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  • 「 now i know my — heart is a ghost town 」

    Rumors and whispers had moved through the loner lands about a seemingly magical forest. It was said that the canopy was so dense that no sunlight could possibly make its way through to the ground below. The only real way to see was supposedly luminous mushrooms and other microbes that somehow supported the other plant life there. Two groups were said to live in this vast terrain. The one in the east were almost like a band of rogues favoring their loyalty to each other then heavy politics. The other in the west had been said to have formed an very strong alliance with two other clans. A strong political move, but other then that the tales were quiet.

    After taking some time to make plans and mourn her loss she decided the Blackheart Rogues was the better option. Their values seemed to align more with her own in the sense of putting internal affairs a little above anything else. To her, loyalty to loved ones mattered more then trying to get involved in too many political affairs. It also seemed as though the Rogues were quite politically stable overall as well. It would provide an adequate situation for the witch since she wanted to be settled into her home before traveling further.

    The canine smiled as she approached the forest. To most other creatures she would be quite a sight. With a large witch hat, amethyst jewelry, satchel, and viper familiar she didn't take on the appearance of most joiners. She held a whimsical aura to her between her garb and her bright, enthusiastic smile. There almost was an irony to it since her coloring was so dark compared to her presenting persona.

    When Eva realized she was on the border she stopped herself. From what she had learned clans didn't typically take trespassing lightly. Considering how she was aiming to make this her new home she didn't want to start off with a bad impression. Her caution though seemed to earn an airy hiss of annoyance from her familiar.

    "Hush Merlin. First impressions matter and you know that," the femme scolded only to have him roll his eyes a bit. While she knew he wasn't entirely happy at the idea of living with strangers she hoped he would understand it was necessary. While she was happy to still have him they were still on their own. Not being able to talk to anyone caused her to get rather lonely. She missed the playful and compassionate nature her mentor had now that she had passed. While it had already been a moon it still stung to think about the woman.

    Letting out a soft sigh, she sat herself down to wait. She could only hope she would be accepted and that things would go smoothly. While she was certain she could try other clans this was her first choice. Besides, it would be good to get herself established sooner so she can be more consistent with her rituals and offerings. Of course though she would simply have to wait in uncertainty until a member arrived.

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  • ★ ★ ★ enjolras was certainly not much of a sight compared to evanora. fluffy white fur splotched with grey, a few scars, and a feathered necklace. he wasn't one for flashy accessories and liked to keep things simple. in his old body, perhaps he might've earned a few more glances over his long legs and large ears. this body was just a dainty ragdoll. simple, and down to the point. he had joined the rogues just a day previous, but he knew the motions of the clans and therefore felt no worry about greeting a newcomer.

    he did, however, worry about communication. he was slowly learning to read lips, but it was shoddy at best. with a soft sigh, he would offer the witch a tired smile as bright blue visionaries scanned her over. "bonjour," he said, doing his best to keep his tone even and at a somewhat normal volume. "i'm enjolras. can i help you?" the best thing he could do was speak with at least some confidence, and hopefully the former serval would be able to get by.


    enjolras harbringer . vf + bhr - emperor + rogue . male . ragdoll . biography

  • things were better in a body without the stingy restrictions of childhood. 14 moons, a year and two months. the body cerulean inhabited was a lie. he had been born not more than 4 months ago. his childlike demeanor shown through his matured body.

    these three characters, three real adults at that, had recently joined their ranks, or were on the way to do just that. two wolves, two cats. what were the odds. one of them particularly witchy looking sparking cerulean's interest which could not be said to be a good thing. the character whom was already a member of his group cerulean did not quite know the name of, nor did he particularly care. well, he may have cared if he were to figure out that the she-body was in fact inhabited by a male soul, but that was a point for another day.

    "hello, you three~" the feline purred as he approached, a childlike grin on his maw, "have you all started the party without me?" cerulean finished with a small tip of his head, clearly questioning the situation in some overt manner.


  • ★ ★ ★ the ragdoll had scented cerulean's approach, yet was still surprised to actually see him join their group. eyes widened just slightly and his ears flicked. what had the male said? he hadn't been able to read his lips, and only somewhat grasped the last few words of his question. "a...party?" he inquired for clarification, blue eyes resting on cer's maw as he waited for a response and voice slightly higher than intended. he fluffed up his fur slightly, feeling embarrassment wash over him as his lack of understanding.


    enjolras harbringer . vf + bhr - emperor + rogue . male . ragdoll . biography


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    December had settled in well since he'd first arrived, but that could go without saying. From the day he'd showerd up on their borders December had seemed determined to fit in here, to make himself a true Rogue and to call the land around him 'home'.The large, lithe canine had long since familiarized himself with the borders of his new territory and was out on a solo patrol when he caught the scent of others. Interest piqued, December would quickly make his way in their direction, eventually coming across a group of his clanmates with a stranger.

    "Hey guys, who's yout friend?" the young male would ask, not unfriendly, before turning his blue eyes to the hat-wearing female. "I'm Decemberlights, by the way."

    male - lupurca x jaguar - 7 months - 'heir to the Fallout throne'

    Known as 'Dizzy' to his friends, December is a young black and gold lupurca hybrid and the youngest of the Fallout children. Raised solely by his father, Fourthwall, he chose to return to his sires old clan to restore the Fallout name that was tarnished by it and the other groups.

    cheerful - protective- loyal - thoughtful - can be naive - spirited - outspoken - affectionate - wears his emotions on his sleave

  • you just like the chase to be real

    The woman came over next. Silently watching the others with curious eyes. She would simply watch and wait. Wanting to see this play out. After all, she was sure it would be fine.

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    it doesn't matter anyway

    you take my hand

    and you say you've changed

    but, boy, you know your begging don't fool me