THE NORTH REMEMBERS | o ; discovering territory + surprise

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  • The regal cheetah and her Knight Commander had found a new place for them to live. Free from worry as it was secluded enough where it was difficult to find to those that didn't know the path. But to her, it felt like home. She had wandered for some time, running quickly through the forests surrounding their home. As she observed the territory, she knew that this would be a perfect fit. Advantages to their territory everywhere, the trees in the Godswood full of prey to feed their troops. There was a vast land for them to farm their crops, able to sustain their home for years to come. Everything seemed clear and set for their new life. The only thing missing was an heir to take the throne. Despite being youthful, the queen needed an heir apparent. One to take the throne and continue the monarchy for years to come.

    She had suitors back from her original home, but none of them were cheetahs or could shift into one. Reina needed someone to supply her with the heir to the throne. Someone loyal to her that would not question the need, but understood the reason. The felidae seemed set on the idea and turned quickly on her paws. Through the Godswood and back to the castle, the Monarch had no clue where the vixen was. However, she prayed to the Seven that she would be nearby.

    Slender paws slowed as she reached the large fortress. Her gait was long and proper, her tail curled slightly at the end. Her copper gaze was hard as it danced around, looking for the one soul she needed to speak with. Queen Reina climbed the stairs of her throne, taking her place at the one spot she felt truly at rest. Lying down in the golden chair, she called out for the one soul she sought. "Knight Commander Dearlydeparted! I need to speak with you regarding an urgent matter."

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    Ill believe it all, there's nothing I won't understand


    What an odd title that was. So simple a name, but so difficult to label a place with it. Home. She couldn't remember the last time she called the location she resided in that. She...couldn't remember if she'd ever had a place like that. She couldn't remember where she'd been before here. Before Reina. This place was just like any other place to Dearly, and she's survey it with a logical eye rather than a hopeful one. So far, though, it all seemed perfect. Secluded, bountiful in prey, spacious for a kingdom...

    A perfect place to live...

    But was it home?

    "If you were looking for me the whole time, I wish you'd called first before you made me run with you so far" came a bubbling laugh. The twinkling giggle would come seemingly from nowhere, until two mismatched eyes would bloom from within Reina's own feline shadow. Peeling herself from the darkness, as if a shadow puppet come to life, the bony fox would smile warmly at her queen, "You think i'd leave you to explore on your own? C'mon Reina!" she rolled her eyes playfully, flicking a tendril of shadow off her fluffy tail to reveal the white tip, like an inverted paintbrush. Yes, this was a habit of Dee's. Always hiding in Reina's shadow - more out of an odd sense of habit than intentionally trying to give her a heart attack all the time. She just...felt safer in the dark. She felt safer when she was near Reina, where she could protect her.

    It was the least she could do considering everything Reina had done for her.

    "So what's up?"


  • The king cheetah laughed, a smile soft on her lips as the vixen regarded her with a fond and jovial greeting. Reina placed one paw on top of the other after the laugh echoed through the halls, a rare occurrence for the regal Monarch. "I find I must apologize to you, Dee. Forgive me for assuming that you'd remain inside and guard our new home. Of course, you have always been my guardian since we met. Which is why I bring you here." The queen stopped laughing and pushed herself to her paws once more. Climbing from the golden throne, her eyes were fixed on the young vixen. Nearly the same age, the two would make fine heirs to her throne. Of course, it did help that Dearlydeparted was a kindhearted and loyal soul.

    Her molten gaze had softened as she approached the fox. A smile still visible on her maw as she stopped in front of Dee. The queen's pelt felt warm as she built up the courage to ask the Knight Commander. Her heart hammering harshly against her chest, loud in her ears. This was important for their survival, for their legacy. The Monarch knew her role well as she had been preparing for it most of her life in her former clan. "I need to ask a favor of you. Seeing as my suitors are neither cheetah nor shapeshifters, I need someone to give me heirs to the throne."

    She paused, hoping that Dearlydeparted would pick up on what she was asking. However, part of her knew she would have to explain it to the vixen. With a sigh, the queen continued. Her face growing cold once more, fear rising in her and seeping into her bones. "Since you are a shapeshifter, I have to ask this of you. Are you willing to give me heirs?" Her tone was distant and cold as she asked, afraid of what the fox's response might be. Her walls building once more to protect herself from what could potentially be catastrophic.

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    Ill believe it all, there's nothing I won't understand

    The vixen would shrug, "Nah, maybe I should've been guarding the place - wish I could be in two places at once" she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly adding, "but I hate the idea of you being by yourself" she confesses. One of the biggest reasons she had strove so hard to become the head guard of the Monarchy. She wanted to be by her queen's side as often as humanly possible.

