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  • Another slow week, but maybe that was a good thing in comparison to the weeks where they'd been struck by raid after raid. Ver would crawl onto the leaders rock, sitting proudly upon it as the bonfire raged below her she lifts her head up to howl and as always it's the call of the meeting the utmost start of it. She has less to say this time but it is no less important, no less integral to them. ”Solarians! Gather for another clan meeting!” she knows what is to come in due time and she wonders if they expect it to.

    She licks her lips and stands up when enough have gathered, she looks at them from above the flames, her body lit a elegant orange from below by it as the stars strip the black inky sky behind her. ”Sadly we've been doomed with yet another slow week, but don't let that damper us! We still have events going on and we are strong” she'll always remind them of that until the believe it fully within their hearts, she hopes it stays and remains with them even when the Kingdom collapses hopes their pride as Solarians will stand the test of time forevermore until this world breaks apart and the sky falls. ”Firstly our newcomers we only have one this week but he looks rather promising, a warm welcome to you CHEN! welcome to Solaris!” one was better than none, quality over quantity right?

    ”As for promotions we have just two Dimitri. i'd like for you to step up as Sunguard and for lucarina to step up as a Trailblazer, if either of you need any help adjusting to your position please come find me or one of the Knights and you'll get the help you need” both ranks were low pressure when it came to affairs of the clan but they were no less important, they were the proven members of the clan the thumping blood in their veins and the ones who could go further if they applied themselves and showed greatness. ”A shoutout this week goes out to Claes G.D. nice work bud, keep it up” he'd always been a hard-worker from the second she'd met him, a good man always and one of the members of Solaris that she could put her full and complete trust in. ”But to put a damper on the mood I've been informed that my daughter princess CARMENERE has stepped down as well as IKEASBITCH she frowns, like Ambrose before her she too needed a break, she hoped in time she would return rather with a new attitude or with maturity at her side. ”Warnings have to go out as well; NINE-S , ~THEA~ and Lorelai Million i'd like to see all three of you around more” all three were those she trusted and put her reliance in, it would be a shame to lose them now.

    She moves onto better things with the announcement of titles ”For this week Dimitri. and lucarina earns the Zealous title, and MELANTHIOS earns the gifted title” she nods her head to the three of them ”As for events Claes is holding a medicine guild meeting, Marigold is being Knighted and lastly and most importantly we will be getting our revenge on the Exiles in due time. I'm orchestrating a feast and rally with Shadow Veil who will be joining us, they've had their assistant deputy swiped away while we've had to cope with the death of Georgie who has returned but regardless he will be avenged” she barks, puffing up her chest ”I want you all to stay on your toes, be vigilant and stay strong though we will be fighting side by side with our ally there is still danger. Helios will watch over us yes, but it falls on all of us to keep each other safe” she didn't want to lose anyone else, didn't want to see anyone die alone and in vain.

    ”With all of that said! Meeting dismissed!”


  • ❝ YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN ❞ Another week meant another meeting. It was only his second, but it had already felt like he had been in the Kingdom for years. Though he wasn't a year old yet, he thought it was foolish to think of this place as a home. He had been here for a few weeks, if that. Faerghus felt so far away, like a distant memory. He could vividly recall the icy kingdom, but part of him felt as though those memories were fading. They were, however, dissipating at a sluggish pace, so he little to worry about. He didn't want to forget his former home, especially now.

    As he approached the meeting area, his icy optics trailed up to Ver, watching and observing her closely. The announcements went by relatively quick, which he found somewhat shocking. There was little to be said, he supposed. His promotion, alongside Lucarina's, had been announced. Sunguard. He hadn't expected to be given such a title, but he supposed if Ver thought it was deserving, then he wouldn't argue. He bobbed his head at his acknowledgement, ears pricked forward and eyes narrowed. Part of him was surprised that Byleth hadn't been announced alongside him. She was well deserving too. He supposed Ver had her reasons, ones he wouldn't question. With a frown, the newly anointed Sunguard stood and padded away from the meeting place, things said and done.



