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  • A chilling darkness swept over the western pines, any light that filtered through the dense nettles ceasing to exist almost immediately. The winds seemed to whisper louder, to call out names that were belonging to those who lived in the Clan. Ghostly bodies became apparent and brushed against those of the living, some malicious, some just aching for a touch. This was a Shade Hour, many had experienced one before, but surely this one wouldn't scare off any newcomers.

    Unfortunately, it would scare off one of the two leaders. Ambedo was walking through the quiet territory when the shadows fell silent and thick upon the grounds. He heaved a sigh and waited for the wandering and confused, to direct them back to camp and save them from the harsher souls that wanted to play awful tricks. But moments passed, seconds in silence, and striking yellow eyes fell upon two small, ghostly bodies. His eyes widened as he took in the two forms of his stillborn children, and though they possessed the deformities they were born with, they still shared smiles with their father. Smiles of understanding, smiles of unknown pain. Tears would pitter-patter on the ground, as despite a happy sight it was, it proved to be devastating to the young Shadowkeeper.

    He turned abruptly, swiping the image of the two kittens out of his memory and acting on instinct. He made his way home and tore a page out of an old book. With shaky paws and an old feather pen, he scrawled words into the tear-stained page.


    I'm sorry. I have to go. Don't come find me, I don't want to be found. Good luck.


    The letter was slipped beneath the other's door, and just as he passed through, he turned to leave. Haste quickened his paws and his body left the territory into unclaimed land, shifting into a nobody, someone who wouldn't be recognized once again. By the time he left, the Shade Hour would be lifted, as if acting only to torture the poor man.

    [ Mercy Reaver since it directly affects her hhh ]

    [ anyways! thank you for the experience i was given with abbi, he was (and still is) definitely one of my favorite characters to write out. i adored the relationships he was able to make and the roadbumps he was forced to conquer. unfortunately, however, i've hit a roadblock. and instead of clogging up the works, i've decided to take a leave from the leadership position. again, thank you so much! i love shadow veil to bits and pieces and will likely be back with another character, should i have the time. i love you all <3 ]

  • She'd learned to recognize a Shade Hour as it was starting. The darkness became almost oppressive, her vision nearly winking out entirely thanks to the shadows blanketing it already. Visuals aside, there was always a specific... aura that came with it, pricking at her from the very beginning. It brought about an eerie, unsettling feeling. Today, as the spirits began to break through the veil, the Whispering Pines felt even more sinister than usual.

    The Shadowkeeper acted quickly, trotting into the camp and raising her head. "Shade Hour!" she called out tersely. "Everyone get inside." As she made a move for her own den, the one she'd recently moved into to share with Charlotte, memories of the previous month came to mind — Adara, in somewhat of a panic, as one of her valuables was nabbed by a tricky spirit.

    She sat down with a sigh inside the safety of her den, wondering how long this one would last. Shade Hours never sat well with her, even if none had been fatal as of late. Something always seemed to go wrong.

    The silence was deafening as she waited, staring dully out the window, alone with her thoughts. Her eyelids began to droop despite everything — did she doze off? She wasn't entirely sure, but eventually the ominous fog began to lift and her heartbeat steadily slowed to a comfortable rhythm. Was that it?

    Drawing in a deep breath, Mercy rose to her paws and turned around to head back outside and check in on everyone, make sure if the Shade Hour was really over. Something stopped her in her tracks. She narrowed her eyes, letting them readjust to the darkness, before she realized what it was: a slip of paper. That hadn't been there before. With a tilted head she pulled it closer and exhaled very slowly, releasing a very small, steady stream of flame that didn't extinguish as she constantly fed it. It was a trick she'd been practicing lately, figuring it would be useful for drying herbs and reading in the dark, such as right now.

    Everything stopped.

    "What?" The single word felt too loud for the almost suffocating silence of the den. It was all she could manage to get out. Her heart sped up again as she reread the letter once, twice, three times.

    I'm sorry. I have to go. Don't come find me, I don't want to be found. Good luck.

    "Abbi..." This time, her voice was nothing more than a broken whisper. This all felt so familiar in such a painful, surreal way. Raising her head, Mercy thought back to her final day in PalisadeClan, when she'd left a note of similar caliber for her clanmates to find before running away and changing her name in the wake of tragedy. Please don't come looking for me, she'd written so long ago. Because if they did, they would have discovered a murderous, disgusting, sinful excuse for a woman. What did Abbi do?

    She burst outside with wide eyes, looking around the camp wildly. There was no sign of him. "Abbi!" Mercy cried out, though she knew it was pointless. "ABBI!" Was this it? Was he just... gone? She knew how easy it was to disappear if you didn't want to be found, having done it herself during her own time of crisis. This can't be it. Her throat felt thick and tight, her eyes watering as the shadows concealing them churned in a rapid, volatile manner.

    She hadn't gotten to explain herself to him, which he'd deserved from the very beginning. She hadn't gotten to figure out what had changed within him after the Exiles' raid. She hadn't gotten to tell him how much she loved him, how she was so unbelievably glad to be his mother.

    And now she never would.



