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  • News seemed to wash across the clans quickly when a new leader was called to step up to the throne. She knew hers had when she had stepped up- not a single soul had seemed to be too shocked when she had first sat on the boulder in fourtrees... She had only went to that gathering to give off a silent warning, that she led SkyClan now, clans would no longer be protected by Minnowstar's naivety when they did something wrong... the message had been especially for BloodClan.

    They didn't get the hint.

    Even after she sent them another rather... loud message when SkyClan raided them and received a victory in BloodClan's own camp. It had only been a few sunrises ago since BloodClan had decided to trespass and slaughter their prey.

    Truly she hoped that Rulindil actually had a bit of sense left in him... he use to be within BloodClan himself. Today would be a test to see if he's changed just a sliver since he roamed the streets.

    She seats herself down at the border. "Didn't hear him argue when Lizardstar made a fool outta WindClan... he'll just turn us away. Though some leaders have their deputies on leashes, now that he's in command who knows... maybe well be surprised." She comments silently to the three other felines who accompanied her. She made sure to keep the numbers small... the tribe had accused them of bringing a "war patrol" last time...

    Well compared to the tribe, truth be told it exactly didn't take much to over number them.

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  • Truthfully, he had no real opinion on Skyclan. They were a clan and that was that. While he respected them as much as he did the other clans, save for perhaps Darkclan, a clan he still had to have a mental battle with himself to decide the outcome of their relationship with Windclan. But at that last gathering, which he wholly regretted wasting his time to go to, he couldn't help but get the feeling that perhaps Lavenderstar was fucking insane. Of course he thought that of most cats, that they were all batshit insane. But he also considered the gray and white furred leader a friend. Not to mention he might've had a massive interest in the considerably younger mediator of theirs, but that wasn't the point.

    As quietly as she had spoken he'd heard what she said. Maybe it came with being blind or maybe he'd always had excellent hearing, he couldn't quite be bothered to remember, but he had managed to snag scraps and endings of what she'd said and she was genuinely lucky that he cared very little about other cat's opinions of him. "Lavendarstar," he rumbled out a quiet greeting as he landed before them on massive paws after the slow, leisurely walk it had taken him to get here when he'd been alerted by a warrior. "I take it you're here for a reason," he spoke, an imaginary eyebrow lifted over dauntingly empty eye sockets. He knew why she was here. He knew exactly why because despite what he would've preferred it was no secret that he was leader now. He just wished these cats had given him time to settle in before jumping on his ass for alliances.

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  • Honestly, Cloud was just happy to get out of camp with a group more than just her. The attack and kidnapping she experienced left her scared to be alone and by Starclan it had gotten extremely stuffy in that camp. Despite all of this she often ran alone but into a group, she refused to be alone and she just found herself trailing alongside Lavenderstar and joking with Ruddypaw. "It's okay, anyone who sticks with Bloodclan has bees in their brain." her voice was amused and joking, blue eyes soft as she walked with a swishing tail, smiling at Ruddy once more before turning back to Lavenderstar as she stopped, slight confusion flooding through her before the scent of Windclan hit. Ah, right. Windclan! It was a smell that Clouded didn't smell often, foreign to her nose. The deputy, or now leader, was also foreign and she'd offer a dip of her head to him and a bright, shaky smile. She hoped he didn't see her or even paid attention to her at the gathering with her screaming, her crying and her cursing of the old Windclan leader. "Hello! Hope you had a great day," she'd meow, seating herself besides Ruddy, aiming to slightly bat at his paws with a surpressed giggle.




  • Smelling SkyClan and approaching in interest, Fluxgrin would bound up in a skip and a hop to settle beside their new leader, only an intimidation factor because of his size. The huge smile plastered across his face was a giveaway he was more excited than anything. and his gaze of ashen drawled across each cat as he absent-mindedly hummed a little melody. He did not know the one with the big teeth and the fluffy one who asked about their day (she seemed nice), but Lavenderstar was definitely familiar. He'd been an apprentice the last time she'd seen him! He believed he'd made a good impression on her, at the time. And he couldn't say he disagreed with SkyClan about the whole BloodClan issue.

    "Woah, hey! It's the tree people," he chimed, voice alight. "I thought for sure we wouldn't see you again after you made the old bossman flip out at the Gathering. Looks like you don't give up easy- I like that, nyahaha," giggled the boy of night and snow. In response to Cloudedpaw's question, the young warrior nodded his head, demeanour as light and simultaneously dark as usual. "Oh, I've had a great day! How about you??"





