plot with exile spy?

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  • hello!!

    so tinypaw (known as roo rn) is spying in the sanguine ruins from the exiles!

    she's very friendly to her clanmates and just young and full of life. She's not very formidable in combat, so she's trying to prove her use elsewhere, in this case spying.

    I think it would be interesting for her to maybe actually make some friends during the week she's here, and feel conflicted about making friends with enemies??

    Oh, my main is strwbrylmnd ! i used to go by copper, and played Finch Harbringer and Toni Darling in the past!

  • ahhh, hello! o: welcome back to the ruins! i had cataclysm!

    i have elian right now but he's a little shit who hates kids and can't form friendships so e.e

    i apologize if you run into him aha.

  • maybe ren can be one of the ruiners she could find a friend in while tinypaw is here for a week? he's pretty sweet as is and then there's the fact he was tortured by the exiles fairly recently so, tbh, he wouldn't ever suspect she was spying for them! and even so would probably still want to be friends with her after she leaves

    i also remember toni and finch !! i don't think i've had a character personally interact with either of your characters but i was definitely around during the time they were :0c i forget who though, pfft


    just give me a sign, i'm itching from all the shame inside ━━ ✩

  • oop !! Maybe Ver could take notice of her shyness/inaptitude and fighting and try and offer to give her some training tips? She's very protective of kids and it's be incredbily ironic for her to warn Roo of the Exiles and train her to combat against them when she is one hehe

  • That’s be great if you could make! But if you can’t lemme know and I’d be happy to make <3

  • no worries - i can make them a thread <3


    just give me a sign, i'm itching from all the shame inside ━━ ✩