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  • hi guys! i just joined with icarus and i'm very very excited to start writing and i want him to develop some relationships too! his tags are here if you'd like to read about him/his personality, but i've also got some small plot/thread ideas below!!

    - friendships! these are very very easy to make, there's a fair chance he'll treat your character like a friend even if they've literally never met (and they can totally get annoyed by that/not like him for it if you'd like)

    - enemies are difficult to make because he tends to trust others automatically and looks for the good in them, but if you have an idea for how to make this work i'm open to it!

    - he crushes/falls in love like. wayyy too easily so romance is always on the table! honestly he'll probably wind up with a crush on half of wh cause he's just like that but it can also be one-sided, or a short-term fling, or your character can straight-up reject him (actual relationships are also open, ofc, but i'm down for other stuff!). he's a unabashed romantic so he'll probably just try to be close to them, he tends to take a liking to people and then he pursues them by spending time with/getting to know them as much as possible and etc

    - stargazing with your character! he's like an intermediate-level astronomer and he loves loves loves the sky, can teach your character some basic constellations and will probably be very sappy and poetic about it too lol. or your character can see him like 20 ft in the air climbing a tree to get a better view and yell at him

    - he also loves books/poetry so he can always talk about that, orrr i was planning on him wandering off to some abandoned territories (or sneaking into some occupied ones) in search of a library so your character could always tag along or reluctantly get dragged with. he's been a wanderer most of his life so actually he'll probably end up straying on a bunch of 'adventures' and exploring other places in agrelos too

    - teach him about clans, medicine/farming, or other stuff! he's clueless rn and still figuring out how wind haven and groups like it function and he's also vaguely interested in healing and gardening... he has zero experience with it but he loves to learn! he's very curious and will probably ask questions and he can talk about his life and life in general in return. honestly if your character has any skills/interests/fun things about them he'll probably be very interested to hear about it; he's very inquisitive and a good listener

    - he's really open to anything tbh! feel free to throw out any ideas you have, i'll almost definitely be down

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    i need to reply to this boys joining thread but?? we need a thread my guy. maybe icarus tries to interest cass in the stars, since she seems generally unappeasable?

    maybe he's like... lowkey, "friend doesn't seem to be happy :/ i know how to fix that : )" and drags her up to the tree tops or smth?