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    kestrelswoop trailed along after lavenderstar, not nearly as enthusiastically as cloudedpaw. golden eyes watched the fluffy apprentice joke and smile with her peer, cinnamon tail tip twitching erratically. how could she jest at a time like this, when they were going to discuss serious matters with a clan whose relationship was strained with skyclan after the gathering? it was perplexing. and after everything she'd been through... she was certainly strong, but now wasn't the time to be lighthearted.

    he stopped beside lavenderstar, taking in the sight of the moor before him. (he didn't know how windclan cats could live in such an open, unprotected territory.) the only acknowledgement he gave to lavenderstar's words were a grunt, gaze momentarily flickering over to the grey molly. if she believed rulindil would turn them away, why come in the first place? whatever. we're here now. and speak of the devil, here rulindil came. empty eye sockets bore into the pelts of the skyclan patrol, and kestrelswoop would silently admit that it was a little unsettling to stare into those empty abysses. the senior warrior would remain silent as rulindil and lavenderstar spoke to each other, allowing the two leaders to handle it. instead, his attention was focused on cloudedpaw and the other windclanner who had approached. he had come equipped with a smile and overall disposition that was equally as unsettling as rulindil's empty eye holes, if not more. and cloudedpaw had struck up a conversation with this eccentric tom, further emphasizing her unusually cheery demeanor.

    for now, kestrelswoop would watch, and make sure the two apprentices didn't do or say anything stupid.

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  • It wouldn't take long at all for the newly appointed leader to show his face, and another familiar face would approach the scene quickly after him. Er... that was the "tree people" kid wasn't it? Yeah no- that oddly distinguishing laugh confirmed it all. Cloudedpaw and the tom were quick to begin to stir up a conversation so her emerald gaze shifts back over to the blind leader. "Rulindilstar?| The molly teases, "Here for a reason? No. We just like taking strolls to the WindClan border... sitting down and staring into the moors... y'know?" Perhaps to most this wasn't a time to joke, but if her teasing around in a friendly manner was enough to change the answer she'd receive on what they were about to discuss she didn't want it. If you didn't have a sense of humor you probably wouldn't work very well with Lavenderstar anyways... but Lav has had a few encounters with Rulindil in the past. They had even butted heads during his BloodClan days, surely he didn't mind a few jokes?


    "You're no fool. You know why we're here already. Now that your head of the stage I'm here to ask... if you want to continue our trial alliance. Or even be full allies. I respected Lizardstar, I still do carry some respect for him but what he did at the gathering, cutting off our potential alliance in front of everyone is foolish. Don't take this as a threat, but I hope he knows that some leaders would have been quick to make an enemy out of WindClan after that. He would've been placing that burden on your shoulders too. But I can still see a future for both SkyClan and WindClan... WindClan helps SkyClan and in return SkyClan will help WindClan whenever they need it... like a proper alliance should be." She knows her words are bold, that perhaps she should be keeping her sentences short and sweet, that she probably shouldn't have even mentioned Lizardstar- it was well known by now that wasn't how the gray molly rolled.

    She was real, she wouldn't sugar coat her thoughts to cats, especially to a clan shes hoping for an alliance with. She sought a real alliance with WindClan, she wanted SkyClan and WindClan to carry trust within each other. To thrive with each other just like Lavender wished that for all her other alliances.

    Sugar coating would do no good.

    "What do you think?"



  • It seemed like the more she spoke the more he frowned. She was a friend, yes, but not someone he would joke around with. He didn't really consider her that kind of friend. Actually, less of a friend and more of an associate, but perhaps if he did go along with this alliance they could become friends of sorts. Of course he would have his requests of her and Skyclan that they respect. But judging by the way she spoke, getting down to brass tacks, he wasn't going to be very fond of an alliance with her. But for a symbiotic relationship of sorts that offered strength and assistance when necessary he saw a purpose in holding back his annoyance with her and playing nice.

    Forcing a dry smile he chuckled along, "Hm, Rulindilstar. I actually did consider the name for a bit, but it's still a mouthful." He'd considered it, yes, for a very long time. The name rang in the back of his mind like a mantra in that soft boyish voice of Cane's when he's spoken it to the Windclanner. Something about it was comforting to him that made him feel a tad silly for eve thinking of playing with the name.

    "I don't necessarily appreciate you calling Lizardstar a fool," he rumbled with a slight tilt of his head as he "looked" to the side, head facing away as if he were pretending to consider the alliance. Who would've possibly become enemies with Windclan in your defense? What allies do you have left? He thought spitefully. After all the shows that she'd put on with her clanmates he found it hard to imagine Skyclan having any kind of allies left, but he supposed it was always right to expect the unexpected.

    "Fine.. we can give another trial alliance a shot," he grumbled out with a nod of confirmation. "For the time being don't come asking for help in any kind of raid against any clan," he'd keep it vague as he put emphasis on the 'for the moment' part. They had no business knowing how long Windclan had been recovering, from what, and how much longer it would take. "I hope we can make this work," he finished with a polite nod, waiting for a few moments to hear if she needed anything else or had any kind of questions for him.

