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  • Lynxflight figured, given the situation with BloodClan, a patrol was due along the SkyClan-DarkClan territory. Word was that a former BloodClanner was amongst the ranks of DarkClan, the mate of the leader, and that being said the fawn molly thought it was perfectly reasonable to keep an eye on the other forest clan, if they liked to sympathise with BloodClan so much. "I'm going on a border patrol to DarkClan. Who wants to come with me?" she called out with a light-hearted smile, voluminous tail lashing violently behind her.

  • The call of the word Darkclan made Sedge's head flicker over in a beat, entirely unprepared to hear the name of his birth clan uttered in his new treetop home. Even the word brings back flashes of bloodied rocks and cries of misery, he wished desperately for his family to leave that clan and seek safety. Perhaps going on the patrol, he could convince them if they come by. The dark brown tabby tom heads towards the fawn molly, unaware of Darkclans' political standing at the moment, being a new joiner. "I'll join with you. Any reasons for the patrol?" He adds, yellow eyes curious on Lynxflight.


  • The large tom padded his way over to the other senior warrior, greeting her with a flick of his tail. “I’ll go too!” He nodded to Sedge, noting that the male was trying to get back into clan life and was already offering to help. “Recently we raided Bloodclan and we’re trying to make sure they don’t retaliate. They’ve already torn some of our prey up. One of their former deputies is the mate to the leader in Darkclan. And if I’m not mistaken, the father to her kits?”



    mediator — senior warrior — roleplayed by zhar!

  • Turning his face up to listen to the larger maine coon, the dark tabby tom would let out a weary grimace. It was no surprise to hear that Bloodclan was still doing bad among the clans, although hearing Skyclan had set out a raid is quite interesting. He frowns at Hurricanegaze, feeling his stomach coil with the knowledge of a Bloodclanner being near his birth family, especially as the deputy. "I can't picture why the Darkclan leader would take to a Bloodclanner. I imagine taking a cactus as a mate would be more fulfilling." He huffs, feeling comfortable to joke with the other warriors.


  • Lynxflight figured one more warrior would do, perhaps an apprentice as well to boost their training. Nevertheless, she was grateful for Sedge and Hurricanegaze to offer their company, giving both toms an appreciative nod as they arrived, a light-hearted smile blessing her fawn-hued facial features. "Pretty much what Hurricanegaze said" the senior warrior chuckled, emerald eyes flickering between the duo. "I assume he is the father to her kits, yes...unless Eaglestar has been...out and about, to say the least" She wasn't one to gossip, but she had to admit that it was interesting. An amused grin swept across her muzzle at Sedge's statement. "Indeed. I'd feel more comfortable with a cactus in my nest rather than a BloodClanner"

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    Something... Something isn't right about him...

    Wordlessly, the blue abyssinian apprentice would make his way towards the group after listening in for some time. He usually preferred to stay close to camp if not only checking out the sunningrocks for a hot second, but checking out the DarkClan border shouldn't be too bad. Besides, he liked the mist-coated region for the most part: a few bad decisions as a kit with an apprentice had shown him exactly what to look for at every border.

    Nonetheless, Silentpaw's tail swept behind him as he decided not to keep entirely still, showing his interest in their conversation and, thus, implying he wanted to join them on their endeavor. Green eyes took notice of who was currently ready for the patrol: Sedge, who he had met before, then Hurricanegaze and Lynxflight who he seemed to have not observed well enough. Maybe he'd have to follow them around one at a time after this was all over, just to get more info on them.

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