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  • Plots


    ✯ After being relentlessly tortured mentally, the word "Exile" is implanted in his head to cause severe bouts of violence, which goes against the grain of his entire personality and makes him question his morals.

    ✯ He loses his leg during a brutal torture as "punishment" for accidentally killing a child during one of these bouts.

    ✯ Cory is in a prolonged state of mourning and as such develops alcoholism, attempting to cope by getting drunk on a regular basis.


    ✯ Dissatisfied by just believing that Tiziano is just gone, he embarks on a journey to find him only to discover his dead body, which causes him to develop PTSD that results in his personality shifting to be even more paranoid and his powers(namely The Sight) to stop working until he's able to channel his paranoia.

    ✯ Thanks to Ace coming in during his torture and calling him a disgrace to the family name, he finds himself doing things to try and please him despite Ace never seeing any of it, only to feel disappointed in himself and spiraling until he hits rock bottom and gives up on his duties until someone lifts him back up.

    ✯ Cory tries to make the best of Tiziano and Lirim's deaths by starting a sanctuary type garden, which encloses the graves he creates for them, finally regaining some closure and allowing himself to heal slowly.

    ✯ Cory takes in a pet bird, which he raises to help him through his issues from now on.

    ✯ Cory, finally in good standing with himself, realizes he doesn't want to live as somebody he's not and as such refuses to participate in any aspects of warfare, which compromises his title and eventually he leaves The Exiles