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  • And immediately the bright look in her emerald eyes dimmers and her small smile drops. Ah, so we weren't going to be lighthearted about this? Very well, she could say she tried at least... "Do you have fluff stuck in your ears? I said what he did was foolish, I never said he was blatantly a fool. It takes more then one dumb action to receive that title..." She shoots back with narrowed eyes, "You know, SkyClan didn't exactly appreciate Lizardstar dropping our trail alliance in front of the whole forest. Saying we were the ones causing problems was far from the truth, we were peacefully trying to hold a discussion. The other clans were the ones who made a big deal out of it... not us." It had been a mistake coming her hadn't it?

    She bites her tongue for a few moments, listening to his words. She could just tell by this brief interaction this was going to be a waste of time, and she didn't need SkyClan getting into anymore problems... "I'm done with trial alliances. I want an alliance and if WindClan isn't ready to help SkyClan while SkyClan on the other hand would be willing to help WindClan I don't want it. Look Rulindil, we're already on thin ice with each other the way it is. Forgive me for wasting your time, but this just isn't going to work, it doesn't take much to see that as hopeful as I want to be." The only reason I came is I thought perhaps you'd be different.She wasn't know what she was thinking... at the end of the day though she wasn't this desperate for an alliance. She had RiverClan, she had potentially ShadowClan... two of the more bigger fish in the forest.

    SkyClan could survive without WindClan, she had just wished that they could be on good standings but she could barely not butt heads and hold her tongue with their newly appointed leader- and they have been talking for a mere two minutes.

    "Lets just remain neutrals. I think its clear just by this short interaction we're not ready to be allies with each other, even in a trial. Perhaps in the future Rulindil."

    She glanced over at her patrol what were they thinking? Should she have the shut up and taken the trial alliance?

    Lav just couldn't do it. It wasn't in her.

    SkyClan only deserved allies that would help them, allies that they knew they could trust. Its why she dropped the alliance with the tribe, it was why she was now turning this one away so quickly after proposing it.

    "We'll get out of your fur." With that, she turns around and begins to walk away.

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  • Biting his tongue he held back from a few snappy words. His patience was definitely wearing thinner than usual with her. Calling Lizardstar's decision foolish was still the same as calling him a foo. But maybe it was her fault that they both sounded like insults, she was quite prone to insulting cats anyways. Shaking his head he merely sighed. She really had a way of annoying almost everyone around her. Maybe it was her old age, she was twice as old as him anyway.

    Ears pinned back as he clenched his jaws. She had some gall, or a whole lot of stupidity. She was coming to their border, Windclan's border, demanding an alliance and when he complied she decided that a trail alliance just wasn't enough. "Perhaps that's for the best," he agreed with a simple nod, head turning away he grunted. "Maybe we can talk about this another time." When you stop demanding so much like a child that thinks they deserve the world. He held back, tongue just barely touching the insides of his teeth as he had been fully prepared to spit the words with pure spite drenching his tone.

    "Have a safe journey back," he grumbled after the Skyclanners as they turned away, not meaning an ounce of his words. He hoped that they got mauled by that bear that was wandering around.

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  • Though she had laid low during the course of the interaction, she had heard everything discussed between Rulindil and Lavenderstar. The large chocolate lynx point found her lips curling up in a bit of a snarl the more the SkyClan leader spoke. Calling her mate foolish and accusing him of making 'dumb' decisions. Had she really come here to insult their recently retired leader right to their faces? Stormfeather's tailed lashed as Lavenderstar continued to make excuses about the Gathering. Given the other female's hatred of the Clan where her brother lived and ruled, Stormfeather was already wary of Lavenderstar. But this really sealed the deal for her.

    As the SkyClan patrol seemed to be on their way out, the thick-furred molly finally spoke up. "I think you'll find it wise to avoid coming back here and besmirching my mate's name," she mused, trying hard not to spit the words at the older cat. "And BloodClan will not do harm to WindClan - my brother Bune made sure of that. We've no reason to unite against them." Even with Lizardbounce stepping down from leadership and Rulindil taking his place, she knew that Bune would honor his vow to WindClan. Her brother had voiced his dislike for the new leader in the past, but Bune would be true to his word. He would never allow harm to come to the Clan where his kin resided.




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  • The lean bodies of Skyclan warriors peak over the hills, drawing their patrols attention. Pinewhisper is wary to see Lavenderstar among them, nothing good ever came of leaders coming to the border. She had attended the last few gatherings and the Skyclanners did have a tendency to stir up situations, to put it politely. She had no finess in clan politics but it seemed even Rulindil was exasperated by the tense and brief meeting. As soon as they'd arrived, they were leaving.

    Her ice blue eyes flicker with a second of uncertainty to Stormfeather. She seemed so absolute that the bond between siblings would stop any sort of problems arising. But with the distance from the city, with the cats surrounding Bune now ... her eyes turn back to the Skyclan patrol. Well. She wouldn't put so much faith in family.