Karts and Chaos (A Mario Kart x Super Smash Bros Thread) Open Signups!

  • The world of Smash Brothers is overseen by a pair of great entities, Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Though the two are far apart, they work close together, protecting, guiding, and even sometimes challenging their fighters themselves. They make sure fighters don't get too badly injured. They make sure all heads are counted for. They welcome the new fighters in. Together, these two strange beings make the Smash tournaments a fun place to fight, and the fighters a family.

    But, like us all, they go on vacation occasionally.

    The fighters knew that it would be too risky to hold tournaments without the Hands, but weren't sure what else to do. Except for Mario! He invited his friends to a tournament of kart racing instead. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser and son, Yoshi, even Waluigi, Link, and the Inklings joined them.

    Unfortunately, as they rounded Luigi Circuit, the kart racers caught sight of their fellow fighters on the sidelines. They realized that, even though they could have fun on wheels, a majority of their friends were still left without nothing to do! That didn't sit well with Mario's kind heart, and he proposed: If they could all battle together, why not race together?

    It took hours of careful teaching, clarifications, experimenting, and bandages. But their blood, sweat, and oil paid off in the end. Soon, a herd of beloved mascots puttered to the starting line, ready to begin their first race of Mario Kart Ultimate!


    TL;DR: I decided to put Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart together. It's not going to be easy, of course, and there will be lots of mishaps. Can we keep ourselves in one piece? Or will Master Hand and Crazy hand return to a forty-something kart pileup?

  • track! dunno if i'll have enough muse to manage multiple threads lol, but for now can i reserve isabelle? i'll try and get her form done for tomorrow ^^

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    Gₑₐᵣᵢₙg ᵤₚ ₜₒ bᵣₑₐₖ, yₑₐₕ ᵢ'ₘ gₑₐᵣᵢₙg ᵤₚ ₜₒ bᵣₑₐₖ

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