  • Ver has fled when the darkness consumed the pines when the voices screamed and to many things were in her sight, corpses dead things of Hester year and those she’s seen before. Of course she had fled only to fly down when the pines were silent when the screams were a low murmur once more, just a whisper a echo of the past. Nothing that could hurt her, only living things could do that. But the twisted memory of Saoirse’s face, Yuuka’s, Soleil’s said differently. Physically they could not hurt her but yet they could tear her cadaver open, yes they could seize what little heart she still had and clench it until it burst and bled.

    Abbi shouldn’t have been added to this list of people she’d lost. The dead or gone, the failures.

    She’s met with the screeching of his name when she returns and the frantic emotions of Mercy, and the dread and disgusting knowledge of what is to come even if she doesn’t know, couldn’t know. Letters wouldn’t do jack shit for her, she didn’t know where he was what he wrote or if he’d killed himself. She expected the ladder, and how that made her eyes widen and fur raise as a low whimper purses her jaws. But she doesn’t want to think of finding his body, of seeing her apprentice once again broken and hunched over. She never wants to see him again so torn up, covered in his own blood and pain.

    He hated her and maybe at some point she hated him in return. The way he told her no to what she shouldn’t be denied from, the way he was made Leader long before he was old enough, the way it was his shoulder Nadine leaned on or now how he’d left without so much as a goodbye. without so much as giving her the chance to clasp her wing around his back to tell him thank you for everything; for being there when I couldn’t, For being my apprentice, for being my friend, for being my family. But she doesn’t get to see him doesn’t get to look into his eyes not as forced rivals or creatures on opposing sides of ideals but as equals. But as what they’d always been. He’s gone.

    He was supposed to be their best man.

    She knows he won’t be coming back, even without comprehension even without being able to read scrawled letters in the parchment. They won’t get a happy ending and most importantly neither would he. She gulps heavily swallowing down anger and most importantly grief, maybe in the dead of night she would let it out not for her loss but for the loss of them all but now she can’t. She finds she doesn’t want to scream at him to beat the shit out of them for doing this to them, for leaving on Mercy, his mother, Nadine, his siblings for leaving on her. He was never the same, would never be the same after what he had lost after what seeped from his body lifeless and scorned by life that should’ve been given to what was his. This was inevitable, fate that couldn’t be changed.

    She walks slowly ears flattened head low and wings casting shadows upon the dark until she reaches Mercy not pulling her into a hug or embrace quite yet but she lays down in front of her trying to be on her level. ”He’s not coming back... is he?” his scent isn’t stale it tastes still so fresh upon her nostrils but it doesn’t invite her to follow, she won’t chase after it onto the morrow. ”That’s what the letter says right?”


  • Leesha had heared Mercy's alarm of the shade hour which was coming however the young Nightwatcher had never got to experience a shade hour before so compare to everyone else she knew very little about what was going on. She had got informed about it of course, any child probably had to warn them and so they would know what to do once the next shade hour come.

    She hadn't gone far to begin with, laying outside her hut to read one of her books when the alarm had start to echo through the whole camp and everyone was preparing themself to run inside for shelter. Leesha would pick up her own book to prepare herself to found some shelter but didn't wanted to return back to his own hut to spend the shade hour there all by herself. She wanted to be with someone during this time because she felt scared to experience this for the first time and so didn't wanted to do it all by herself.

    She wanted to found her mother or one of her siblings. Anyone in her family she could be with right now. So she took of to try to found one of them to search for her mother or one of her brothers until Mercy's cry ringed into her ears. Abbi. That alarmed her more then the shade hour itself and it made the kitsune stop and look into thier leader den. Had something happen with Abbi?. Leesha needed to know but she felt like something horrible had happend. With a uneasy heart the Aeternum took herself over to where Mercy stood and just as she arrived heared Ver's words.

    He's not coming back is he?.

    What was Ver talking about?. " What's going on?, where is my brother?." she asked as she took up one of her paws, glancing between the two and could tell something was horrible wrong here just by looking at thier faces. She then found the letter which Mercy seemed to have dropt. It was turned with the words vinsible for her and her eyes searched for the words as she took some steps closer to it, reading them and it was then her heart broke.

    I'm sorry. I have to go. Don't come find me, I don't want to be found. Good luck.

    For her what the letter said was impossible for her to understand. Why her brother would just give them this short letter and then disappear out from all of thier lives. That couldn't be true, that didn't made any sense for her. " I..i don't understand..." This was not the first sibling how had decided to walk out on her. Ambi, her big sister had done the same, disappearing one day and she hadn't even left a goodbye letter to anyone of them. Abbi had but that didn't made it better in fact worse. While Ambi's disapperance where a mystery Abbi's intentions where perfectly clear. She didn't know what had happend to Ambi but Abbi had decided to simple leave and she didn't even know why. Why?. Had she done something?. Was this her fault?.

    yes this is my fault.

    he left me because he can't stand to be with me anymore.

    pathetic and worthless that's all i am.

    i beat our brother feels so relife now to finally having got ride of me just like ambi.

    soon enough everyone will hate me.

    they don't need me.

    they don't love me.

    Leesha started to back away with tears streaming down her eyes and shooked her head in despair before she simple turned around to run of straight into the shade hour to disappear along with the shadows.

    // wow wasn't expecting this, it's sad to see abbi go ): we will all miss him and you <33 leesha will have disappeared under the shade hour since i plan to make a oneshot about this because i've been waiting for a opportunity like this one for plots <33 also i'm sick today xD so i'm sorry for how horrible this post might be ahh.