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  • the kitten was... well, young enough that no one really knows who he is. a mystery to everyone of every his abouts appeared. the bicolor kitten was a favorite of of his siblings, to his parents. as he assumed, anyhow. nightfall was his mother and he liked her. that was enough. as all kittens, they are awfully loud, adventuresome, very excited, and want to have everyone's attention. and that was fishkit.

    a natural born leader, and work oriented kitten. fishkit wasn't trouble enough to have such ideas small kitten running off, and getting into trouble. instead, he enjoyed the sweet comforting kitten life he had.. well to enjoy. he already knew he needed to get his muscles into tune before his apprenticeship. that's where the hard stuff starts. he was about 5 months old, and he already started fights with npc kittens and getting sent to the medicine cat den for rough play.

    he bit his lip, in interest of want the older kitten could do. he could run around, get his legs in action--his siblings were more keen to play around and 'spar'.


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  • Why was it that kits were so helplessly readable? Without having developed the means to mask their identities, their emotions played like ripples across their innocence unveiled. Their lives were simple, easy and cushy, linked to the soft golden light that streamed through the woven reeds overhead, and the healthy roughhousing that prepared them for their apprenticeship. It was a stage of learning, of being stung by bees, of learning the foundations of relationships, and core societal connection. The complexities of life lay far upon the horizon at that young age. They had little more to worry about than what their denmates were up to, or what story the elders had prepared today.

    Kind silver eyes found the kitten sitting lonesome, and while he felt no obligation to come and talk to the boy there was no harm in it- he'd just woken up from his second sleep, and at this time he'd usually be eating breakfast. A quiet chirping sounded from his maw as he slowed to a stop at the kit's side, "Hello."

  • his yellow eyes flickered towards the tom that arrived and sat down. he did not know who this tom cat was but, alright. maybe he came back from a hunt, or was guarding the borders. he smiled at him, "hey, its fishkit." the young kitten didn't know what to offer the other tom. "good hunting today?" fishkit asked.

  • He smiled back at this ‘fishkit’, mercury eyes shimmered beneath the cool morning glow as he stared, a certain childish bewilderment taking to his dark, brooding features. ”I— well.... I.. haven’t been hunting yet today,” his quiet answer was pure, there was little reason to lie to the kit, “Hopefully I’ll have time later after my meeting with Tempestwing- I heard Sharkpool found an amazing fishing spot... I-I’m curious if the rumours are true... He drew out the word ‘amazing’ in a comical fashion, as if exaggerating the importance of a ‘good fishing spot’. In reality any skilled Riverclanner should be able to fish anywhere, regardless if the water flowed slowly or not. That was why the other clans would never be able to replicate the subtle nuances involved with Riverclan’s fishing techniques- they were skills and abilities passed down from generations to generations.

    He had come to appreciate that kittens could be effortlessly good listeners. They had no ability to pass real judgement, their minds were still immature, their worlds small and philosophies simple. He hoped Fishkit would cherish this time in his life, this blissful ignorance where the world was a trove of learning ripe for the reaping. Gladestar couldn’t help but feel optimistic toward the future generations of Riverclan as his gaze fell easily over the black and white kit. He had a clanful of cats that cared for him, regardless of how he came to be. And if Gladestar navigated through the complicated politics of leadership cleverly, Fishkit and all others born at this time would grow up in peace, without the constant threat of Bloodclan defining their everyday lives. “Are you exited for apprenticeship, Fishkit?”


    *:・゚✧every storm

    runs out of rain

    two moons

    named for bella-

    donna flower

    silver spotted fur

    pale green eyes

    chipped left ear

    curious but scared

    Everything about Bella seemed to tremble.

    He was so self-assured-- so confident-- so certain-- Fishkit. That was the name he'd given?

    Bella padded forward. Slowly. She was curious as ever, but hesitation sunk its claws into her and pulled her backward, slowed her down. She didn't leap and bound and shout as she might've a few weeks ago. She took a seat beside Gladestar, wrapping her tail around her paws.

    She glanced up at him. He was a lot of things to her-- leader; protector. She felt safer around him. Because he'd always keep her safe. Right?

    Then again, she'd thought the same about--

    ("foxhearted little brat, this is for your own good--")

    --she was fine, she was fine, she was safe. She was fine. She blinked up at Gladestar, reminded herself, then turned to Fishkit, still keeping his image in her mind. Safe.

    What had fallen apart? When? Was the boundless, excited kit she'd shown the world the true Bellakit? Or was she honestly this shaky uncertain girl? Did she know how to be real anymore-- had she ever? Her pale green eyes glimmered and her silver spotted fur gleamed in the sunshine. Just how different was she? Just how much of her had always been an act?

    "H-hi Gladestar!" she chirps, trying to be... normal. Whatever that is for her. "Hi Fishkit."

    She looks over the other kitten. He's older than she is-- closer to apprenticeship. Gladestar's question sends a thrum of anxiety through her veins. "Who do you want for a mentor?" she asks, voice low and conspiring-- in equal parts curious and nervous.

    (She'll be an apprentice too. Not so soon, but eventually. The future hurtles closer, no regard for the past.)


    b e l l a k i t

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    love fishkit btw!!

    you've got a big heart

    & the way you see the world,

    it got you this far

    bellakit. 2 moons. riverclan.

    looks for magic everywhere.

    energetic ; adventurous ; glowing

    reckless & what are "rules" again?

    named for belladonna flower

  • the talk of apprenticeship made her feel so grown up. unlike fishkit, however, she did not display her feelings with excitement and confidence. it more so made her nervous, she hadn't been practicing any skills and had been a bit lazy. many little things tired her. she felt as though the world was passing her by, aging her fasting than she was prepared for. truth be told, saturating her social life would take more energy than she seemed to have.

    she trailed toward the scene, looking from cat to cat and noting the faces that should not have been strangers to her anymore but still were. she came just in time to catch bella's question - "who do you want for a mentor?" - and gave her brother a curious look. "maybe mommy could mentor you, bubba. would that be allowed?" she glanced at gladestar cluelessly, poorly trying to incorporate herself. the five moon old kitten liked the sound of her own idea.

  • to the young kitten's surprise, the older tom brought others to their presence. his eyes watched and studied the other felines. bellakit, daisyshell and gladestar. unlike the others, he got to know who everyone was in the clan, from mostly asking people who they were from npc characters. however, fishkit was new to the clan, being he was brought here from his mother. "apprenticeship? its in a moon's time away, i am excited but i am trying to relax as i may not have the time to later," he meowed. he knew that the apprentices were pushed hard for their training to be warriors. they needed to learn to follow the old warrior clan ways, history, ranks, and know the clan. be loyal and be brave.

    in all, he loved his clan. and his clan mates. "if the water is still open, in a moons time, id would like you to show me, gladestar," fishkit stated, smiling at the tom.

  • //hh daisykit is precious bean...

    you've got a big heart

    & the way you see the world,

    it got you this far

    bellakit. 2 moons. riverclan.

    looks for magic everywhere.

    energetic ; adventurous ; glowing

    reckless & what are "rules" again?

    named for belladonna flower

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    Her kits were five moons old already. How had the time flown by so quickly? It felt like only yesterday she was cradling their small, helpless bodies that couldn't even see the world yet. She smiled at Gladestar as the pitch-black feline sat down before looking to Daisykit. "I'm sure that if Gladestar was okay with it, I could mentor Fishkit." She says. "However, I know he wants to become a warrior, so I'm not sure how well I'd be able to prepare him for that with my duties as a queen." She says happily. "I think he'd be better off training under a warrior instead of a queen like me."

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