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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Inside the camp, Maplekit rested in a crouch, watching and waiting, waiting for someone, anyone, to catch her eye. She was tired of spending all her time sitting in the nursery, doing close to nothing, waiting to grow up. She wanted to be an apprentice already -- she wanted to get going! She was growing too fast, and by now she had much too energy to spend almost any time in the nursery. She spent most of the day outside in the camp, playing with whoever gave any interest. Well, that wasn't completely true; she also played with those who showed no interest. There may have been a few occasions, as bored Maplekit sat attentively in camp with nothing to do, when an unsuspecting warrior or apprentice happened to walk by. Full of restrained energy, the spunky kit would lunge, aiming to attack the passerby's feet or tail, whichever was closest. She had ruffled many pelts, tripped many a' warrior, and received countless scoldings. It was like a thorn incessantly pricking her pelt when she had to sit there and listen to scoldings. Well, what did they expect her to do? It wasn't her fault she couldn't get out of camp for another moon!

    So, being the persistent little kit she was, she was up to her same old antics. She was crouched near the camp's entrance, her tail swishing to and fro and sometimes giving an occasional small thump on the ground. She was hoping, and waiting, for the sound of the rustling of the entrance that announced the arrival of some warrior or apprentice. Honest to StarClan, she wasn't trying to be rude or disrespectful; she just wanted to have fun! And this, by far, was the most entertaining thing to do around camp. And if the price to pay for that was a few ruffled pelts and a lecture, then so be it.

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  • The days have been fine. The gentle breeze on fur was always nice. She always did appreciate the little things, despite it being so trivial to others. She wasn't concerned with what was currently going on. On another world some might say, but she had always been different from the others. She never truly experienced Skyclan life from the very beginning. Even though she was exposed to it now, she could never grasp the full extent of it. Nowadays everyone was a bit on edge, and she found herself becoming a little uncomfortable. The atmosphere here was becoming suffocating, and so she found herself going out more. Something to soothe the nerves.

    Rustling and movement had gone unnoticed by her, as she allowed herself to be lost in her own thoughts. The world in her dreams and thoughts were far more pleasant than the real one. The real one bore so much hatred. She couldn't bring herself to hate no matter the circumstance. Hate was a strong thing. If anything she would be extremely upset and blinded rage as she spewed harmful words and actions to others, if those she thought of as dear were in trouble. A majority of this clan had someone. Many cats. She had only one, but then again... That's more than enough.

    Surprised took her when she something jumped at her. It happened in an instant, so much so she didn't manage a scream. Perhaps, it was amusing to the kit to see a warrior's fur on end and falling backwards. She was staring into the great blue. It was a lovely sight, but her heart had yet to settle from the recent happenings.



  • A snort of laughter left Juniperthorn as he caught sight of Maplekit, one of Heronswoop's second litter, taking a lunge at Arcticwind. He was just passing the threshold of camp, bringing in a hunt- one measly mouse, but it was the best he could do- and dropped his catch atop the fresh kill pile before making his way over to the scene. The kit seemed to have ambushed the warrior, the latter now staring intently at the sky above as if she was processing what the hell was happening. It was an amusing sight to see, but Juni tried not to let this overwhelming amusement show; though he was unsuccessful. A bout of laughter broke from his slightly-parted lips, a rare sound, one of the few situations in which Juniper's voice did not sound harsh.

    "The mighty Arcticwind is downed by the terrifying, formidable Maplekit! I never thought I'd see the day," he jested, a smile playing on his lips. This was the sort of fun they needed, amongst all the stormy stress. "Nice catch, kid. What are you gonna do with it?"






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    Sitting just inside the medicine den coughing intermittently, Tetrakit's olive eyes were fixed on another kitten near the camps' entrance. The kit must have been just as bored as him as they waited with a flickering tail to leap out and scare warriors. Everytime a warrior would be scared, Tetrakit would giggle and by the time an apprentice leapt out of their fur, Tetrakit was laughing hard and coughing from afar. Articwind was the name of the warrior who got scared and then pretended to look up like nothing had happened, he was still struggling with all the new names.

    Deciding to be a bit braver and speak to his new clan-mates, the blue tabby would crouch low and approach. Not at all quiet, heavy on his feet, but his heart would thunder as he makes a pounce for a red warrior. Hopefully catching the tail of Juniperthorn in his little teeth, he'd perk over to the other kitten. "I- I got one too!" He would grin, hoping to join in on the fun.

  • She wasn't sure how long she had been staring at the sky, but here she was intrigued by it. The sky was never the same. It may look the same, but there were different elements to it. The hidden elements, which only a select view could notice. Perhaps, even a sensation. The sky of today was not the same as the sky of tomorrow. Something she took note of during her time alone. The strange shapes the sky held were amazing as well, even when the sky roared and light could be seen in the distance she loved it. Whatever mysteries it brought she would happily accept them. If I had wings, I would take flight. To the endless mysteries.

