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  • ★ ★ ★ what the absolute hell. he had died. well, not really, considering he was currently stumbling towards the border. but he had died. nyria had scorched him alive and he had died yelling as the flames consumed his body. he had accepted it; it's what he deserves, after everything he's done, right? but then, he had opened his eyes in a foreign forest and his head was reeling. standing up had proved difficult, and his new legs shook.

    a new body, and one so different from his original. gone were the long limbs and large ears. here stood a white and grey splotched ragdoll, fur fluffy and blue eyes bright. angular ears perked forward and swiveled back but didn't pick up much sound. calls of nearby birds seemed muted, and he could scarcely hear his own heartbeat. and, as he stumbled and fell and got acquainted with his new body, he realized something more. he was a she. his head hurt, either from the exhaustion that apparently comes with awakening after death, or the clashing thoughts in his mind.

    there was the border, though. it seemed his sense of smell had heightened in place of his poor hearing. he bounded forward, managing to clear tree roots without getting too bruised up. "hello?! hello?!" he called, voice pitching louder than he thought possible, yet it sounded oh-so quiet to his own ears. "please! is anyone around?" he knew he was safe in the territory, this was his home, but he felt lost in it. his dainty paws carried him towards the camp, though it seemed so much further than before.



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  • Alejandro, to say the least, felt miserably lost since Enjolras' and Sleepingpaw's kidnappings. Paws landing heavily against the earth and tail hanging low to the ground. The Vice-Emperor trailed solemnly along the border, head downcast with fret. He'd circled the border at least a million times during the last four days and early this morning. Unable to leave due to the slightest hope of catching their scents. With no further clues to where his friends could possibly be it seemed a fruitless task, but Alejandro couldn't give up just yet. Frustration also ate at him, from the inside out, and worry trembled in his mind. Thoughts growing heavier with each passing day that the Emperor and Sleepy were not found. Prometheus was helping significantly in lightening the load, but for a moment

    Al had been truly alone. That one moment had reminded him of Boneclan all over again. He knew for a fact he would not be ready to lead for a very long time to come. Times were much too different for him to even consider managing Volary Flights. Prom was definitely an angel in that sense but... They would never be Enj. When he'd looked up at the tree, clambered atop it and caught the slightest scent of Enjolras it had nearly broke his heart. While wallowing near the training area he had spotted dead flower petals. The site of them made his mouth go dry with anger. Why did this have to happen? Why isn't there any clues? Why do I have to stay here! I just want to help! I want to do my goddamn job! Al could yell internally in circles forever but he knew it would lead to nowhere.

    Tears sprung into the corners of the Bengal's eyes. Pausing, he sat in frustration, and made himself cam down for a moment. It had been eons since anyone had made him this furious... Alejandro was no fool much less blind but it was too hard to admit what these painful feelings were. What surprised him most was the fact he could still feel this way after so many failed attempts. Somehow this time it felt different. It all felt more real and so much more emotional. Just seeing Enjolras' smile had his chest constricting. Albeit, Al was not ready to admit these feelings loud. He doubted Enjolras had ever felt the same. All they'd done is shown kindness and friendship towards the gray and blue male. Sleepy had wormed her way dearly into the Tiger's heart, and he felt like he was going nuts not being able to protect the sweet child.

    He had always noticed her anxious looks, difficulties processing words and always doing her best to make others happy. It reminded Ale so very much of his early years as an abused and neglected child. The Vice-Emperor wasn't sure what Sleepingpaw's earlier years had been like, but he just wanted to make sure she had a good future to come if anything. What hurt the most was not knowing what was happening to them. After a few more moments of deep breathing, Al continued on his rugged pathway. Tear stains settled in the corners of his eyes and black lips drawn back in a grimace. All he could do was stay there and keep Volary Flights safe, and they needed him. Enjolras would be so disappointed in him otherwise, which was what he believed made the other such a wonderful leader. There was so much more than admiration Al felt for the frail serval. He was everything Alejandro had wanted to be as a leader but Al fell short of Enj's radiance.

