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  • [ tags ] -- It had been a while since Dovethroat had taken the time to make conversation with her Clanmates. When she'd found out she was pregnant many moons ago, she'd come and joined SkyClan so that she could raise her children with the security and camaraderie life in a Clan could offer them. She'd devoted her entire being to raising those kits, at the expense of her own life and needs, and had done it gladly. But now that Sparkpaw was a happily-apprenticed young cat, no longer a kitten, she had to move on and find herself again outside of being an all-in mother.

    So, on a beautiful late summer morning, Dovethroat padded out of her den and into main camp. She'd gone to hunt before many of the other warriors were awake, intending to add a rabbit or a few voles to the freshkill pile, but the white she-cat's first catch had been an extremely unusual bird. She'd seen it flying low on the mountain side, flapping its wings in an unusual cadence she didn't recognize. It had seemed perhaps injured or sick, so it had been easy to bring down, but upon leaning in to deliver the killing bite to its neck she was faced with a dilemma - the thing had two heads, and therefore two necks! She'd snapped them both to be sure, but she'd never seen anything like this before.

    She'd dragged it back to camp-- the two heads together weighed more than she'd thought they would-- and deposited the thing in the middle of camp. Perhaps some of her Clanmates could help her figure out what it was! "Can anybody explain this to me?" she called softly, musical voice spilling out of her like light. Her head was cocked slightly to the right, compensating for being a little hard of hearing in that ear, giving her an inquisitive and close-listening expression. The bird, laying still at her paws, was covered in thick, downy brown feathers, streaked through with threads of gold and copper and russet. It was beautiful, excepting its rather odd mutation. The heads were mostly normal-looking, but their beaks were a little misshapen and it appeared that their heads were malformed in odd places. Perhaps one of the older felines of SkyClan had seen something like this before? And she could always count on the younger ones to make up some fantastic explanation for what was going on here. She'd have to wait and see.

    // tldr; two-headed mutated birb!! wat is it? omg halp

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  • Wolfooth had encountered a few oddities in his moons, but he had never seen a two-headed bird before. There had been a multitude of peculiarities with prey in the past, though most were small and not quite as extreme as two skulls. The tom raised his gaze from the mutated fresh-kill to Dovethroat, chagrined in his lack of suitable explanation. "I have found mice with no fur, and a bird with something like a third leg, but never two heads." It was an interesting find, even if he couldn't offer a conclusive answer. "It must be the same reason some among us have extra toes, or longer teeth. Or your eyes, for instance."

    Beyond that, though, nothing came to mind. Wolftooth wondered if someone else might know more, but for now he could only offer the she-cat an apologetic smile. "Either way, you've found quite the catch."

    W E . A R E . F O O L S . T O . M A K E . W A R

    O N . O U R . B R O T H E R S . I N . A R M S

  • Two heads? That was a new one. Like Wolftooth, Juniperthorn had witnessed his hand of strange occurrences, mutations in prey; whether it was prejudiced or not he often discarded such prey. There wasn't much that could weird him out, but extra body parts? That was a definite nope in his brain. Sure, maybe it was stupid, of course he had more important things to worry about, but if you knew Juni, you knew he wasn't going to take shit from anyone (and would probably hurl the mutated prey animal at the person taking the piss out of him).

    Humming in interest, though his brows were furrowed, the warrior of cinnamon fur would approach Wolftooth and Dovethroat, two clan mates whom he wasn't particularly familiar with. Still, he'd never been terrified of social interaction; how would he have got his reputation if that was true? "I don't know, I've never thought to investigate the inner workings of a two-headed bird," Juniperthorn murmured. "I guess the best explanation is that it just... has two heads. Nothing deep."




  • [ tags ] -- The white she-cat dipped her head in acknowledgement of Wolftooth's approach, a sweet smile of her own meeting the other cat's apologetic one. "It'll certainly put a fear of StarClan in some of the naughtier young ones, that's for sure," she laughed, swishing her tail in amusement. She remembered the first time she'd shown her own children a frog with an extra leg growing from its back- their screeches and eventual giggles had stuck with her long after they had grown past being scared of mutated creatures.

    At Juniperthorn's contribution to their conversation, Dovethroat cocked her head a little further. "I wonder," she murmured, peering more closely at the malformed bird carcass. "Perhaps we should take it apart and find out." She arched one eyebrow, teasing tone hopefully evident to the other warrior. She was having a hard time finding a conversational rhythm suited to speaking with other adult cats, not to children, and it showed.

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    then turn your cheek until the fire dies

    BloodClan -- ♀ -- 4 moons -- penned by dalarna

  • Stormkit crept out of the nursery at the commotion beginning to form. Silver steps traveled over, padding next to Juniperthorn to look at the prey they were... admiring? Examining? Her immediate reaction was a look of disgust, a small snarling expression at the oddity. A small "ew" was muttered under her breathe. The silver tabby had seen her fair share of prey! It was, in fact, part of her daily routine! But never had she seen a two-headed piece of fresh kill. Something must've been wrong with it, right? Could they even eat that?

    Next, though, her eyes squinted and face relaxed. Smoothing down the fur that raised on her chest, she extended a paw slowly and shoved the bird in a swift motion. It was dead for sure, no movement other than the shake she caused... To be honest, she wasn't sure what she expected. Stormkit then simply stared, putting her paw back down. "D'you think that's safe? Like what if it's... contagious," Stormkit didn't really expect to suddenly grow a second head, but what if some weird illness caused this? And then the whole clan caught it and all of them started growing extra tails or losing their existing ones... Then what?





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    Something... Something isn't right about him...

    "Perhaps we should take it apart and find out."

    These were the words that grabbed Silentpaw's attention from the entrance of the apprentice's den. Dark green eyes quickly scanned the cats around camp until his gaze finally landed on the small cluster starting to form. His claws unsheathed– perhaps the only sign of excitement the young tom gave– as his long limbs quickly carried him over to the scene.

    Between the four other clanmates lied... something quite unusual. Like what the ivory she-cat said, it looked like a bird with two heads. He doubted it would be contagious like the little kit in the group said, but hey, there was only one way to find out, right?

    A dark tail lashed behind the blue abyssinian as he reached out with a peach-colored paw, aiming to press some weight down on one of the wings to see if he could confirm for himself it was a bird if the wing cracked under his pressure.

    If he heard the tiny snap, his head would cock to the side like a baffled dog– although his expression wouldn't change. Rather, his gaze would remain fixed on the prey while his tail tip flicked with intrigue. This was new. Strange. Silentpaw liked things that were different, though he definitely didn't plan on eating this thing. There was a part of the warrior code that mentioned not to play with your food, but... who would eat this thing in the first place, right?

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