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  • Well, shit. He was someone late to host another meeting after promising a strict schedule, but life had not been easy for the scarred wolf this week. Monitoring allies, coming up with plans and traveling to see if he could find inspirations, even if it was no excuse Feliks figured it to be a valid explanation - he'd just need to hope he would not across as hypocritical today. Things needed to be addressed, whether they were easy or not. Hopping atop of his normal dilapidated tree trunk, the Chief called "Thunderlands! Gather around for a meeting,". Enough time had been wasted already, and by the time several members had approached he'd already started. "First of all, the elephant in the room... or rather the mouse painted grey with googly eyes on its butt. The Sanguine Ruins attacked us unprovoked, and like their name suggests their attempt were decrepit and run down - when your attempts at 'revenge' have less warriors than an average patrol reconsider your life choices. I thank everyone who helped the Thunderlands in that even if it was pathetic. As the raid leader is also leader of the Solaris Kingdom and a Deputy in the Shadow Veil, I shall be discussing their actions with the groups to see if there is a way to maintain an alliance. I will need someone to come with me for that, it might not end well,".

    He twiddled his paw, unfortunately aware that he'd have to have a Thunderlander nearby to help keep cooler heads - Feliks had been known to irk foreign leaders after all... not that it could be helped. When they were so far up their own rears they could see the sunlight, he found it difficult to be courteous with them. Shaking out the fur around his neck, he'd happily move on from that tripe onto much more positive tripe. "Wind Haven has invited us to a Masquerade Ball, masks optional but let's be honest masks are the best part of them. Design your own and show them off there. Aside from that... things have been a little stagnant. I apologise for that, I'm not pulling as much weight as I should but I'm not the only one here. The way I've always seen it, clans are mountains. Sure the top is what everyone talks about and wants to get to, but without the base the whole thing crumbles. So, if you guys can help me out a bit and come up with ideas then it'd be appreciated,". He wasn't above them, without them there wouldn't be a clan, just an old man claiming to own land in a Jungle.

    "I wanna extend a warm welcome to Charlotte , enoch; and SILKTHREAD . Some of you have been here longer than others, but I'm always available should you need more help settling in. There's only one demotion today and that goes to Ezekiel. Warnings go out to Makaburi and Koday as well but I know you're both busy, don't fret, Raindrop's easy to get back to if you're still struggling come the next meeting. In terms of promotions, I want Laika E. to step up to Thunderguard or Squalltamer and SILKTHREAD to step up to Raindrop... and ELLIJAH to step up to Windseeker. I don't have much of a speech to give you, but you've been a loyal member of the Thunderlands for a while and I'd be honoured to have you lead should anything happen to me,". Bleh, for all he talked he still couldn't find a way to genuinely compliment others for their hard work. He was working on it, he promised.

    "Final note is that we've had a lot of Ambassador visits recently. Whilst I'm suspending Ambassador visits to the Shadow Veil and Solaris Kingdom until the issues are sorted out, it'd be appreciated if Ambassadors of other places let me know when they last visited their groups. If our allies are making the effort, it's only fair we make it back. Other than that, the meeting's dismissed, lest there are any questions or concerns,".




    As she showed up for the meeting, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of nervousness in the sparsity of the sunlight above. Did she work hard enough for the clan? Had she done good will on her constant visits to Wind Haven? Such simple things and yet so normal of fears to persist. Laika had promised her Aunt to work as hard as she could to keep them safe. Yet she knew that she wasn't the best combatant, not by any means. Not the worst, but nowhere near the best like those she had seen in that raid. Her Opa, Elijah, it was a true beauty in their movements she didn't understand. Hunting was where she was good at, and yet...that was entirely different from the brutalities of true combat.

    At the mention of Wind Haven, her ears would noticeably perk as she listened. "Yes...if anyone needs help with meeting those there, I will gladly help in introductions. Just be sure to find me there and I'll help you all with meeting.", Laika would bark as she reeled back from her sudden excitement. Lowering herself once again as her tail fell downward. Yet...soon came the light wag as she heard her name be mentioned. A promotion from her choice. It was such a tough one to make. The Squall Tamers, the best of the best in their combat, she could get proper training and become a sword for the clan. Yet the Thunder Guards, she knew her own specialty was weakened in combat...and that was a position she had failed her Aunt in. The shield of the clan.

    "I wish...I wish to become a Thunder Guard, to repair the dishonor I did my aunt, but Elijah will you please help me learn to properly fight even if I am not a Squall Tamer...During that raid, I realized just how little control I have over my strength, and how little I could do... I don't want to be like that the next times were attacked.", Laika would speak with a slight hurt to their voice at the end as she looked towards Elijah once they would arrive. This task, she hated feeling like she failed her clan to do task.

    "Feliks...I volunteer to go with you to visit these clans, if I can help keep Wind Haven with good relations, then I would hate to sit here and not even make the offer to help with this.", Laika would speak with a certain bit of pride into her clan, her family here. If there was something she could do to help them, then she was going to take it. Even if it sounded more like youthful enthusiasm.


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  • silkthread was genuinely surprised at the mention of his name, not once but twice. the fox at first thought he was in trouble when his named was called for the second time, but from what? he didn't know but it still frightened the canine. until feliks had told him he was promoted to raindrop. silk's eyes grew wide at the promotion and although small it meant the world to him. he was becoming part of something big. "i-i'll continue to do my best." he had said a small smile on his face. "congratulations to everyone else and condolences to the demoted." he simply said.