    Slicing right through his morbid minute of moping was the sounds of shuffling a few feet away. All of his muscles tensed and he froze right on the spot. Alejandro's mind paused then kicked into instinctual overdrive, eyes focusing through the greenery and ears raised in alertness. Easing down into a low crouch he carefully eased over the Jungle's entourage of dead leaves and grasses. Silently weaving around bushes and crawling over branches he quickly came upon the area where the thudding sounds were coming from. Al nearly gave up his hiding spot when his shoulders jumped in surprise when the voice pierced his ears. Forcing himself to cool, he went ahead and pushed away a patch of hanging vines. Peering out Al was surprised to see an awfully small domestic calling out into the vast jungle.

    Disappointment settled in the pit of his stomach. He didn't know why he had been so ready for a fight or why a small inkling of hope that he'd see a flash gold and black or pink. Well, may as well help them. Just by the frightened expression in the rag doll he knew they meant no harm. It was more than likely some loner wandered off too far, or rogue on a hunt that trailed into the wrong territory. Slowly filing out from his hiding spot and passing through sun spots it almost seemed like Al's body was glimmering silver. Baby blue stripes contrasting this and dark blue orbs contrasting against the white on his chin, chest, and paws. Keeping his expression void of emotion he stood over the smaller feline. Getting a better look, they appeared female and awfully fluffy.

    Not that he really cared anyhow. Clearing his throat of that days earlier emotions, he grumbled in a low voice to the stranger. "Yes, yes. I am here and there's no need to be so upset." Pausing for just a moment before he tiresomely meowed on "This is the East Sundran Jungle occupied by the Volary Flights which you've just crossed over our scent lines and into our territory." He gave the other a warning look just to be sure they weren't here for any funny business, but he doubted it. "My name is Alejandro and I am the Vice-Emperor here. What is your business with the flights? Are you lost?" Al was in no mood to be aggressive or territorial so for now he'd just keep civil unless otherwise necessary.

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    he didn't hear the approach, didn't hear the answers to his call. he only saw alejandro, and that was enough. emotions roiled within him and crashed through his mind like a tsunami. he physically jerked with the force, but didn't move. he was home, and alejandro was here to help him. the tiger had, at some point, become his rock in the ever changing environment of the flights. he didn't know when the male had become him, but coming home and laying eyes on alejandro made him realize just how much he missed the tiger. he felt he would be lost without him around; he would lose his one constant.

    ale had never let him down, had been nothing but friendly and civil and absolutely wonderful towards him, even as he made the worst and stupidest decisions of his life. that was what had drew them together, he likes to think. that, and the sudden bond that comes from finding someone crying and attempting to comfort them. enjolras had done his best that day, and it would be ale's turn.

    the ragdoll lurched forward and tumbled into the bengal, tears already welling up and spilling down his cheeks. he can't remember the last time he's cried like this, probably at some point in his childhood. he hadn't even cried like this when he was attacked by moros, though he had also gotten quite the head injury that day. his whole body wracked with sobs, and he tried to speak around them. he wasn't sure if alejandro could even understand him, but given the fact that he was probably shouting at this point, there was a good chance everyone in the territory would know what was going on.

    "ale! ale it's me, enjolras!" he cried, looking up to the tiger with tear filled eyes. "i - sob - i was killed, i though i'd died! i thought - sob - i thought i was gone for good, that i had - sob - left you behind!" words are tumbling out of his mouth and he has half the mind to back up and silence himself before the tiger decides to push him away, but he can't bring himself to move. he needs contact, needs alejandro's solid presence. they have never hugged, never cuddled, but god it's all he wants right now. and he knows why. "i don't know - sob - what's happened, i've changed. ale i'm scared i can't hear properly - sob - and i'm..i'm a girl!" his fur bristles slightly at that acknowledgment of his change, but he doesn't stop. he realizes now, just how much he could've lost during that murder. his clanmates, his children, and ale. "ale please, s'il te plaît, i need your help...i....tu représentes beaucoup pour moi..." i love you.

    the feline's voice had quieted down as he spoke, though the tears didn't slow. everything was too different and there were too many emotions running through his heart. he was afraid of the change, afraid that, with this (somewhat) confession, he would lose the tiger altogether. but, he would use this second chance. it had been given to him for a reason, and he would not let is slip by. life clearly was too short and he didn't want to risk not being reborn the next time he dies. he'd found ale once again, found his home, and he was never going to let it slip away from him again.


    enjolras harbringer . vf + bhr - emperor + rogue . male . ragdoll . biography