    Perking her ears, Dee would listen intently as her queen spoke, enraptured as always by every word. Ever since she'd woken up to find Reina, she'd never been able to distance herself from the woman. Almost like a duckling imprinting on it's mother, Dee would never leave her queen's side if she could help it. She just...she owed Reina so much. For keeping her around, for treating her kindly, for never making her feel lost and alone despite the constant smog in her memory. Reina was a light in the darkness, and Dearly would do anything to protect it.

    "My Queen?" Dee would ask, frowning when she saw her sovereign looking uncomfortable, almost distraught. Standing up, the shadows around them would begin to thrum and vibrate, like every shade had become a blackened pool reflection rather than the simple obstruction of light and now that dark water pulsated with ripples and creeping tsunamis. As a shadow elemental, Dee wasn't really all that strong. But as a teleporter with a mean shapeshifting skills...she was not a vixen you should want to mess with. And if her queen was in any way in danger...

    But then Reina spoke, and with Dee's emotions the shadows relaxed back into place. "Oh right, gotta have those crown babies" she snickered. She'd tried once before, shape-shifting her genitalia. It had been...weird, to say the least. Shapeshifting into a different wasn't as easy as turning a paw into a wing. No, it went way down deep, right into the brain and how it was wired - to the minute detail of every chemically charged cell right down deep to her DNA.

    Ok weird was an understatement, in all honesty it had almost been painful.

    But Reina didn't need to know that.

    Especially when she was throwing up those glassy walls of hers. Glass, not stone, because Reina couldn't possibly be so unreachable to the vixen.

    Pressing her ebony paw over Reina's golden one, Dee would smile cheekily "I was wondering when you'd ask!" It didn't take Dee long to put two and two together, what with the lack of cheetahs and great ass shifters like Dee. Plus, what better way to pull down Reina's walls than a bit of the vixen's typical humor?

    "You're probably going to have to give me a day though - takes a while to get all the dude stuff in rein here in the bod" she informs, just before closing her mismatched eyes. Sucking in a breath, she'd still her heart and let her mind go blank. Calling up only a picture of Reina, her graceful willowy legs and sleek bullet-like body, to her cute round ears and big nose. In a matter of moments, the vixen stretched and changed, replaced soon by a pure black cheetah. She might've been confused for a panther, had it not been for her new species' trademark skinny form and smaller muzzle.

    Blinking open her chocolate and lemon eyes, the new cheetah would look over her form, "Nice" peeking under her belly, she'd frown, "Well it's there, but I think i'm intersex" she ruffled her tail curiously, then nodded in amusement, "yep! Need a bit longer in the oven and we'll be dandy!" she promised Reina, elbowing her playfully, "I wonder if our kits are going to be obsidian like more or just have spots even thicker than yours! Oh man it's going to be bad ass being a mom -"

    Dee would pause, her mismatched eyes suddenly clouding as a dark thought plowed it's way into her mind. She suddenly felt the weight of that ever-present fog in her brain pressing down on her. That swarm of questions about her past, always stinging and itching without their answers, gaining a couple new hive members.

    The worst one leaving her shaky with it's potent venom.

    Dee wondered...

    Was this the first time she'd had children?


  • The regal felidae watched as the vixen had grown flustered, which jolted her cold heart. An emotion reserved for Dearlydeparted, the queen remembered the day that she had found the vixen alone and without most of her memories. Not that it ever made Reina question her Knight Commander. She trusted the beautiful vulpine with her life and knew that she would never be alone as long as Dee was alive. The golden hued cheetah, as she stood in front of the vulpine, watched as her cells transformed themselves. Her body morphing into a handsome, obsidian cheetah. Knowing that they would have unique offspring, she prayed to the Seven for their health. Despite being just a thought, part of her felt this maternal need to protect them. "Hopefully within a day you are ready." Her voice held a bit of joy and hope within its layers. Her heirs. Their heirs.

    The Queen was curious as well. What would their kits look like? Would they be the same coloring as Dearlydeparted? Would they be the same coloring as her? Would they have regular cheetah markings or would they have king cheetah markings like her? It was definitely a curious thought. "Dearlydeparted, a curious thought. However, it is one that will hold no value in the end. As long as the kits are healthy and cared for, that is The Mother's wish." Her copper eyes met Dee's mismatched ones. A softness to them spoke volumes as she held her gaze. "May the Mother bless us with the heirs of the crown." A prayer, a wish, a need. Reina could only hope that the Mother heard her plea.

    "Now, we have much to discuss about our home and defending our realm. On our run, what did you notice? Where are our weak points? Where are our advantages?"

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