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  • Quietly he listened to the chatter and comments towards him, offering a vacant nod of his head every second or so until Laika spoke up about coming with him. His whole body paused, the male quick to contemplate whether or not it would be sensible to let someone who'd just admitted to needing more training. Someone who genuinely wanted you dead often wouldn't wait for you to grow stronger, not unless they saw your life as a toy. A hushed sigh escaped the male, and after some time he nodded once more. "We're dealing with a former AntiClan and a clan led by a violent torturer. I can't guarantee your safety, but you can help if you wish,". The Shadow Veil was not Wind Haven, it would never be Wind Haven, and whilst the Solaris Kingdom was ruled by someone who valued family over her clanmates it'd never come close to being the Wind Haven either. But, even as he disdained he realised he had no choice. Chances of rekindling a relationship with Hyperia were slim, potentially losing three allies in a month caused safety concerns. Clans like those were always scheming, always trying to increase their power, he'd rather not fall victim to it.



  • Unlike most meetings, Ellijah found himself rather curious about this particular one. After the raid, he wondered what would happen now as well as how Feliks would respond to the matter. Ellijah assumed his ambassadorship to the Solaris Kingdom would be placed on the back burner, and he had no qualms with that. It all seemed like child's play: Ruining something to obtain nothing. No causalities had occurred nor any serious injuries, so what had it all been for? The male gave a snort in response to these thoughts as he took a seat as the meeting proceeded. Talk it out? Maybe that would be a good course of action, but he wondered how well that would go. Being allied to several groups was tricky enough, but even more tricky when everyone else was be dragged down as well.

    With the demotions rolling about, he did not respond much to the loss of their stormcatcher, but was curious as to where Ezekial was wandered off to. Ellijah proceeded to listen, only to be taken aback by his own promotion. His jaws parted at new, unsure what to make it. Never had he expected to rise from a socialized child to the vice-leader of his clan, but it seemed life was full of surprises. "Thank you, Feliks. I'll do my best not to disappoint." Nodding at the last bit about the ambassadors, his eye looked towards Laika as the girl spoke. He pinned his ears back, not having expected to be asked such a question. Ellijah was no seasoned veteran, but he had no right to turn down her request. "Sure, if that's what you want."


    "If it's former, that only means our chances our words will get through only are strengthened...I won't let you down Feliks...", Laika would bark back as she turned and lowered her head to Ellijah. She was happy the leader had accepted her offer, especially if it meant he wasn't having to go alone to deal with these talks. She couldn't help but remember when the Hyperian Isles had last arrived, how Feliks had reacted to them at first, how he almost just gave in. Maybe if he had a friend with him this time...that wouldn't happen. "Ellijah...thank you, just tell me what time works to meet with you and I'll be there!", Laika would say excitedly as she lifted her head. This curse of hers, this Ice...if she just could control it then maybe...maybe she could actually help and not hurt them all more...


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  • He was making a much better effort to attend meetings, and he was proud of himself. He'd admit, he didn't retain much of Feliks' recantation of information. It did not directly concern him, and while in the back of his mind, he was fretting over the possibility of losing three alliances, he didn't think it would be such a bad idea. Alliances weren't extremely useful, and the chores of bringing gift baskets to other groups was boring. However, in a time of need, a Clan might not come to their aid because of weak relations. It was a delicate surface and he wasn't sure how well they could tread it.

    His ears pricked in interest when he heard his son's promotion to vice-leader. The German shepherd tipped his head up to look for Ellijah in the crowd. It wasn't too hard to do so, because Laika was speaking to him. After the meeting began to dissolve, Deutschland got up to pad over to the other canine. "Congratulations!" He murmured with a shining look in his eye. "You'll do well." The past few weeks were busy for Deutschland and he regretted not coming out to spend much time with anyone. He'd have to work on that later. He did not like the idea of Laika going with Feliks, but there was not much he could do, as she was an adult. "I can go with you to Solaris. Ver is leader there, correct? It might be the more ... 'dangerous' Clan. Laika could go to Shadow Veil with you." He offered, hoping his granddaughter would not be offended by his suggestion.

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  • He couldn't share Laika's optimism, but he supposed he appreciated it. It could've been too easy to have buckled under what he believed to be honest words, if the other Thunderlanders had hope that things could end smoothly, then perhaps his caution was unwarranted. Thinking such a thing gave him a nagging uncertainty in his gut, one that he was quick to ignore as Deutschland spoke next. At first the dog congratulated his child, a justified reaction he supposed (as was the thank you he heard from Eli), he gave an unsure tilt of his head as the conversation moved on however. Feliks was sure any other Solarian's bloodlust only extended to flowers and bugs, but underestimating assumptions were dangerous - who knew if Ver had created a cult of personality in her own Kingdom yet. "Yes, you're right," he admitted, giving a slight smile. "I... I mainly wanted to go there to see how much the Kingdom cares for their ProClan values, if Ver's done anything for them to warrant being used as pawns and nothing more... but if they're knee deep in the crap she's been feeding them they might not be keen to see the truth. I'll visit the Veil with Laika first, and we can depart for Solaris in a few days,".



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    The young girl had been sick in her room, but she was better now and she slipped out to the meeting. Sitting to watch them silently. Wondering what would come of all this.

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