  • There was something about brief bouts of peace within the storms of trials that made time seem slower, more flexible. For the most part, the Kingdom was being left alone and to its own devices, yes, and perhaps that was the reason for some sudden reclusion. But maybe it wasn't truly anyone or anything at all affecting it, but perception. After getting used to activity after activity, names after names, joiners after joiners, raid after raid... It was hard to imagine a Solaris where all of that was slowed. He imagined it to be a bit more peaceful, yes, and he supposed that was true. But when things had been picking up the quietness was something that -- although odd for the clan -- was a bit of relief, for just a bit. It was good to get to relax some, to not worry so much.. the entirety of Solaris, Claes was sure, had been stress-ridden for Helios knows-how-long. They all needed some rest.

    But even though the rest for most members was good with everything going on, that wasn't to say that it didn't have its downfalls, or that it wasn't worrisome. While it wasn't a bad thing, to get into a consistent habit of it could be troubling, when it came to the future. But honestly? Claes didn't... he didn't feel he'd have to worry about that with the Kingdom, so much. They would all get their rest, and they would return to who they were already. They were healing, and he understood that. Things just took time.

    The familiar eerie howl ringing throughout the camp caused Claes's steps to pause, his eyes to blink with mild surprise at it. He had just been on his way to the gardens, but.. A silent hum would leave the vulpine and he'd give a dismissive flick of his ear to his previous ideas and plans, and instead he would turn upon his foot and head back in the direction of the meeting place, honey gaze flicking about, his curiosity is not entirely hidden, but not entirely broadcasted, as he follows after Dimitri into the gathering area. Giving the pale catsune a gentle smile in greeting, the Healinghand would then turn his attention to the Queen as she spoke.

    It had been a slow week indeed, but even so, Claes felt that once everything got settled, and once everyone got into the flow of things once more, it would be okay. So, at her words, he would give a couple simple nods. Next, came the introduction of Chen into the clan, and instinctively, Claes's gaze would search for the energetic male within the crowd, hoping that he'd come. It was nice to have a new face; one so full of energy. And so, after (hopefully) finding him in the crowd, Claes would instead listen to what else had to be said. The promotions of Dimitri and Luca were both well-deserved, he thought, and at the mention of their names he would give Dimi, who wasn't far away, an encouraging smile. Though following soon after his own name was mentioned with a shout out. Perking up with the sound of his name being called, Claes would find Ver's gaze and give a small dip of his head, a grateful blink for the recognition.

    Next, both Sven and Carmen had stepped down, and warnings were going out to a few of his fellow clanmates which he had spent so much time with, in the kingdom. Some of them just returned (Nine, from the dead), and with one missing and then Lorelai... A sorrowful, silent hum escaped him as he thought of the girl. They'll be back, soon, Claes thought with hope. He could only hope, after all, but hope went a long way.

    The list of important events for the week catches his attention once more. Two, he knows of, but the calling for revenge on the Exiles is something new. The calling for a raid causes a bit of hesitation, his eyes widening a bit as he thought of getting involved with them once again. But despite his apprehensions about having his clanmates (and even himself) launch into battle with their supposed-sworn enemy, the call for a feast between the Shadow Veil and them is something that brings a silver lining to it.. A feast with allies would be nice, certainly.. and while he wished it was under different circumstances, spending time out with allies sounded a good idea, nevertheless. Lips pressing into a thin line, Claes was silent in thought, for a moment, body swaying purposefully and barely as he goes over everything in his head. And before he knows it, the meeting is being called to an end, and the time for talking -- and perhaps discussions -- begin.

    Claes blinks his mind back into focus, his gaze landing upon the mutated shepherd, ears perked with an idea in mind. "I could help prepare food for the feast, if you'd like," the vulpine would offer, smile warm as he thought about it. Sure, he might need help if he prepared food for the entire two clans (though perhaps he could pull it off himself?), but.. it had been a while since he had actually cooked a meal, let alone for a group... It'd be good to do something like that, yeah? Yeah. With a nod to his words, the fox's gaze would search the Queen's for a moment, wide and quite eager, to see what she thought of him doing something such as that.

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  • dame tu amor, dame tu alma !

    lucarina arcanium-resurgam-targaryen - female - solaris kingdom

    the black catsune was at the scene as per usual, although this would quickly turn into a meeting full of unexpected announcements for lucarina. between her own introverted attitude and lack of self esteem, a promotion was the last thing on her mind. her. a trailblazer. and a new title? luca avoided looking back at anyone who glanced at her when her name was brought up, instead she was suddenly more interested in her forepaws. a small surge of adrenaline was running throughout her fluffy body, which only amplified at the mention of the exiles, her claws digging into the dirt. she wanted to make them pay, and prove her worth.