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  • Callisto sat back on her haunches, a satisfied smile on her face as she admired her work. The tiny child had been working on and off for a few days to get her cottage completely set up, and she had gotten to the point where she was finally satisfied. She had set up a shrine in the corner for her daily praying sessions, and a small workspace to practice her magic and medicine, the windows open to filter in light and fresh air.

    Finished praising herself, she padded through her front door, stopping to gaze down at the pots in front of her home. Simple they were, a dull orange color and filled with soil. She had pushed seeds into the dirt earlier, chrysanthemum seeds to be exact, Cal's favorite, but they weren't growing quite yet.

    She had taken to tending to flowers lately, Wind Haven having the perfect conditions to do so. Back in the Blackheart Rogues, gardening just wasn't a thing. The Pines stopped anything from piercing the undergrowth, the only green being the thick covering of moss. It was odd being here now, with the bright sky and all of the light. Cal had to admit, a small part of her sort of missed the eerie whispers of the wind and the ill-lit forest of her birth clan.

    But her home wasn't something she wanted to dwell on, the cat turning her attention back to the pottery. She had come outside to try something; something new to her. Not too long ago the horned kitten had discovered her first power- plant manipulation. She had been wondering the territory when she came across a withered flower. She had reached towards it, laying a dainty paw on the shriveled leaves, the only thought filtering through her head being pity for the tiny plant, and all of the sudden the flower had flourished back to life, it's color almost blinding, leaving her paw with a buzz and her cranium a headache.

    Leaning down to be eye level with the dirt, Cal lifted out an arm to press her paw-tips to the soil, scrunching her face up as she felt the slight tingle of magic thread through her. Focusing, she tried to direct it towards the seed, a bright grin spreading across her face as she saw the slow inching of a stem sprout forth the dirt. But soon enough the kitten had to pull backward, a dizzying nausea overcoming her. She supposed she had overworked herself, but at least it was progress.

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  • "Are you ok there?"A voice called out towards a figure unrecognizable; It must've been one of the new joiners. Nebula wasn't really keen on meeting new people, often finding them odd and strange. Except since she returned from her journey to the shadow veil...It hadn't been so bad. Maybe she was developing into a people person instead of having very few friends and acquaintances. The horned cat couldn't relate with figuring out her powers mostly since she never thought too. "Should I go get a medic?" She would ask as her head tilted to one side, not fully understanding the situation. There wasn't much for her to do here, only waiting for this stranger to answer the questions directed at her.


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    Jumping in surprise as the stranger's voice rang out to her, Cal would give a half-hearted chuckle before shaking her head, "No, no, just a little dizzy.. I'm fine.. just-" Just what? Wasting her time and energy with powers she couldn't control, powers she really shouldn't have developed yet? Of course, she wasn't angry- not quite- just.. disappointed, an emotion she didn't have too much experience with. "I'm just trying to figure something out." She'd offer half heartedly, not sure if she even knew what she meant with the words. Glancing down at her pot, she frowned, lifting a paw to rub at her chin in thought. Maybe.. maybe this horned feline could help? Most people she knew had some sort of power, but even if the she-cat didn't, it wouldn't hurt to try asking.

    "I'm Callisto, who're you? And do you have any, uhh.. powers?" Now back to being bubbly, Cal smiled as she awaited Nebula's powers.


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