than sunbathing and daydreaming about attacking the bear. When he heard some raised voices coming from near the nursery den, his curiosity got the best of him and he turned to see the small group of warriors, Flameseeker looking particularly peeved. Ears pricked, Loudpaw shuffled over, tilting his head to the side. The nursery was an odd place to be hanging around, the tabby noticed. Unless a cat had kits, why would they be there? "Why are you at the nursery?" He sniffed, partially hoping his question would mediate the rising tension levels.

  • "Tch! I don't see any senior warriors here." Redghost spat back, noticing that Flameseeker was really the only one there who was older than him. Not even by much. "Aye, I'd let you have my pelt. Looks like you could use it." he added, eyeing her scars. He meant it rather playfully however, and his attention was quickly pulled to the round apprentice. He offered only a shrug in response to Loudpaw's question, and leaned down to finally take a bite of his aging kill.

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    Shimmersong had heard part of the argument from the elder’s den, where he had been busying himself by cleaning out bedding. He had begun to hurry up when he heard his clanmates begin to bicker, and upon hearing Redghost’s words to Flameseeker, the tom shot out of the den and stood in front of his friend, his fluffy tail bushing out in anger. Playful or not, it was a rotten thing to say.

    “Hey!” he barked. “Don’t talk to her like that. What are you being so nasty for? Your clanmates were only trying to be nice to you. And Sunspots and Flameseeker are senior warriors. You’d do well to learn to treat them—and the rest of your clanmates—with respect.”



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  • tDBHRYH.gif The senior warrior was taken aback with how aggressive they were being. What had happened to make them this way? Her green eyes look to her apprentice, frowning slightly at the idea of them being rude to Loudpaw. "There's no point in yelling at them. If they want to be disrespectful then they can answer to Sheepskin or Moonstar." as the warrior didn't want to deal with this. They were acting like a kit in her mind. "Loudpaw, lets go gather some moss or patrol the borders. Redghost needs to learn how to get along with everyone better before they end up alone."

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    thunderclan deputy 29 moons girl hopeclaw x frecklepaw

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  • Alone? He was already alone, hell he wished he was even MORE alone. All these cats bothering him.. He had one simple thing in mind and of course, he couldn't have it. Figures. The pale tom just rolled his eyes and continued to munch on his cold meal, keeping an ear out for any other grumpy remarks.

  • — The green eyed feline watched warily from the shadows, as the others seemed to absolutely hate the pale tom with the cute yet slightly unsettlingly red gaze. Snorting as the one called for the other to follow, the black shape scooted towards the nursery on light paws, green gaze narrowed as it settled itself as close to the White tom as possible. "speech"