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  • How Sable came to be.

    Note: There is child death, and heavy topics here. Be aware and take care of yourselves. <3
    Word Count: 1013 Author's Note: May redo later as she gets older, this is just to establish background. Feel free to comment. :3

    The trills of children’s laughter filled the summer air. “Haha, you’re it Sable.” “Not for long!” Two kittens played in a lush garden, chasing around the bush and through the flowers. Sable loved tag, she loved to run and Salem always put her to a challenge. Their home, quaint little house with the sweetest two-leg who cared for her, her sister, and her parents. A whole happy family.

    Their images will forever rot in her head.

    “Sable, Salem, time for bed!” Sable stopped, Salem turned around and padded back with the beginnings of a pout on her face. “But I was winning.” Sable stifled a yawn, her fiery eyes meeting her twin’s cool sapphire ones. “You always win Salem.” Salem huffed, but followed as Sable walked to their mother.

    Their mother scooted them to the bed, warmed from where she had been laying, and gave each kit a kiss before bidding them goodnight. “Where’s da?” Sable asked, though her eyelids felt heavy and her words slurred with the exhaustion brought from another sunny day. “Asleep upstairs, with our owner.” The words barely managed to reach them before both had fallen asleep.


    “She’s cold Akasha.” Thunder roared outside; their parents huddled together with concern murmurs. Sable laid closely with Salem, one big ball of fluffy obsidian fur, as they too had their own discussion. “I wonder what they’re talking about.” A small growl of a hungry tummy came from Salem. “I wonder when we will get our food.” “I haven’t seen our Carer in a couple days now, where do you think she’s gone?” Salem just shrugged and laid her head down. Sable couldn’t shake the bad feeling in her gut, something was wrong.

    She got up, trotting over to her parents as she pulled out the big eyes. “Mommy, Daddy, I’m scared. What’s going on?” A collective sigh, gentle swipes of a tongue on her forehead, but no answer was given. At least not the truth. “We’re moving.”


    “Mhm, tomorrow. To the big barn just over the hill.”

    “What about -”

    “Don’t you worry about them, we’ve got it figured out.”

    Soft hushing and gently nudges lead her back to bed, small stomach growling for the first time on the new rocky path set before them. Sable worried as the heavy feeling grew but knew there was no fighting her parents. They knew best, right?


    “Higher Sable! Higher!” The explosion of violent barking rang in her ears, her parents begging her to reach them. The barn was cozy for a day, but only a day, before hounds discovered they were there. Salem and Sable were out playing in the brush when they heard, their parents rushing them to safety though they were too big to be carried.

    Desperate little claws scrapped, her father reaching over and grabbing her scruff to pull her up to them. “Salem! Salem where are you?” The barking began to shift, no longer up their tree but towards the corner where the barn meets fence. “Mommy!” Sable couldn’t see, but Salem was trapped. Stuck in a bush, cornered by the two hounds who tore at her shelter. There was a look of pain on her parents’ face, the distance too far, their skills lacking. Sable found herself squished up against her mom, paws over her ears and face buried in the warm fur. “Mom, mom, Salem..” Sable mutter. “Shhh, your dad’s got her.”

    Indeed his sleek black figure had moved to be on the fence, desperately trying to save his daughter. Though the dogs were too quick, and he was too late. The shrieks of pain and blood mixed with sobs of a broken mother and the bellow of a defeated father. Try as they might, Sable wouldn’t forget that sound.



    How many moons had they been in this hell hole? An alley, in a box, picking what scraps they could find. Her parents tried to hunt, tried to provide, but the facts were they all had been pets their whole lives. The loners and rouges of this city dominated, and the learning curve was unforgiving to the inexperienced. Her eyes were dull, sitting at the opening of the box, waiting, wondering. Her father had met his fate with a monster, on the thick black paths they ran on. Her mother, broken, stopped eating yet tried to care for her remaining child.

    “I’ll be back soon, you stay right here.” Those soft soft words, they stung as tears began to form. She was never coming back, was she? Sable crumpled, unable to process the emotions that ran through her. She missed home, she missed her sister, and now she missed her parents. This city was hell, she had been left behind here. Alone.

    Hours passed, yet it felt like years before something interrupted her grieving. “Hunny, what’s the matter?” Her gaze shot up, hopeful only to be shot down. The soft voice was not her mother’s, rather the kind she-cat who had been helping them before her owners caught on. “Where’s your mother?” Sable sniffled, trying to hold by the tears and just meekly shook her head. “Oh.. Oh sweetheart.” The she-cat was much larger than her mother, but the warmth she felt as she was pulled in for a hug was all it took to fall apart again.

    “Come on, I’ll take you home.” The offer was tempting, but Sable shook her head again. No more attachment, no more being a pet, no more family, no. She wanted to leave. “Are you sure? My owner will take good care of you, this city is harsh as you know.” Fiery hues locked with the soft ones of the kittypet, a mix of anger and sadness in them. “Okay, okay..”

    Gathering what she could, which was just her father’s collar, Sable began on her way. “You come visit now hun, you hear? And stay away from that church on the outskirts, you don’t wanna mess with those cats.” Her ears perked, noting but ultimately not caring; Sable waved goodbye, hellbent on never coming back.

  • *wipes away tears*

    this was amazing. it was fantastically written and it gives a wonderful insight to how sable came to bloodclan. i need to do one of these xD but honestly, i love this.


    ( of dealing with the same hell; its just different devils )


  • dude. i. LOVED. this!!! your writing is absolutely mesmerizing, i was completely captivated the entire time!!! i can't wait to see more of sable, she deserves everything

  • omg I'm crying I luv Sable poor kid ;-;

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  • god this is crushing. Your writing though is so very beautiful dude. I felt like I was reading a novel man, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I want to snatch sable up and hug the shit out of her. <3