    However, thoughts were cut as laughter. She didn't roll to her side to view whoever it was that was laugh, instead, she glanced over. It was Juniperthorn. He was indeed laughing at what transpired, but there was no spite. It was genuine happiness. Just hearing his laughter caused her to smile, well... Before he jested. The roll of her eyes was enough to say, very funny. Although, the mention of a kit caught her attention. Was I really scared by a kit? With a blink of an eye, she slowly rolled to her side. The form she took in was indeed a kit. Huh, I guess I was.

    The fact that she was called an it and what the kit was going to do with her, did a faint smile show. It was rather amusing. This kit indeed caught her. "You can put me in the freshkill pile, but I doubt anyone would chose me." And I don't really want others to wonder why I'm just there. From the corner of her eyes did she notice another kit. She didn't think they would grab onto Juniperthorn and claim they caught them. Kits are pretty amusing, huh? Laughter escaped her, as she watched the blue tabby latch onto her friend's tail.

    "Looks like we've both been caught. Whatever shall we do in the paws of the almighty Maplekit and their most trusted ally?"



  • On a smooth grey boulder, a stretched kitten lay with small paws hanging from the edge. Heavily-lidded green and blue eyes flickered lazily over to her sister. Maplekit. She hadn't noticed the similarities in their names before, as she watched the scene unfold before her. A sly chuckle escaped her pink lips whilst her sister pounced on to the warrior. Followed by Tetrakit doing the same. Honey wasn't an energetic child, she was pretty docile - and spent most of her time bathing in the sun or rolling in flowers, clear by the daisies that were tangled in her under belly. "Save some for me," Honeykit mewled to the group, whilst keeping her perch on the rock, basking her little body in the warmth of the sunlight.

  • From where she was seated nearby, Heronswoop would chuckle as the scene unfolded, and her daugthers and Tetrakit worked on taking down Juniperthorn and Arcticwind. It warmed her heart to see them all having some fun, it was a needed change from the issues plaguing the clan. "Nice catches, you three!" Heronswoop beamed as she padded over."SkyClan is in debt to your hunting skills."



  • "Wait, I wanna help, I wanna help!"

    The call rang out from the bumbling form of Rootkit as the boy dashed toward the scene, practically tripping over his own paws in his haste. The mostly-white kit plunged into the frey, attempting to wrap himself around one of Juniperthorn's hind legs and deliver a fatal chomp with his ferocious kitten teeth.


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Much to Maplekit's luck, the next victim to walk through the entrance was a distracted one. She had crouched lower, and leaped, successfully toppling the warrior to the ground. "Haha!" she let out a triumphant yowl, and as Arcticwind was face-up staring at the sky, she took swift action to deliver the killing blow -- which was probably equivalent to being slapped with a feather. "I got you," she purred proudly and smugly, a single paw still resting on the warrior's chest as if keeping her prey pinned. The purr grew even louder at Juniperthorn's praise, and she now bore a wide, ear-to-ear smile. It was then she was questioned with what she was going to do with her catch, and she paused a minute, tail tip softly tapping on the ground as she pondered. Before she could give an answer, the catch had answered for her! She was very amused by the suggestion, and rolled back onto her haunches in a fit of giggles, "Yeah, you're too smelly," she added teasingly, attempting to give the toppled cat a playful whack to the forehead.

    Much to Maplekit's delight, she was then joined by her siblings Honeykit and Rootkit, along with Tetrakit, who already seemed to be getting in on the fun by catching another warrior's tail. Before she could incite the battle any further, her mother's voice sounded. Maplekit paused, turning to look at the the deputy apprehensively. At first she thought she would be in trouble for causing such a ruckus, but as the feline spoke, she realized it was almost the opposite. She beamed at the words; encouraged and with a smirk that seemed somewhat devious, she then turned to the other kits, "Come on, guys! I bet if we teamed up we could take down Juniperthorn," she squeaked excitedly, almost in a whisper. Then, with almost no hesitation, she launched rather clumsily at the warrior, attempting to wrap her small body around his forepaw, kicking and biting. She wasn't at all a skilled fighter, being the youth she was, and if he chose to he could probably counter the attack with only a gentle shake of his paw. But that didn't discourage her; she was having so much fun!


    kit — skyclan— tags — avvie by poprocks — penned by dreami

  • ✦ Viperkit was arguably one of the most enthusiastic kittens when it came to exploring this world he was welcomed into. He dreamed of the day that he could get out of camp, see new things and new experiences and new everything. He was bored just lingering around the camp in what seemed like an endless snail’s crawl of an entire moon.

    That being said, he witnessed the scene of ambush unfold from a perch near the nursery. For a couple of long moments he was skeptical, a frown cresting his youthful features. Then, Maplekit and Tetrakit were welcomed by the warriors the attacked, and he stood eagerly at the idea of helping take down Juniperthorn. Before he could take a step, however, Viperkit heard a tut from behind him. He turned to catch a glance at his mother’s disapproving stare from within the den. No rough-housing like that! You know better. Viperkit huffed, pouting, and plopped back down to watch.

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