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  • Eliminate Väla.

    That was his next mission and image how suprised he had been to found out that his former mentor actually was alive. For four months had he believed she was dead and then all of the suddenly he had got this letter telling him to eliminate his former mentor who he had thought had been dead for all of this time. How long had the organization know?. Why they had assign him for this task didn't come as much suprise to him. They wanted to test him and where his loyalty lay. With the assassin how had brought him into the organization when he only had been a child to get trained under her to become a future assassin or if he would pick the organization and kill his former mentor. He knew this was his final test to prove to them once and for all that he was one of them and prepared to do whatever they orded him to do.

    And he wouldn't disappoint them.

    Finalstrike had always done what they had asked of him, full-filling his missions without failure. He had survived through the final test all assassins had do undergo when they where six moons old, but he had got thrown in there when he had been five and all because of the potential he had shown and his amazing skill to adapt and learn. In return of his services he got to live knowing very well what happend to those how disappointed his superiors and so was intelligent enough to know not to ever disappoint them. Väla had actually been the one how had told him that. If he wanted to contunie on to live just needed to make sure to please them to accomplish all tests without failure.

    Former mentor or not, Väla was now nothing more then a target he was suppose to eliminate, a name to get ride of. Thier past relationship no longer matter not when she come inbetween his own life. Kill or be killed. That was the code he lived under and he was going to make sure he always was the survival to never be that weak victim ever again.

    The caracal stood by the border, waiting never having been around this parts before but he had done his research like he always did.

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  • What is left for me

    when I've given up everything —

    It was only fitting that his mentor, or rather, former mentor, was to come upon him first.

    Serpentine eyes that had once looked upon him with such coldness now held none of that, the dangerous, elegant air that she had once possessed gone, replaced with this shell of the person he had known. A ghost of what Vale had used to be, nothing more. Instead, a certain softness replaced where her cold exterior had been, somebody who wasn't capable of the work she used to excel at, that she had been built for.

    "Who are you?" Her head tilted a bit, her words accompanied by the soft whispers of her companions, the babbling of her snakes as they inspected the newcomer themselves from amongst her shoulders and body causing a faint smile to appear on her face. An ear flicked, and she added on, "They say welcome to Hyperia."

    And with those fateful words, the hunter had become the hunted, and Vale was blissfully unaware of such a change. That with that acknowledgement, the countdown to her final days had likely begun, and would be treated as prey, slowly backed into a corner until she was killed. Just as she had done to countless others. The Vale that Final had known would've been quicker about cornering her victims, silently slipping in and out, the only clear sign anything happened was the bite marks of a snake. The very snakes that she had assured everybody were safe, and that could never harm a soul had taken the lives of countless others before her arrival here.

    No name registered to her upon studying his face, her look still blank as she awaited an answer, tail flicking in anticipation as she waited for the child's reply.

    I tried my best to laugh at it

    but all I did was cry

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